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Sectarian Strife Hits the Americas

Sectarian Strife Hits the Americas
Islamic cultural centers are popping up throughout North America, from the United States to Latin America. Both Saudi Arabia and Iran have been accused of spreading their influence within their region, but a far greater campaign seems under way. In the last few years, while the Obama administration has been trying to reach a nuclear agreement with Iran, Shiite cultural centers have doubled in Latin America.
The even greater threat comes from Saudi Wahhabi tradition, the orchestrating sect which has been behind virtually every attack on America or its allies; the first and second world trade center attacks, the Boston Bombing, the 7/11 attacks on England and the uncountable of atrocities of ISIS all involve perpetrators who are strict followers of Wahhabi Sunni tradition. 
80 percent of the mosques in America subscribe to the Saudi Wahhabi tradition, and Saudi Arabia continues to fund their creation at increased rates.
As Islam becomes increasingly ubiquitous in the Americas, many are concerned about possible consequences. The rise of rival sects and religious terror in North America puts the region in perpetual threat from extremists who are hoping to carry the intense Sunni/ Shiite war across the ocean and into America’s back yard.

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