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Russia Announces the Satan II Missile, Capable of Annihilating Texas

Russia Announces the Satan II Missile, Capable of Annihilating Texas

Images of Russia’s newest weapon, the RS-28 Sarmat ballistic missile, hit the Internet this Wednesday. 

The impressive weapon, dubbed the “Satan II,” is capable of decimating an area the size of Texas.

And it can reach any location inside the US. 

The Satan II represents yet another of President Obama’s massive failures.

Remember the arms reduction treaty he signed with former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev six years ago? It meant nothing. 

Since the signing of New START, Russia has only increased its supply of dangerous missiles. 

“The real political value of this is that it shows that Russia is still a nuclear superpower, that it can still compete, and that it has parity with the US when it comes to nuclear weapons. I think that’s its main importance,” said CNN’s Matthew Chance. 

The Satan II ICBM has a range of nearly 7,000 miles and can carry 15 nuclear warheads. 

“If its military abilities are real, which is what everybody expects, it’s quite a formidable weapon…it can hit any target on any side of the United States,” explains Chance. “It can evade missile defenses quite effectively as well. It’s a pretty awesome sort of missile, but hopefully it won’t ever be used.”  

Editor’s note: Russia has always had the ability to destroy the world many times over, as has NATO, but the deveopment of new super weapons just makes the world a less stable place. With recent threats and blustering from Russia this particularly disturbing.

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