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Russia Cuts Gas to Bulgaria and Poland – Aggressive Negotiations Begin

Russia Cuts Gas to Bulgaria and Poland – Aggressive Negotiations Begin

Russia asked to be paid in Russian rubles for their gas deliveries. Poland and Bulgaria did not do so. Now their gas deliveries will be cut off.  Poland gets about 56% of its gas from Russia, Bulgaria closer to 90%.

Western mainstream media is calling this “extortion.” However, with the sanctions in play, we are essentially in a state of economic warfare with Russia. Neither Poland nor Bulgaria can pay in rubles without violating the sanctions, and Russia cannot receive funds through the international banking system. Either they crack or they get cut off.

But we predicted this would happen. This is where negotiations start, but not where they will end. Bulgaria and Poland were chosen because the West frankly does not give a crap about them. If Putin were to start with France, Germany or Italy it might provoke a much stronger reaction. He doesn’t want to ramp up too quickly. Remember this is Judo – increase the pressure until your opponent taps.

But make no mistake. This was a message for all of Europe.

Europe gets to watch Poland and Bulgaria squirm and suffer through spring and summer, watch their industries go silent, watch their crops go untended because they lack the fuel to keep going.

And France, Germany, Italy and the rest will realize that Russia can put them all in the same position. No one will be able to help them.

And, of course, what happens when winter comes?

See the chart below if you want to get an idea of the predicament Europe is in. Trump warned them against the Nord Stream II pipeline that would have made Europe even more dependent. But it seems it was too late all along.

If you want us to reiterate the end game. Putin and Zelenskyy will finally “negotiate” an end to the war, giving Russia everything it wants. Then they will walk out hand in hand as friends and ask that the sanctions be lifted. Ukraine will be war torn, but Zelenskyy will still be in power.

With the threat of devastating cuts in oil and gas, Europe will happily agree and support a withdrawal of sanctions. Putin has been planning this for 10 years, he knows that Zelenskyy’s suggestion to lift the sanctions will be a good enough excuse for Europe to break with the U.S.

This is the worst possible outcome for the U.S. Our reliability as an ally is in question, the “petrodollar” is under attack and may be displaced, our enemies (especially China!) are emboldened and so much more.  If we had competent leadership in the White House, it would not have happened this way. Maybe not at all. Biden is a fool.

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  1. Andrew

    The headline should have said “Putin cuts gas”

  2. The Redhawk

    NOW is the time for “THE DIMWIT LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD to say :” Build the Pipeline>>> FRack to your Heart Content and EXPORT AMERICAN OIL AND GAS”,,,, BUt the DEMENTED IDIOT is only worried about CLIMATE CHANGE>>>> and Hiding in a Basement with his Daily Ice cream ration>>>> as we are ONE Quarter away from a recession !!!!! Covid money is wasted on CRITICAL RACE BS in BLUE STATES nad instead of using these UNUSED FUNDS to BUild Ukraine Military needs he lets the BORROWED CASH BRAIN WASH CHILDEN IN HATE THEORIES TO CREATE MODE DIVISIVE ATHMOSPHERE !!! IMPEACH BIDEN!!!