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San Francisco Prosecutor Refuses to Charge Criminal Offenders 

San Francisco Prosecutor Refuses to Charge Criminal Offenders 

Tough on gun ownership but soft on crime – this short depiction defines most/all Democrat lawmakers, and particularly those running the blue states and cities. San Francisco’s current District Attorney (DA) Brooke Jenkins, a Democrat, fits the blue state bill when it comes to crime. In her latest move, she decided not to charge two carjackers, who were arrested after they crashed the stolen car on a pubic street.

As reported in The Washington Times, DA Jenkins chose not to charge two carjacking suspects, Kevin Nelson and Jennifer Bonham, because she thought it was a “complex” case that needed further investigation. Both suspects were arrested by the police on July 25 after they crashed the stolen car on Sanchez Street stairs in the city’s Castro District. The crash was caught on video and shared widely on social media.

Jenkins was slammed in media and on social media platforms for not charging the suspects despite video evidence and the statement from the owner who was assaulted by the carjackers shortly before his stolen car was crashed on the public street. She reacted by stating that her office is not charging the suspects for now but the case has not been dismissed and the suspects can be charged at a later time.

The same week, questions were raised at racial bias in Jenkins’ choice of charges against another dangerous offender, a black man, who had assaulted an Asian senior while being on probation for an earlier attack on another Asian senior. Conservatives on Twitter wondered why Jenkins wasn’t bringing  hate crime charges against the repeat offender while her party preaches against hate crimes based on race and ethnicity.

Last month, SF-based independent news site Mission Local reported that since Brooke Jenkins assumed the DA office last year, violent crime has gone up in the SF area. The story reminded that Jenkins, on her campaign trail, had slammed her predecessor Chesa Boudin for failing to check the crime rate. A January 2022 tweet by Jenkins included in the story shows that she blamed Boudin’s “failed policies” for SF’s crime rate.

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  1. Dan tyree

    Typical commie shithole

  2. frank stetson

    In California law, is this unusual or typical?

    • LibsWorshipSatan

      Pretty typical. And this sort of insanity has spread to other “blue” states, as well.

      • Frank stetson

        Wow, which states?

  3. DonRS

    San Francisco VOTERS demonstrate their TOTAL IGNORANCE by electing LOONY TUNE’s like the last 2 DA’s.


  4. Joseph Frank Alba

    IF she can’t prosecute Criminals she need to be FIRED NO BULL SHIT! DEMOCRATS AT IT AGAIN!

  5. Mike f

    Neither the author, nor any of the responders understand the issues here. Brooke Jenkins has actually been pretty tough on crime in San Francisco and the fact that these two have not yet been charged is unlikely to be the end of the story. There were 3 other people in the vehicle, and I suspect the DA is trying to get the full story (and all the culprits) before she makes charges. Unlike the assertion of the author, she is not soft on crime, and has supported the police in ways that her predecessor did not…

  6. Frank stetson

    Thanks mike. Sounds like bau so Satan was right, but wrong about it being bad, democratic party based or whatever.