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San Francisco is Awash in Human Waste

San Francisco is Awash in Human Waste

With no end to the housing crisis in sight, California’s record-breaking homeless population has created a sanitary crisis that is pushing investors out of the city and threatening public health.

This week, a Twitter user uploaded a photo of a homeless man pooping in a Safeway aisle.

“Cleanup in Aisle 3!” tweeted John Dennis, a Republican running against Nancy Pelosi in next year’s primary elections.

“I publicly warned in 2018 that if we let people violate our streets the homeless problem would get worse. The answer: Arrest, then offer a choice: jail or rehab.”

If this habit catches on, there’s no telling the effect on grocery chains and their employees.

The human waste problem is so bad that San Francisco has established a “poop patrol” to respond to complaints. The patrol has received more than 25,000 complaints so far this year.

“Isn’t it ironic that a city of germaphobes, of exercise-conscious, environmentally conscious…are now in a city that’s awash in human waste?” asks Fox News medical correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel. “Big outbreaks of hepatitis A, rats in the streets feeding off the garbage in sewage, typhus, typhoid fever, rotten bacterial infections, and even the plague may be coming.”

To prevent an outbreak of “medieval diseases,” adds Siegel, California must “offer bathroom facilities in temporary shelters, get costs, get food. This is what has to happen.”

Estimates suggest there are roughly 9,700 homeless in San Francisco and about 130,000 in the state.

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  1. ralph bettencourt

    What do we expect from do nothing dims.

  2. Lynn Meredith

    That is the TOTAL problem. They also need to enforce jail or rehab’

  3. Tillie Jones

    This is a medical disaster that can spread throughout our country. This is disgusting. What on earth is being done to help the situation p

  4. Bev Johnson

    The damn Dems. are the ones who rallied and cried about getting them here and now they don’t know what to do with them. This has become a sanitary/medical disaster that will (not could) be spreading highly contagious and disastrous diseases that will spread throughout our country if something isn’t done quickly to stop this. They shouldn’t have been allowed to come into the country to begin with as we knew how it was gonna be if they did. It shouldn’t have to be our (the American citizen’s) problem to have to deal with this mess. This is a very dangerous situation that needs taken care of NOW and without taxpayers expense. Make the Democrats pay for it as they are the ones who wanted them here.

    • Craig

      You’re making the assumption that the homeless are illegal aliens. Not a fair assumption. We have many homeless individuals where I live and very few if any are Hispanics coming from a foreign country. The problem is real and needs to be addressed but, let’s not assume anything about who, what, or where they come from. I agree the democrats are responsible for it and should be accountable.

  5. Donl Longo

    Pelosi Represents San Francisco, That should tell you something right there.

  6. Marc


    • Joe Gilbertson

      Last I heard San Francisco and indeed all of California were under Democrat rule…

    • Steppen-Wolf

      Amen, Marc! Typical blame it all on the Dems. I have no love for either major party; in fact, I can’t stand either of them; but, even when the Rethugs are in control, such things aren’t corrected. Most of the politicians are elitists, the elitists hate all those who aren’t elitists like themselves, and most of them are eugenicists like Bills Gates who believe that we’re all “useless eaters” who need to be eradicated to “save the planet”. That is the evil corporatist (aka, corporate-fascist) mindset, believing in the “overpopulation” lie, and that the psychopathic mass-murder of six to seven billion people is supposedly the only “sane” thing to do; so, they purposely let the homelessness situation get worse and worse so the public will cry for their own demise, starting with eliminating homeless people through the genocide of same, which of course will only be the beginning, leading to the mass-genocide, what I call “eugenocide”, of most of the non-elitist population eventually. Open the door for one evil, and it invariably leads to opening the door for more evil.

      In the so-called “richest country in the world”, there’s absolutely no excuse(s) for homelessness, and the vast majority of the problem could be successfully cured if the elitist politicians really wanted to; but, obviously, they don’t want to or it would be done. We can supposedly “afford” literally trillions of dollars for illegally and unconstitutionally invading virtually defenseless countries in illegal wars of aggression, “the supreme international crime”, but we allegedly can’t afford to take care of such things as the homelessness issue. If the corporate-fascists, aka corporatists, paid their fare share, in fact ALL of the income taxes, and the robbery of the non-elistists’ property in the form of their incomes in violation of the Fourth Amendment was completely stopped, as the Constitution originally designed, there would be plenty of money for almost anything and everything (except the trillion-dollar wars). But no, the vast majority of elitists, who are warmongers, don’t want it, control our government, and pay less and less taxes, while the majority of the citizenry have their well-earned “blood squeezed out of a turnip”; and that majority of the relatively “poor” compared to the elitists, are expected to pay for everything (other than that which is incurred through greater and greater unconstitutional debit, also in the trillions of dollars and rising), including their own demise.

      I shouldn’t need to spell this out, but the majority of the population of American citizens were meant to control the U.S. government, not the other way around, the way it has gotten to be; and, more and more, we have less and less control over it; all by design of the globalist corporate-fascist elitist oligarchy. Now the country, and increasingly, is ‘of the politicians and lawyers, by the politicians and lawyers, for the politicians and lawyers’, all against the way “our” country was intended to be operated. Now we no longer, and increasingly don’t, live in a free country, but rather in a huge mass “open-air” prison, and increasingly so, like Israel and Palestine; again, all by design of the corporate-fascists, who control everything, and increasingly the entire world as well. Yeah, we’re “free” to be completely immersed in mindlessness, like the vast majority of “Amerikans” are; but, as soon as we stand up against all of this madness, especially to any great degree, we are dealt with, shut down and/or eliminated. But the truth is what truly sets us free, and nothing else. Read what really happened concerning JFK’s, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s and John Lennon’s assassinations, etc. (truth-telling reporters and others dying under mysterious circumstances for blowing the whistle concerning truth(s) that the corporate-fascist elitists didn’t want to become widely known. Stop burying your heads in the sand, and be set free by, and blessed for, facing “the writing on the wall”. We now live, in the U.S., and in the entire world for that matter, an increasingly corporate-fascist militarized police and prison state, the opposite(s) of a free country and world, totally against the will of God, free will, freedom of choice, self-determination and self-government, and against the way the U.S. was intended, and meant, to be.

    • Tim Davis

      Explain to us, Marc, How is this the President’s fault?!?!?! Crawl back to your “Safe Space” an STFU!!!!!!!

  7. Patriot_Rightist_Zeno

    CA is a posterchild for what the Dem-Rat Party of Dem-Wits creates in a civilization! It is proof of what too much immigration, anti-right thinking propaganda in schools and social anarchy in family life creates!
    The Republicans had a chance at the time of the election of fake Republican Schwarzenegger to really make CA competitive again but instead of recruiting and nominating Clint Eastwood or Chuck Norris, they blew it with Schwarzenegger! It is a real shame as it was once a competitive state for libertarian Republicans that helped launch the career of Pres. Ronald Reagan! Happy Holiday Season especially Chanukah and Christmas to rightists!

  8. Kurt Walker

    All I can think and say is remember which politicians are running California.

  9. Laura Wagner

    San Francisco is a “sanctuary city.” The democratically run city government forbids the police from cooperating with ICE. Defecating in public is the norm in poor Hispanic neighborhoods. Since most of the illegal aliens don’t understand or speak English, telling them that they shouldn’t do that here is useless. There is no encouragement or process for them to learn English, so they get cheap labor jobs on a temporary basis with no ability to move beyond what they know. The only solution I know of is to eliminate sanctuary cities to reduce the problems.

  10. David Barron

    Gee, isn’t San Francisco Nancy Pelosi’s district? Perhaps she should be paying more attention to it.

  11. Don Bioty

    Instead of traveling to Europe to bullshit about climate change, Pelousy should be forced to walk the streets of San Francisco and take Schmur and Waters along for the walk. Not a guided car tour actually walk the streets

  12. Knobby

    The overall plot line for this socialist scheme is to make conditions so miserable that the citizens demand a government-provided solution. The long term result will be more government workers, government rules, and higher taxes to support it. Eventually to bring the citizen’s wages down to near poverty levels, and devaluing the currency to insure that mere subsistence is the rule, not the exception.
    Socialists exell in long-term planning.
    You have people in the US complaining about the one percent now – what will it look like in the future? Russia has the “oligarchs”, Saudi Arabia has the “Princes”, China has the “Party Members”. What will they call them when the USA is degraded to join their ranks? Does it even matter?
    No matter how much it may grate on you – and for some of us it does – VOTE TRUMP OR DIE.

  13. Lisa

    Isn’t it funny how Pelosi is so concerned about the environment but yet her own state is the dirtiest. Maybe she needs to attend to her own political obligation for Ca and stop wasting our tax money on the impeachment because she doesn’t like Trump. HYPOCRITES!

  14. Joe Moench

    Look people.. we know what all the problems are… we the people need to do our DUTY.. go to TacticalCivics and see how responsible Americans can reverse this mess.. most wont do anything but gripe and complain.. but there are some out there who will actually do something, at least be informed.
    By the Grace of God we need to occupy till He comes. please at least listen to the intro . PS Merry Christmas 🙂

  15. Ron Clark

    Everywhere the Dem’s go greed and mismanagement follows, in DC, each major state, or city they control there is nothing but mismanagement and worse conditions than before. Taxes out of control, services not working, people made to suffer laws that may be unconstitutional, illegals receiving better care than citizens, allowing the state to be overrun with foreigners, skyrocketing crime, unsanitary sidewalks, no one safe on the streets.
    Eventually the Dem’s bubble will burst when the Patriots have had enough and tighten their pants up and form real militias, the only question is when. People are soft today, it takes a lot for them to fight, wait to long and there won’t be anything left to fight for.