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Seth Rich Leaked DNC Emails to WikiLeaks, Journalist Confirms

Seth Rich Leaked DNC Emails to WikiLeaks, Journalist Confirms

The unsolved murder of Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich bounced back in news and Rich’s name trended on the social media site Twitter/X as an independent journalist reported on confirmation of a long-suspected link between Rich’s murder and the Democratic Party.

Seth Rich, the 27-year-old DNC staffer, was shot dead in Washington D.C. on the night of July 10, 2016. His killing came at a time when Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was at its peak and had just secured the nomination over Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential candidate for 2016. The murder raised much speculation, particularly when WikiLeaks published internal emails from within the DNC suggesting that the Democrat primary was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton.

In the wake of the WikiLeaks revelation, Seth Rich’s killing was suspected to be the work of pro-Hillary Democrats or the Clintons themselves for blowing the whistle. Critics of the Clinton campaign suspected that Rich was executed for leaking the truth. The Democrats and mainstream media called it a conspiracy theory and instead blamed Russia for spreading, what they called, disinformation to help Trump in the election.

Now independent journalist Lindsay Jones, popularly known as Texas Lindsay, has provided an update on the case to confirm the speculation that Rich indeed leaked the DNC emails to WikiLeaks. Lindsay shared a clip of her interview with fellow independent journalist Emerald Robinson, who previously worked at conservative news channels Newsmax and One America News (ONN). Lindsay said she was in contact with someone who directly works with Julian Assange’s team. She said:

“They confided in me that it was Seth Rich that leaked the DNC information which completely contradicts the Mueller Report which said it was a Russian hacker leak.”

Like Lindsay said in her interview, the murder of Seth Rich was never conclusively solved. A lot of suspicion about foul play involved in the killing revolves around the role of the FBI in the investigation of the crime. As capitulated in an NTD story last December, FBI officials initially denied having any records on Rich while a Texan filed for the said records under a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

In 2020, however, the FBI admitted to having files from Rich’s computer and released some of the files to the Texas resident who had filed the FOI request. The story wrote:

Some of those files were then released to Huddleston and made public, including documents that appear to suggest that someone could have paid for his death.

But things became more suspicious when the FBI acknowledged to having images from a second computer belonging to Seth Rich and a federal judge ordered the agency to release them to the person requesting the Rich files. Without acknowledging the possession of the second laptop itself, the bureau has reportedly battled the release of those images, fueling the suspicions of political motives behind the agency’s handling of the investigation.

Last month, Judge Amos L. Mazzant ordered the FBI to turn over Rich’s laptop that is in the bureau’s possession. Reporting the development, Newsweek repeated the Mueller Report’s claim that Rich was “proven to not be the source of any email leaks.”

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    Seth Rich was shot twice in the back, he was scuffed up as if in a struggle, two men were seen fleeing the crime. Off hand, one does not think assassination with two in the back, but right-wing ass wipes of low morale character like the DUMPSTER need money so they make up crap.

    Yes, Rich worked for the DNC as a computer guy establishing development of a computer application to help voters locate polling stations. Jerk-offs like Dempsey, not-his-real-name, from Pakistan, believe the Clinton Mafia polished him off over the Hillary email leak. Revenge murder with no profit except revenge? Sure.

    Law enforcement found no connection to Rich and the Russian e-mail hack that Wikileaks unleased and Trump used this illegal information to take the Presidency as cheating is his way. The indictment of 12 Russian military intelligence agents by Mueller after the entire US intelligence community concluded that the email hack was part of the Russian meddling in the 2016 election against Hilliary Clinton who they feared and on behalf of Donald Trump, who they liked.

    But maybe they all are wrong and the answer is in the DUMPSTER.

    PolitiFact, Snopes, and concluded this shit was fake, false theories and unfounded fantasies.

    But maybe they all are wrong and the answer is in the DUMPSTER.

    The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post concluded that this dog don’t hunt.

    But maybe they all are wrong and the answer is in the DUMPSTER.

    The Rich’s sued The Washington Times who retracted all and apologized.

    The were wrong and they apologized, but the DUMPSTER ran his story anyway.

    The Rich family concluded this was crap, denounced these assholes and demanded FOX retract the stories. They asked the FOX-hired POS to cease and desist.

    But maybe they all are wrong and the answer is in the DUMPSTER. Apparently not as FOX issued the retraction without apology. The family sued and got over $1,000,000. They probably have the DUMPSTER story too but probably no reason to sue. No reach, no money. The investigator who was working for the Rich family and for FOX sued FOX for mental anguish and emotional distress, saying they misquoted him, published a lie, all at the orders of Trump.

    The Rich family was adjudicated CORRECT, the DUMPSTER is a fraud and, in court, he would be forced to pay up. The family said: “We simply want to find his killers and grieve. Instead, we are stuck having to constantly fight against non-facts, baseless allegations, and general stupidity to defend my brother’s name and legacy.” A family spokesperson added “At this point, only people with transparent political agendas or sociopaths are still perpetuating Seth Rich conspiracies.” And in walks Ernest Dempsey, code-name: The DUMPSTER.

    To people like the DUMPSTER, the Rich’s said: “We are asking you to please consider our feelings and words. There are people who are using our beloved Seth’s memory and legacy for their own political goals, and they are using your outrage to perpetuate our nightmare. We ask those purveying falsehoods to give us peace, and to give law enforcement the time and space to do the investigation they need to solve our son’s murder. I am sure they will love to read the DUMPSTER.

    The DUMPSTER is a failed journalist. He has tried many careers, this is his latest ploy for pecuniary gain. He ain’t in it for patriotism, at least to America. He ain’t in it for glory, at least to his real name. He’s not a believer, at least not until just now. Why does he do it?


    The Dumpster’s scoop is based on independent journalist (code words for UNKNOWN) Lindsay Jones, popularly known as Texas Lindsay (still UNKNOWN) talking to “independent journalist” Emerald Robinson who worked for NewsMax and One America. Emerald is a real ex-journalist for those companies which fired her for dealing in misinformation and fake news. FIRED. She now works on Mike Lindell’s (sued for hundreds of millions by Dominion and others) Frank platform. Got to send her a Stetson…. which basically means two podcasters talking together as in two-bitches-be-bad.

    The news according to DUMPSTER: TL talked to someone who works with people who talked to people who are actually on Assange’s team who claimed to the person who knows them who claimed to TL they thought Seth Rich was the Hillary email leaker. So, a fake news person talks to a person who knows a person who knows someone on Assange’s team who told them a story — no evidence — just a story handed down three or four times without hard copy support or a second source or a first-person source. Hard news or hardly news?

    He then waxes poetic down conspiracy lane, all the conspiracies that have been trashed, all the conspiracies that caused over $1 million in damages, many apologies and retractions.

    And FYI: the 20,000 pages from the Rich laptop were released in 2017 under FOIA request, dipshit. The remaining 1,546 pages were withheld according to FOIA laws, but now the court has released them as well. That’s the hot news: can’t wait for results. Good luck because even if Rich is the leaker, what’s the profit in assassination? Revenge? Actually, beyond causing pain to the family, what’s the profit in anyone knowing who screwed Hillary? DUMPSTER has to know though……


    After hearing the DUMPSTER tell us the results of his witch-hunt which turned out to be a bitch-hunt, Frank Stetson, independent Gonzo journalist, talked to a guy who knows a guy who is the cousin of a girl who knows Ernest Dempsey as the Pakistani Karim Khan, from Hangu Pakistan. He holds a couple of Masters, but one is geology, where he got his rocks off.

    He is not the real Ernest Dempsey who is an acclaimed “Indiana Jones” type author from Chattanooga Tennessee. That Ernest Dempsey actually has some commercial success in his writing. The DUMPSTER has a screen writing award from Jacksonville Florida…….

    Karim Khan, pen name Ernest Dempsey, from Hangu, Pakistan has written a few books, one has 9 reviews, another is pulled, another’s site has a trojan, and the source claims they are all snowflake, touchy-feeling self-realization, self-healing pieces of clap-trap. He claims to be a brilliant author, screen writer, song writer, musical artist, film producer, film editor, best-boy no doubt, who suddenly moved from being an advocate for human rights, animal rights, and environmental protection to conservative commentator on PBP where he refuses, for some reason, to claim his past or present resume. And Magarat?

    I guess we now know where the money is. Fools who buy this swill from a guy who is obviously a recent commercial convert to the conservative cause. At least that’s what I heard from a guy who knows a guy…. Next, I will regale you with Karim’s family history of pedophilia in England that I heard when I listened to a storm drain in the gutter.

    • Mike F

      Frank-I think you understand Urnst only too well-but most of your words apply to all the writers on the Windbag Post-perhaps some are slightly more credible, but not much…

  4. Darren

    You do understand that you do not need to read these articles if you do not like them.

    I do not watch CNN because they make Biden’s family out to be Sunday Church goers
    who Do No Wrong, Owe No Taxes, Do NO Drugs!

    My decision, my opinion, my freedoms!

  5. madmemere

    Did Frank crawl out from under a rock, or did he escape from an institution??
    MY decision, my opinion, my freedoms!


    madmere, happy new years, an election year, a fun year, a better year…. I hope.

    Of course it’s your decision(s), your opinion(s), your freedoms. Did I ever say different?

    But facts are stubborn things, and facts are our friends.

    Fact is this story is based on a person telling a person telling a person from people who are no one, a ex-journalist fired for being unprofessional and foistering LIES from an immigrant-author who grew up in Pakistan and whose resume speaks of his “being an advocate for human rights, animal rights, and environmental protection,” his words, not mine, who has morphed to being a conservative commentator on PBP where he refuses, for some reason, to claim his past or present resume.

    Just the facts, madmemere. No opinion in that. And if you like that, so be it. I say the story is weak at best. The parents have sued, and won, against stories like this. And if PBP or the author had any money, or readership, they could be sued too IF they repeated any of those lies.

    As to the rock…… funny you should say that because I say the exact same thing for Trumpism. Over time though, I have realized that Trumpism IS who we are. It’s what we have become. And so be that too. However, like you, and like my fathers and mothers before me, my decisions, my opinions, my freedoms and hopefully, a common set of facts, stubborn, facts, but facts be our friends to guide us.

    I believe I wrote the actual facts of the rumor Earnest Dempsey ginned up. And that he is either a recent conservative convert or a fraud for the money, you be the judge.