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Senile Biden Obliterates Civil Rights History with New Fabrication

Senile Biden Obliterates Civil Rights History with New Fabrication

The civil rights movement holds a special place in the universe; but in the Bidenverse, nothing is safe from the onslaught of fabrication. In his latest (by the time of this writing) display of dementia, Joe Biden made an incredible claim about convincing former Democrat Senator Strom Thurmond to vote for the Civil Rights Act.

In the legislative history, Senator Strom Thurmond, who was a long-time Democrat Senator from South Carolina, is remembered as a segregationist and a staunch opponent of the Civil Rights Act that was passed by the Congress in 1964. He voted against the bill and was one of the several Democrats who put a filibuster on the legislation for two months.

But Biden has a different version of the history of American politics and legislation from which he frequently fires little rockets of fabrication at the public. On Monday (August 28), Biden addressed the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law Reception. In his speech, Biden decided to credit himself for making Thurmond vote for the Civil Rights Act and claimed that he literally talked Thurmond into it.

Biden was instantly fact-checked and mocked for the claim. Conservative publications and social media accounts posted reminding notes that the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed when Biden was not a Senator and Thurmond had voted against the bill. Biden was called out as a liar and a patient of dementia among many other names on Twitter/X. The Blaze called it a bizarre claim.

The White House tried to save Biden’s face from this gaffe by stating that Thurmond later voted for voting rights legislation in 1980.

“A White House spokesperson told Fox News Digital that Biden was instrumental in getting Thurmond’s vote for the Voting Rights Act, in 1980.”

The White House did not offer any evidence to support this claim. But Commentator Armstrong Williams responded to the White House’s attempted explanation and rejected the claim. In a Twitter/X post on Tuesday, Armstrong wrote that it was because of conversations with people like himself, who were working for the then-Republican Senator, Thurmond finally came to support the Civil Rights Act.

Armstrong slammed Biden for trying to take undue credit:

“It’s disgraceful that Biden would blatantly take credit for something that he so obviously didn’t do, that real people fought and worked hard for. He deserves no credit.”

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  1. Dan tyree

    There’s no fool like an old fool

    • Navvet

      He is more than just a fool. He is a dictator and a traitor.

  2. frank stetson

    According to AP, The White House says: “False. Biden had not yet been elected to the U.S. Senate when the landmark law was passed in 1964, and Thurmond was among the prominent southern Democrats to vote against the bill. A White House spokesperson confirmed the president misspoke in his remarks. He said Biden intended to refer to his efforts in the 1980s to get Thurmond and other Senate Republicans to vote for legislation renewing the Voting Rights Act of 1965.”

    Further, “Biden had intended to tout his work in the 1980s to win passage of a bill reauthorizing the Voting Rights Act.

    The landmark 1965 law followed the Civil Rights Act and outlawed discriminatory voting practices such as literacy tests that were aimed at disenfranchising Black voters.

    “He was highlighting his role in gaining Sen. Thurmond’s support for reauthorizing the Voting Rights Act, which Thurmond had previously opposed,” Bates explained in an email.

    The White House spokesman cited news coverage from the era in which Thurmond, the then-Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, threatened to eliminate parts of the 1965 law.”

    OK, I get it. He totally fucked up. They both had many years, many years together, and there are many votes, reauthorizations, etc. for civil rights. But he totally fucked up and should simply explain that. Unfortunately, I think you all are getting to him and he’s getting gun shy on top of his lifetime of frequent gaffs. Hey, all of our stories “change” over time, it’s the natural way. But when we goober one all up, we should be able to laugh, explain how all the stories can get jumbled, explain what you wanted to say and move on. You don’t send a lacky out to fix this one, you step up. He’s gotten all twitchy about it, you are making your mark too. But it’s his to own, to get in front of, to step up.

    Because what is he saying is good, very good, when he said: ““I thought things had changed. I was able — literally, not figuratively — to talk Strom Thurmond into voting for the Civil Rights Act before he died. And I thought, ‘Well, maybe there’s real progress’,” Biden said, according to the official White House transcript. “But hate never dies. It just hides. It hides under the rocks. And when someone breathes a little oxygen in it, it comes out — roaring out.” Now, if you put the right time, the right context, for the vote he MEANT to reference, the meaning of ““I thought things had changed…… “But hate never dies. It just hides. It hides under the rocks. And when someone breathes a little oxygen in it, it comes out — roaring out.”

    I have said that since Trump began empowering, enabling, and even encouraging this crap in 2016 highlighting how I was blown away at the numbers of snakes under those rocks and how my father sacrificed so much to fight this crap in WWII and then back home starting in the 1950’s and how we did put a huge dent, thought we put what little was left under the rock, only to be proven so wrong. That’s a message I can vote for and can forgive the misspeak memory jumble, but truly feel that if he can’t step up and tell us what happened, he is losing ground on his support. And I find that sad since his thoughts are insightfully true and important.

    We know now that hate never dies, it just hides, bides it’s time and when someone breathes a little oxygen it come roaring out. A message to all of us. And now, watch us roar! It’s our turn. But we must remember that the battle is not on the street, but in the mind —- where the rocks are. And, as these times have taught us, that’s a very, very difficult place to reach.

    Biden was wrong, he should step up and explain live and in person, otherwise, I agree the senile aspect is news.

    Can we set the maximum age limit at 77, effective immediately?

    • navvet

      Frank please tell me how can you defend a traitor and one who is trying to take Hitler’s place in history books. He has no clue as to what he is saying and only lies to try and gain votes. Study history and then tell me who founded the KKK and still supports to this day. Get an education son. By the way your post sounds like it was written by rambling Joe, repetition over and over.

      • Kim

        That is what Frank does, he always comments on things he knows very little about, but he has to always be the antagonist of every article. He has no life and is always on this commenting board posting essays. He isn’t smart enough to wrire his own articles, so he has to wrire dribble in response to others.

  3. LibsWorshipSatan

    Only reason the Democrats signed the Civil Rights Act in the first place is they saw which way the political winds were blowing. Democrat president Lyndon Johnson said, “I can get them nigras voting Democrat for 200 years”, and the party of the KKK and “slave owner’s rights” and Jim Crow has managed to do exactly that…

  4. Robin W Boyd

    The Democrat Party has been deceiving, using and abusing Black American citizens since the creation of the party to promote and support slavery prior to the war between the states, which the Democrat Party brought about by having Southern states secede from the U.S. Union. No Black American should be supporting the Democrat Party.

  5. Wes

    This is not even a mistake anymore. These people hate America. If people would watch The First News, the facts will be shown and told. Not by the news people, but by the events. The events that actually happened. “Jesse Kelly Show” and“Bill O’Reilly, No Spin News.” This is an independent news station. Not the paid off MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, Washington Post, N.Y. Times. Those all cater to Liberals and Democrats. Truth doesn’t matter. Sub-Human Communists. They hate America, The Constitution, and Americans. They love to get rid of stuff. The border, the police, anyone that disagrees, second amendment, the modern family, churches, parents, indoctrinating kids to hate America and white people. These are facts. This is what Communist Nations due. No thanks. Recommend reading IMPRIMIS brochures. Can get one free every month. Talks about all of this corruption. Get copies for a small fee. Pass out. Put on car windshield wipers. Tables at restaraunts. Shopping Malls. Don’t let the devil take your salvation. Pray in Jesus Name!

  6. Wes

    Another evil is the stupid World Economic Forum and World Health Organization. Biden is part of it. Allows the evil, radical ideas to have credibility or meaning. Pump more money into the elites pockets, while real people, that actually work and have a purpose, get harassed or punished. Nobody challenges these people to find out if their information are facts. WHO was in bed with Dr. Fauci, and helped China.The same China that lied about the origins of the virus. Communist countries never listen. Treat people like slaves. The Democratic Party in America has the mindset. People need to wake up. It’s not just politics anymore. They want full control of you, your family, money, vaccination status, what you drive, what is taught in schools and colleges. Trump may have had his faults. They lied about the Russia garbage. Hillary Clinton and others intentionally lied. She destroyed thousands of emails. January 6 Committee destroyed their files. Challenge people to watch “The First News.” As I said in previous comments, these people hate the values of Americans. Open borders. Allowing drugs like fentanyl kill people. Human trafficking and smuggling. Criminals not being held accountable. Thanks for reading.