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Scott Walker Eclipsed by Donald Trump; Fails to Secure Koch Endorsement

Scott Walker Eclipsed by Donald Trump; Fails to Secure Koch Endorsement

While the liberal media expected his campaign to suffer after his attack against John McCain, Donald Trump has only increased in popularity, eclipsing Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and reaching 30.9% according to an Iowa poll conducted by One American News Network. 

Two hundred and twenty-seven Iowa Republicans attended the poll on Wednesday. If the caucus were to be held today, Donald Trump would win by a landslide with over 30% of the vote. Scott Walker came in second place at 15.4% followed by Jeb Bush at 10%.

Scott Walker drew Trump’s ire earlier this year when he used the phrase “make America great again” in a speech at the South Carolina Freedom Summit. Although the phrase originated with Reagan, Trump had it trademarked as his own in 2012. 

Trump, who was standing backstage, was “disappointed” in his fellow candidate for his lack of creativity. “I get tremendous raves for that line,” said Trump. “You would think — I could come up with different lines. You would think they would come up with their own. That is my whole theme.”

A recent story in the New York Times hinted that Scott Walker was the favorite of conservative billionaires David and Charles Koch, the most sought-after of Republican political donors. Soon after the story was released, however, David Koch put the theory to rest: “While I think Governor Walker is terrific, let me be clear, I am not endorsing or supporting any candidate for president at this point in time.”

He later explained: “My brother and I are going to take a neutral position as to who we are going to support until the primaries are over…when the primaries are over and Scott Walker gets the nomination, well, then we will support.” 

The Koch brothers hosted a Q&A session this week during which Walker spoke to hundreds of donors. He was asked during the Q&A session if Obama was Christian, a question that he failed to answer in February. “I don’t know,” said Walker. 

Despite the fact that Obama frequently talks about Christianity and attends services, Walker isn’t convinced. “As someone who is a believer myself, I don’t presume to know someone’s beliefs about whether they follow Christ or not unless I’ve actually talked with him.” 


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