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Shock: Columbia University Advocates Recreational Heroin Use

Shock: Columbia University Advocates Recreational Heroin Use

Columbia University advocates recreational heroin use.

Dr. Carl Hart, a professor of psychology at Columbia University, in a recent panel discussion about the nation’s heroin epidemic, opened with the declaration he uses opiates himself. He said this in front of a large audience, and the panel was broadcast on C-Span.

It was clear from the discussion he is not only a heroin user but also an advocate of recreational heroin use. During the panel, at the Chicago Ideas event October 14th, 2015, he argued and indeed shouted down Governor Peter Shumlin of Vermont and a noted chief of police, Leonard Campanello of Gloucester, Massachusetts as they described the horrific problem of heroin and opiate abuse. His denial of the problem was called irresponsible by Campanello.

College students often idolize their professors, especially the ones who express counter culture opinions.  In this case, students who take his classes will hear how the dangers of heroin are overblown, how the statistics are all lies and how an admitted heroin addict can be a successful professor at an Ivy League university.

Can you imagine any student who attends his class and listens to the 40 to 50 hours of lectures it takes to complete his class not being encouraged to experiment with heroin? Any student with a reasonable perspective would walk out. The rest will be encouraged and motivated to try heroin. A certain percentage of those students will have their lives ruined by it.

This man is an admitted criminal, and he deals with other criminals to get heroin to serve his addiction. He is an addict and of course, defends his behavior like any addict would. He is not the role model one would expect from an Ivy League University. 

Dr. Hart is a professor at Columbia University. When he speaks in public, he speaks for Columbia. His activities and views are in the open, therefore he must have the approval, and indeed the endorsement of Columbia University leadership.

Author’s note: If I had a son or daughter at Columbia University, I would pull them out. It’s not worth it to take a chance they would take Dr. Hart’s class and be encouraged to experiment with heroin. Why expose kids to that kind of danger?

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