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UPDATE Scott Walker Emerges as Frontrunner at CPAC

UPDATE Scott Walker Emerges as Frontrunner at CPAC
Update: 6:10pm on Friday 6th of march 2015

Governor Scott Walker continues to be a top GOP frontrunner for the 2016 election. The Wisconsin Governor’s record, however, reflects some ambiguity regarding his Pro-Life stance. In response to his stance on Abortion, Walker had previously endorsed a bill which “leaves the final decision to a woman and her doctor,” and outright refused to answer the question on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. The lack of passion had troubled many voters who would otherwise support Governor Walker. Much to the relief of his potential voters, Walker has now pledged to sign a Pain capable Unborn Child Protection act that bans abortion after 20 weeks. Many political commentators believe this will put Governor Walker back in the good graces of the Pro-Life community. Marjorie Danenfelser, president of the pro-life organization Susan B. Anthony List, stated, “His commitment to the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act in Wisconsin and nationally is the best first step for a pro-life candidate and one that is embraced by the nation.”

At this year’s CPAC, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker emerged as the GOP frontrunner for the 2016 election. While Jeb Bush and other more liberal Republicans spoke to half-empty rooms and came in behind on the straw poll; Walker saw widespread support across the GOP. A recent poll found that in this crowded field of potential candidates, Walker leads with 25% of the vote-more than twice as much as the second place winner. Support for Walker was consistent across the party’s various ideological, socioeconomic class, and religious factions. Both the religious and secular factions of the party seem to support him, as he has identified himself as a religious man, but has not gotten into issues like evolution.

He pleased many conservatives with his demand for Obama and other Democrats to “respect Netanyhu and his country.” He voiced his disgust over Obama’s decision to boycott Netanyhu’s address to congress and called for the president to at least show courtesy to the Israeli leader.

Walker did have one hiccup during his speech, however- a sole heckler tried to disrupt the even by standing up and shouting something that could not quite be deciphered by the press. Walker handled the situation very smoothly, by replying that the hecklers come from his home state as well, but they will not drown out the voices of the people. He then simply let his fans drown out the heckler, who quickly retreated and remained silent for the rest of the speech.

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