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Security Guard Faces Charges for Forcing Transgendered Male out of the Ladies Bathroom

Security Guard Faces Charges for Forcing Transgendered Male out of the Ladies Bathroom

After removing a transgendered man from the Women’s bathroom at a Giant grocery store in DC, a security guard now faces assault and potentially hate crime charges.

This incident occurred just a week after President Obama declared that transgendered students in public schools should be allowed to pick whatever bathroom they want to use.

This has caused quite the confusion, especially since in North Carolina, the recent Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, or HB2 states that transgenders are only allowed in the bathroom that corresponds with their birth certificate.

The episode between the transgendered male and female security guard has quickly become a human rights issue. The transgendered male known as Ebony Belcher, 32, is pressing assault charges against the guard.

Belcher called the police after being “hauled” out of the woman’s bathroom and allegedly the guard yelled “you guys cannot keep coming in here and using our women’s restroom. They did not pass the law yet.”

Of course the press was quickly on the scene to report how Belcher felt so victimized.  

“The woman had no reason to put her hands on me,” said Belcher to the media. “I’m hurt by this. It’s terrible … I’m distraught. People should not be discriminated based on their gender identity.”

Not everyone feels sympathy for Belcher though. “If you was born a man go to the men’s bathroom. You got a penis, go to the men’s bathroom. If you are born a woman, go to the woman’s bathroom. Period!” said a fellow shopper who witnessed the incident.

Many argue that the guard did not commit a hate crime because Obama’s latest human rights decree doesn’t have any real legal standing.

Nonetheless, this is not the end of the bathroom wars. Incidents like these with transgenders who claim to be victims, will only add fuel to Obama’s “trans-agenda.”

Editor’s note: This is getting tragically serious, we seem to be catering to the emotional instability of these creatures, and because of media coverage, this security guard who is only doing her job is facing charges.  Will somebody step up and offer the security guard a job?

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