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Russia Germany Dispute Could Trigger Trade War

Russia Germany Dispute Could Trigger Trade War

German lawmakers are calling to block the United States from European businesses after Congress threatened sanctions against any company working on the Nord Stream 2 – a submarine gas pipeline linking Russia to Germany.

When completed, the $10 billion pipeline is expected to double the amount of Russian natural gas reaching Germany.

Lawmakers in the US, Ukraine, and Poland fear the pipeline would give Russia too much power over Europe’s energy supply (not to mention massive profits for Putin).

President Trump has already signed off on asset freezes and visa restrictions for any company involved in the project.

One Swiss company has already suspended work on the pipeline in fear of sanctions US lawmakers warned could be “fatal.”

Germany and the EU responded to the threat with outrage, with one official saying the EU opposed the sanctions “as a matter of principle to the imposition of sanctions against European companies engaged in legal activities.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokeswoman, Ulrike Demmer, said the sanctions would “hit German and European companies and constitute an interference in our internal affairs.”

German lawmakers already frustrated with President Trump over his troop withdrawals, trade tariffs, and abandonment of international agreements say it may be necessary to work closer with Russia and China to fortify Europe’s defenses against US sanctions.

German officials say they will propose a firewall to protect Europe from US sanctions next year when Berlin assumes the EU’s presidency.

“Washington is treating the EU as an adversary,” said one official. “It is dealing the same way with Mexico, Canada, and with allies in Asia. This policy will provoke counter-reactions across the world.”

Russia, unperturbed by the threat, said it would use its own ships to finish the pipeline if its European partners withdraw. As it stands, the project is just under 100 miles short of completion.

Editor’s note: While Trump may be over reaching here, there is no doubt that Russia would use the pipeline for political purposes.

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  1. Donald Nicholas

    Didn’t Germany use to be good businessmen and allies? They’re going to soon be a Muslim country and everything that defined Germany will be gone. Alcohol free Muslims and German beer, but thankfully it’s only the Muslim peons that “must” follow the dictates of the pedophile.

    • Patriot-Right_Zeno

      No, the Islamic peons force the rest of Germany to follow their rules, to be Sharia compliant but the Germans go along with them! Germany deserves no better and hey, what about all the money Germany owes the USA from the Marshall Plan following WWII?

  2. Patriot-Right_Zeno

    Fact is Germany should work closer with Russia based on geography and the USA has no obligation to encourage energy competition that isn’t in its interest! We Americans shouldn’t be so hipocritical though to criticize Russia for acting in its own interest too! That is what free nation-states/countries do!

  3. Anthony Leon Guerrero

    Germany, the EU alike, want cheaper energy and they’ll get it from Russia bc of the pipeline proximities to their doorsteps. By the time they (Merkel and the E.U. stooges) get comfortable with the lower price, Russia would choke the pipelines and it’ll be too late to act; the whole E.U. less the U.K. would be paralyzed without fuel to support industries, homes and transportation. “Russia took control of the E.U. while they’re on their knees begging for fuel,” BBC, Fox News and CNN reported. There would be no support by the U.K. and the USA. Merkel, her stooges and the E.U. clowns would NOT have the ability to respond militarily— they lack the fuel to deliver offensive weapons nor defensive shields.

  4. Terry

    Like that’d be a loss.

    • Joe S Bruder

      So, this is where Trump has taken us… You could care less about our allies, in favor of of the Russians who have been our enemies for 70 years. Shame!

  5. Joe S Bruder

    Now that it’s confirmed that Trump’s loans from Deutsche Bank were backed by the Russians, don’t be surprised if Trump backs Russia on this one. Of course, this has been known since before Trump’s 2016 election, but Trump called it fake news and in the midst of all his other scandals it was ignored.

    Here’s the backup site for the article (their main site has crashed, either because they got attacked, or they got a lot more traffic than they usually handle.)

    And don’t forget that Justice Kennedy’s son was an executive at Deutsche Bank, and Kennedy conveniently resigned so that Trump could appoint his beer-drinking serial rapist buddy. I don’t doubt that it will come out that Kennedy was blackmailed, and resigned to keep his son out of prison.


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