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Scott Walker Confronted by Illegal Immigrant in Iowa – Talks Straight

Scott Walker Confronted by Illegal Immigrant in Iowa – Talks Straight

Scott Walker was walking through the tiny farm town Plainfield, Iowa where he lived as a child.  He was confronted by an illegal immigrant who demanded to know why Walker doesn’t support Obama’s plan to give temporary status to some workers.

Walker’s response was “we are a nation of laws.”   And further, “I want to make sure we have a system that goes forward by securing the borders and putting into place a system that enforces the laws and then the next President and Congress can deal with these issues moving forward.”

Author’s Note:  This may not seem like a good answer but is, in fact, the only answer.   The borders must be secured before anything else can be accomplished.  Three reasons for this.

First, Congress has promised many times to secure the border in exchange for concessions for illegal immigrants.  And though the concessions were granted, the promises were never kept and the border is not yet secure.   So its very clear securing the border will not happen until it is unbundled from other issues.

Second, once the border is secure the environment will change radically, we will have a better perspective on how the illegal immigrants play in our society.  When we boot out the bad ones and they can’t get back in, I think we will get the better picture and a better idea of the choices we have.  One thing is for sure in my book, Newt Gingrich was correct, we cannot round up 10 million people and throw them out.  The brutality of that would be too much for a generous and compassionate American people.

Third, since our border is porous, if we loosen our hard stance on benefits for illegals, we will be encouraging millions more to cross the border.  Without securing our border, many parts of the United States will be overwhelmed with illegals (as some are now…).

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