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San Diego: The Wall is Working

San Diego: The Wall is Working

Officials in San Diego say a border wall project has led to a significant reduction in apprehensions.

The project, which began May 2018 and was completed August 2019, replaced 14 miles of weak landing mat barriers with an imposing steel fence. The new barrier is a two-part wall featuring one 18-foot fence and one 30-foot fence, both made of steel bollards, as well as cameras and sensors.

“I’m able to see the old mesh right next to the new bollard and the difference is startling,” says CPB Agent Douglas Harrison. “It’s an intimidating barrier. I’m an old Army guy…and I would not try to cross that.”

Not only has the wall coincided with a significant decrease in border crossings, but it has improved safety for officers and spurred development.

“We’ve got multimillion-dollar developments going up within sight of the border that could not have existed in the environment prior to starting to put that barrier out there,” says Harrison. “There was too much crime, too many people running through.”

The San Diego wall is part of a larger project that will eventually span up to 500 miles. So far, 71 miles have been completed and 162 are under construction.

In the meantime, overall apprehensions have dropped nearly 65% since May thanks to immigration agreements with Mexico (this is great news for Trump ahead of the 2020 election).

In spite of the proof that Trump’s immigration policies are working, Congress submitted a joint resolution last week asking Trump to end his declaration of a national emergency at the border. Trump declared the emergency earlier this year to obtain funding after lawmakers refused to provide money for the wall.

He vetoed the resolution last Tuesday. 

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  1. Stephen Tanner

    ANYONE who opposes “The Wall” is one, an idiot, two most likely a weak kneed lemming following the “left” over the cliff to the destruction of our Republic. They don’t even know why – very sad. Sorry if this is offensive to you, but it is the TRUTH.


  2. Linda Wellin

    Good news. Good job. Thank you President Trump for keeping Americans safe.

  3. Kurt Walker

    It’s assured that the officials who agree that the wall is doing some good are gonna catch hell from the democrats and their governor. California is supposed to be against the wall and the president. Pelolsi and Fienstein must be having “hot” flashes.

  4. George Peabody

    Our Christian God INSPIRED Constitution FOR the USA IS ONLY ADEQUATE government for a good and moral people,  When the people are lost from God, freedom is lost, and dictators, devils, socialism, communism, voodoo, ISLAM, etc. will step in to bring the people under their control.
    NOW: ARREST OBAMAS, CLINTONS, SOROS, ET.AL., and strip Citizenship and wealth and DEPORT to Haiti!!
    President Trump should declassify EVERYTHING related to 9/11/2001; and declassify all Clinton’s and Bush’s and Obama’s lies and TREASON up to 2019.
    And, declassify EVERYTHING related to murders of Americans at Ruby Ridge, and WACO by Clinton’s FBI,
    AND, DECLASSIFY everything from WWII and the USS Liberty 1967 Six-Day War Jews attack on Americans’s ship; and the lies to start war in Viet Nam, Iraq, Lebanon, all Middle East Wars, etc, etc,!
    THEN, we can hang Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, Soros, Netenyahoo9/11,; Pull out of U.N. and parasite Israel.
    PARDON for Spc. Michael New who defied crooked Pres. Clinton’s unConstitutional PPD25 putting US Military under U.N. Control
    Pardon all innocent US Military who are persecuted by Obama & Clinton,
    Deport illegal aliens; build the wall!

  5. Billy shurtz


  6. Linde Barrera

    To George Peabody-Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. They are not parasites; Israel is trying to be fair to the Palestinians, and it is the Palestinians who are the parasites. There can never be peace between Israel and the Palestinians or any Islamists because the doctrines of the Quran forbid it. Jew hatred is in the Quran. Allah must be a very selective deity because Allah created all humans but loves only Muslims! Hmmm…. what kind of “god” is that?

  7. Fred S

    They didn’t want it ,, so take it down and move it to Texas.

  8. Dolores

    Our Country needs to remain strong and that what President Trump is trying to do. We have to fight socialist and not allow all illegals into our country.
    When do other countries open their doors and hive you free medical and buy you a h one no where regulation have to be maintain and illegal mean illegal.
    I am all for Trump and taking care of America. California should be penalize for this and those walls are to protect the U.S. from terrorist as well as keeping out more freeloaders taking what Americans have work for. Now with all the fires in California who going to help the residents losing their homes. Resources are going to be needed to help the U.S. first.