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Saddam's Final Days: What He Said About WMD

Saddam's Final Days: What He Said About WMD

After his capture, Saddam Hussein admitted to the FBI that he faked having weapons of mass destruction, however he was planning on developing them within the next year before the Iraqi invasion occurred.

The admissions came in videotaped interviews with George L. Piro, a FBI agent who was given the task of working with Hussein after his capture and trying to get him to cooperate with authorities.

Piro came to Baghdad in January of 2004, and initially thought that Hussein would be opposed to opening up to him, however Hussein soon began to trust Piro, and slowly opened up to him.

After Piro found out that Hussein liked having baby wipes around to clean himself and his food before eating it, he began to use it as a way to control the former Iraqi leader. He manipulated Hussein by controlling the number of baby wipes he received.

Hussein confided that he launched a plan to convince the world, especially the U.S., that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction in order to prevent Iran from attacking Iraq. Hussein claims that if he independently stated that he had WMD, Iran would never believe it, but if the U.S. came out and said it was true, then they would. Therefore, he began to reinforce to inspectors that he did have WMD in order to get the U.S. to believe what he was saying and become suspicious of his intentions.

Hussein admits that he underestimated President Bush, and began to fear that an invasion was imminent, however he knew that he could not go back on his word and destroy his reputation.

Despite the way that events played out and the relationship between Iraq and America over the years, Hussein told Piro in his last days that he respect for America and the American people.

Editor’s note: Ron Kessler is a brilliant writer and a friend, but what is left out is that Saddam HAD weapons of mass destruction in the form of dangerous chemical weapons. Stockpiles were discovered and destroyed.

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