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Schiff Should Recuse Himself from Russia Investigation

Schiff Should Recuse Himself from Russia Investigation

President Trump’s March 4th wiretapping claim launched a massive investigation into the Obama Administration’s questionable surveillance of Trump’s presidential campaign.  

Trump’s claims were somewhat validated when Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, exposed classified documents that failed to mask the names of US persons connected to Trump’s transition team. 

Obama-era officials argue that this information was collected “incidentally” as part of the investigation into Russia’s so-called influence in the presidential election. 

As I wrote Wednesday, former Obama adviser Susan Rice has been blamed for the unmasking.

Facing serious pressure from the Left, Nunes announced Thursday morning that he would be temporarily removing himself from the Russia investigation.   

“I know this was not an easy decision for the Chairman, with whom I have worked well for many years,” said fellow committee member Adam Schiff. “He did so in the best interests of the committee and I respect that decision.”

It is not Nunes, however, but Schiff who should be recusing himself from the case. 

The Dems are “doing their best to smear and slander and besmirch Congressman Devin Nunes,” said Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “Now it is Congressman Adam Schiff who is openly showing bias in this case.”

Schiff, a Democrat, has shown clear bias in defending Susan Rice:

“Well, you know, it certainly is a theory in search of a villain, and for whatever reason, the hard right has always chosen Susan Rice to be their villain,” he told MSNBC. 

Schiff has accused Nunes of ethics violations and has a vested interest in a bad outcome for Republicans. 

Author’s Note: Lawmakers have a responsibility to examine every case from an objective viewpoint. After showing such a clear bias, there is no reason Schiff should remain involved in the case. 

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