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Should China Be Able to Purchase American Farmland?

Should China Be Able to Purchase American Farmland?

China and the tentacles of communism have been slowly reaching into our nation for decades. I have previously written about the serious threat to our electrical grid and the infiltration into our system there. Apps like TikTok are ever present and remain available to influence our children and reach into our homes. Hollywood has long been consumed by the need to satisfy the Chinese market. This has resulted in the onslaught of awful films we see today that continue to ruin the American movie machine. Our music industry is another being eaten through the likes of Universal and others as well as the video game industry and all of the likes of the media.

We desperately need a massive shift back in the direction of the American dream, but another aspect of American life is under attack by the Chinese Communist Party that we do not speak of as much and we need to address just as well. This is our beloved American farmland. 

Here, China continues to advance not only into our energy resources, technology, schools, entertainment, media and homes, but also into our food supply. The good news is that they haven’t been as successful as you may think. And action is currently underway to stop this from progressing any further.

As of 2020, China controls about 192,000 acres of American farmland, worth about 1.9 billion dollars. This may sound like a great lot. But in comparison, Canada and countries in Europe own millions of acres of American farmland. Even all this together pales in comparison to the estimated nearly 900 million acres of total American farmland. The less than 200,000 acres of American farmland owned by China are but a sliver of what we and our allies still maintain. But if you ask me, China shouldn’t have its hands over a single inch of our agriculture here. 

H.R. 4356 (117) is a new bill that would block any new agricultural purchases by companies that are wholly or partly controlled by the Chinese government. It would also stop Chinese owned farms that exist from sucking out any support from our federal programs. This is exactly the sort of legislation we need to stand up against China. And we should bring the same sort of legislation to every single American industry in existence. 

The new bill is actually seeing support from both sides of the aisle, with Republican and Democratic support. The measure will reach the House by the end of July. Let us hope that this bill moves forward with continued support and clarity, as well as inspires our leaders to continue legislation enacting laws to help the people of the United States stand up against the threats that the Chinese Communist Party pose against freedom and prosperity here. 

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  1. frank stetson

    I don’t know. We let Bill Gates buy Arkansas. Not sure which is worse :>)

    • Anonymous Both are communist and a threat to our country and our people.

    • Anonymous

      Boot all the Chinos OUT! They are here to take the U.S.A. OVER!

  2. Allen

    Hell no, whit there record of by passing protocols, we are in danger. Every pandemic seems to come from them,they are a menace to society. They are flexing their military might after passing the COVID on the world. They should be sanctioned to the upmost and taken down a few pegs to start . If they refuse , then the world should isolate them and bring them to their knees.

  3. Anonymous

    They are both communist and a threat to our people and our country. Throw George Soros in there along with them.

  4. Brian

    No foreign citizen or government should be able to purchase land in the United States of America. Anywhere. Nor should they be able to lease land for any purpose other than their embassy. For example, foreign owned farms take much water from the Colorado River to produce products that get sent back to their home country. Neither the state or the United States gets any benefit from that. Kick them all out.

  5. MikefromTexas

    No they should not but we have a weak government and always had.

  6. JoeyP

    NO! . . . End of DISCUSSION. One Enlightened Patriot.

    • Anonymous

      only if you like chink food.

  7. paul filing

    I guess it would be OK if you like chink food.

  8. robert powell

    the foreign ownership of American property should be like Mexico’s IT IS ILLEGAL FOR ANY NON-CITIZEN TO OWN OR CONTROL PROPERTY IN MEXICO.

  9. Americafirst

    We can always resort to burning their crops down to ashes.

  10. Dale

    Should the USA be able too own land in China??

  11. Anonymous

    No foreign country should be able to purchase any land in our nation, The United States; only legal citizens of our nation should be able to purchase land. When is our government going to start standing up for our citizens & our nation. Our government needs to cancel those purchases ASAP.

    • Rough/Rider9

      Boot all the Chinos OUT! They are here to Take Us OVER!

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