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Russia Cuts Off All European Gas – It Will be Devastating

Russia Cuts Off All European Gas – It Will be Devastating

Russia has cut off all gas through the Nordstream I pipeline. According to a Kremlin spokesman, it will stay off until economic sanctions by the west on Russia are lifted. Until now, it was expected that gas flows would resume, easing energy shortages, but no more.

“We see incessant attempts to shift responsibility and blame onto us. We categorically reject this and insist that the collective West – in this case, the EU, Canada, the UK – is to blame for the fact that the situation has reached the point where it is now,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

We predicted this back in February. It is Russia’s way of ending the war and keeping its conquered territory.

The effect will indeed be devastating. Europe imports 40% of its gas and 30% of its oil from Russia. Other suppliers, including Saudi Arabia, have either declined or are unable to make up the difference.

Europeans will not be able to heat their homes. Driving will be very expensive.

Major European industries may be forced to shut down. Distribution channels will be crippled.

First a shortage of energy, then a shortage of food.

We have already seen protests over soaring energy prices. Now we will see riots.

I’m betting that defections will start in the late fall months, Europe will, piece by piece capitulate to Russia and lift sanctions. Hereafter, for the next 10 years until Europe solves its own energy problems, they will be under the heel of Russia.

Trump warned them several years ago to not be dependent on Russian oil and gas. He was not heeded, and indeed was scoffed at. Germany continued to shut down nuclear power plants, and the EU has focused on renewable energy, which has not proven itself in capacity or reliability.

Lest you think this will be permanent damage to Russia, it seems they plan to build pipelines south and west into Asia. China is already buying and reselling Russian oil to Europe. This may stop as well.

Russia will not resume gas supplies to Europe until sanctions lifted, says Moscow

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  1. Micala

    Has anyone seen George Soros lately? Bet that old snake in the grass has something to do with Russia cutting off oil and gas to the European countries! Soros has been whispering in Puketin’s ear — “Get even with the West, stop your oil and gas to them!” Yep, that’s old satan’s son for you!

    Just think, if ole toad jb hadn’t stopped work on our Pipeline here in the U.S., we could be selling oil and gas to the European countries and flipping Russia the bird! But instead, old fossil brain said to shut it down. God forbid we disturb a tiny frog’s territory to build our Pipeline and provide the world’s oil and gas supplies!

    I truly do not know who is more ignorant or stupid — Puketin or Biddyboy Biden! Guess it’s a tie! Both of them need to fall down in a deep endless pit!!

  2. frank stetson

    Soros does not like Russia.

    The pipeline was Canadian to carry Canadian oil to refineries and then mostly foreign sales. It does not produce ONE DROP of US oil. It does not produce one drop of Canadian oil that the US can sell.

    Yes, that would have reduced Canada’s cost, at the risk of our environment. It would have meant few US jobs, but extra profits for some of our refineries.

    It sounded swell though.

    “besides that, how did you like the play Mrs. Lincoln?”

    • rsplante

      BS, Once it is in the US, we can do with it what we want, we will have bought it. Just because we buy it, does not mean we cannot use it or profit from a subsequent sale.

      As for the “environment”, other methods of transportation such as trains and trucks are much more susceptible to spills than pipelines. I know that you lefties want to prevent the movement of petroleum, but you cannot stop it, so it is only a question of HOW it is moved.

      As for refinery profits, there aren’t any. All the profits are in exploration and retail, with refineries getting squeezed in the middle. That’s why there have been no new refineries built in a long long time. If there were any profits, all the large oil companies are publicly traded. That means that those profits are readily available to any investor including pension funds.

      • frank stetson

        You gonna need some sources on that one. You may be right, but does not seem to pass the sniff test for common sense..

        First, why would America buy Keystone oil only to ship it overseas? If they were buying it, why would they constrain their sales to mostly foreign? Why constrain or limit at all? The deal was about lowering Keystone’s cost so they could get to a wider market. But it appears they did it s at the same time NOT to compete more with US oil in the domestic market. I am guessing they got US big oil approval as long as it wasn’t sold here. Exclusivity in trade for support. Especially important if, as you say, the real money is not in the refining. That’s why it’s destined to go overseas. Exclusivity made the deal sweet for US refineries, oil men and the Canadians got a cost profile letting them sell in broader overseas markets.

        But I am pretty sure the US didn’t buy this expensive shit just to re-sell it. As you say, being a middle-man is probably not where oil men make their money. That was Enron’s deal, remember?

        You are also right that trucks n trains might be worse environmentally. But not to worry, this was about cost reduction and without the pipeline, this oil is too expensive to truck to the heartlands of the US for refining for overseas. It either goes ala
        Canada or stays in the ground. Your trucking comment is a red herring. .

  3. David

    The Global cabal hates both Trump and Putin. Although I do not like the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which has been going on for over seven years … contrary to MSM reporting, neither side can be claiming to wear white hats. Putin is hated because he seeks to retain traditional nuclear families and ethnicities whereas Western and U.S. cultures have embarked in creating mongrel humans who can be controlled by a few. He rejects same-sex marriages and gay agendas.
    Putin is a wise cookie compared to our bought and sold politicians in the West. Germany and the EU were warned not to become depend on Russian natural gas and oil. Putin is playing his ace card and I must somewhat reluctantly give him a thumbs up for his patience and persistence. The conflict over the Ukraine will draw down or end, and Russia will gain some territory of Ukraine. The Billions that have been sent by the U.S. and EU will have been in vain … but plenty of Western politicians will gain in the spoils.