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Should College Athletes be Getting Paid? The Supreme Court Debates

Should College Athletes be Getting Paid? The Supreme Court Debates

The Supreme Court this week heard a case that could forever change the future of college sports by deciding if college athletes should be getting paid.

In the case NCAA v. Alston, a group of student athletes led by former West Virginia RB Shawne Alston seeks expanded compensation for players in Division I men’s and women’s basketball, as well as the Football Bowl Subdivision.

The 9th Circuit Court upheld their argument last year. It accused the NCAA of violating the Sherman Antitrust Act with its strict limits on compensation.

In its defense, the NCAA says its rules on compensation for student athletes are necessary to preserve the distinction between college and professional sports. It also claims that it maintains the public’s interest in amateur athletics. Furthermore, the NCAA fears the case will usher in a wave of lawsuits demanding additional benefits, including direct cash payments.

Opponents have argued that college athletes should be getting paid for all the time and energy they put into sports. It is often at the expense of schoolwork. But it seems clear to me that students would abandon classes altogether if they were getting paid to play sports. 

The NCAA has support from major conferences including the Big Ten, SEC, ACC, Big 12, and Pac-12 as well as eight US states, while Alston has support from the Biden Administration, the professional players associations for the NFL, NBA, WNBA, and the NWSL, and eight other US states.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court is expected to side with Alston.

“To pay no salaries to the workers who are making the schools billions of dollars on the theory that consumers want the schools to pay their workers nothing” seems “entirely circular and even somewhat disturbing,” says Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh. 

“It just strikes me as odd that the coaches’ salaries have ballooned…and they’re in the amateur ranks, as are the players,” adds Justice Clarence Thomas. 

Complicating matters for the NCAA is a nationwide debate concerning name, image, and likeness legislation. In fact, California and Florida have already passed laws (in violation of NCAA rules) allowing players to earn money through endorsement deals. 

Author’s Note: College sports are popular because the players are amateurs. They are real college students who go to class and parties just like everybody else. Free education and a chance at fame should be more than enough compensation for their hard work.

Click here to read a great article by PBP’s Joe Gilbertson on the ramifications of increased compensation to student athletes.


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  1. Don R Hastie

    They already get a full ride scholarship and special treatment. Why do they need to get more. Athletes need to learn that they are just like everyone else, they think that they are hot stuff and they aren’t. Even the professional athletes are pampered and over paid to be A! Jerks.

    • Michael OConnor

      I agree, they are there for an education and sports scholarships do help. They don’t have to find a part time job to get an education like a lot of us do.

  2. Doug Litchfield

    Naturally the ninth jerket court of schlemiels will stumble all over themselves making an absurd decision. Reparations will be paid clear back to when the first college was established. Why stop there when high school sports should be included. You be racist if intramural sports is not included.

  3. Anonymous

    NO school athletes should remain unpaid. Otherwise, they become pro’s.

  4. Mike

    If they get paid for their play in the sporting events , then they should loose their status for 100% scholarship, and pay their room and meals, and tutors , test takers etc.,

  5. Leslie M Seely

    Why should the supreme court get involved in this B.S. after the disrespect most of them show to our flag and country. I think they have more important problems to solve, like why they let Hillary Clinton off the hook, someone who caused American Citizens to lose their lives and then said we had to move on. Everyone blames Trump for everything and let the others all slide, like the out of touch people in the W.H. now. Tump is the best president I can remember and I remember when F.D.R. died. I grew up during the 2nd war so I know about all of them until now. I am a vet, worked all my live and paid for what we got. No one gave us anything. There was no one camping on the streets and people got along. Today they are turning us into a 3rd world country and the ordinary person has no say. I am at a loss.
    old marine

  6. Henry

    They already do!!! It’s called a scholarship. The get their education for free while everyone else have to pay for theirs!! All this liberal BS can go right back where it came from, the liberal’s ass!!

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