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SCOTUS Rejects New York’s Concealed Carry Regulation 

SCOTUS Rejects New York’s Concealed Carry Regulation 

In a vote of 6-3, the Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a century-old New York regulation limiting concealed carry permits to residents participating in certain sports or with specific self-defense needs.

Writing for the majority, Justice Clarence Thomas described New York’s Sullivan Act as “[preventing] law-abiding citizens with ordinary self-defense needs from exercising their right to keep and bear arms.”

Democrats believed the law a necessary tool to reduce the proliferation of handguns in New York City, while Republicans said it interfered with residents’ abilities to protect themselves (from the bad guys, who will have guns no matter what).

“The language we’re reading is shocking,” laments New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D). “It is particularly painful that this came down at this moment, when we’re still dealing with families in pain from mass shootings.”

Hochul doesn’t seem to realize that the Supreme Court’s decision in no way applies to the assault-style rifles generally used in mass shootings, but that’s besides the point.

“This decision isn’t just reckless, it’s reprehensible,” she continued. “The insanity of the gun culture…has now possessed everyone all the way up to even the Supreme Court.”

“Today’s Supreme Court decision may have opened an additional river that is going to feed the sea of gun violence in our city and in our nation,” whined New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D). “We cannot allow New York to become the Wild Wild West – that is unacceptable.” 

The High Court’s ruling – which also overturns similar gun policies in California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Maryland, and DC – is the widest expansion of gun rights in a decade and promises to affect additional gun regulations throughout the United States, in particular by making it more difficult for people to defend polices that limit firearms in public spaces. 

President Joe Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) were disappointed with the Court’s decision; the latter describing it as “dangerous” and “far out of the mainstream.” 

The Supreme Court’s ruling “flies in the face of overwhelming public support for rational gun safety measures,” argues Schumer. “Now more than ever…more must be done to address gun violence, and we Democrats will continue to fight to keep our communities safe.” 

Recognizing the Supreme Court’s decision for what it was, New York City Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell assured citizens the ruling would have little impact on the city. “If you carry a gun illegally in New York City, you will be arrested,” she said simply. “Nothing changes today.” 

Congress responded to the ruling with a bipartisan bill addressing gun violence. The proposal cleared the Senate with a vote of 65-33 and now heads to the House. The legislation provides millions of dollars to enhance school safety, improve students’ mental health, bolster crisis intervention programs, and reward states for including juvenile records in background check systems. 

Author’s Note: Per usual, New York Democrats can’t seem to tell the difference between good guys with guns and bad guys with guns.


Supreme Court strikes down New York concealed-gun law in 6-3 decision 

Supreme Court strikes down NY law that restricts concealed carrying of guns

Supreme Court strikes down New York’s handgun law 

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  1. Ted

    What a great ruling. I loved the language in the decision. Justice Aleto nailed it. You can’t protect yourself if you can’t bear the arms. Come on New Yorkers Get your permits and protect yourselves. We now have a constitutional right to be armed in public. Oh the whining from the democrats. But they don’t want police so it’s up to us to protect ourselves and our families.

    • gregory couling

      Good the crims will no longer have the upper hand.

  2. Bruce taylor

    Gee now the bad guys will have to a little more careful before they try to rob a little old lady walking the dog on the street. They might even try to get work other then robbing people. Now we need some DA’s who have the guts to make sure its the bad guys who go to jail not the good ones who defend them selves. All Carl Marx people, mob rule is not going on any longer, back to a country with family values! Love of GOD and Country and fellow Man/Woman! Yes we have two genders, but that our private business not for display!