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Small Non-Profit Heroically Frees ISIS Sex Slaves

Small Non-Profit Heroically Frees ISIS Sex Slaves

A small non-profit has discreetly been running high-risk operations to free sex slaves held by ISIS. Some of these missions have even involved sneaking into the area where sex slaves are held and cutting them free from the chains that hold them to their beds!

The Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children in Iraq (CYCI), the non-profit behind these noble missions, has two separate divisions: one inside ISIS-held territory and one outside in Kurdistan.

The team working inside ISIS-held territory work to gather intelligence and arrange freeing the girls. They carry weapons to protect themselves from the terrorist group, and hand the girls off to members of CYCI in Kurdistan.

Dawood Jajju, who currently leads the team in ISIS-held territory, along with Steve Maman, the founder of CYCI, explained the process of freeing the girls to The Daily Caller.

Maman explained that these girls eventually earn access to the phone or internet when their captors become relaxed and begin to trust them. Once they have access, they contact their family members who then contact the CYCI. Based on the information provided to their family, CYCI is able to pinpoint their location and patrol the area on ground leading up to the rescue attempt.While they patrol the area, they look to gather information about how many people are in the house, who is with the woman at all times, what time people are entering and exiting the house and anything else that will help them on their mission. Once they’ve finished gathering intelligence, they enter the home when no one is home and free the girls inside, handing the women off to a second team of CYCI members who arrange for them to be reunited with their families.

Maman, who started CYCI because he could not sit back and watch as women were kidnapped and held against their will, has earned the nickname “the Jewish Schindler” for his work in freeing women.

CYCI first rescued three families about a year ago, and since then has freed over 140 individuals. Although Maman wishes he could do more, he says that CYCI does not “have the ability to help everyone, so we are focusing our help on the ones who have the most suffering.”

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