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Rush Limbaugh: Clinton Offended by Comedy; University Radicalism

Comedians are not required to be politically correct. And as I’m sure you know, a big part of their act is to make fun of celebrities and politicians. Hillary Clinton is possibly one of the easiest people to target – but apparently she can’t take the heat. The Democratic frontrunner is so offended by what was said about her at a comedy club in LA that she is seeking contact information for the comedian(s). 

Rush Limbaugh compared Clinton’s behavior to the infringements on Freedom of Speech that have been occurring across the nation:

“Hillary Clinton is offended at the jokes being told, and she wants the names and contact data of the people offending her so I assume that she could bully them or frighten them or pressure them into shutting up. It sounds like the way things are happening on campus. So don’t be surprised when a lot of Millennial supporters of Hillary hear this news they support her…” 

Limbaugh expressed concern that Dartmouth, Amherst, Mizzou, and other universities have caved to students’ demands. “The thing about a university,” says Limbaugh, “everybody talks about how liberal it is and how wacko the things that happen on universities are…The deal’s always been that people would tolerate that because the university was a place where all kinds of ideas would be bandied back and forth and exposed, debated, learned, so forth and so on.” 

But that’s not the situation today. 

“The wacko, nutcase, far-left radicalism on campus was tolerated because the campus was a place where all kinds of ideas reverberate and bounce around. Well, that’s not the case anymore. There are no views other than these wacko radical leftist ideas. You can’t find a conservative professor who will admit it at very many of these major American institutions, higher institutions of learning.” 

Limbaugh concluded by stating that colleges are not what they used to be. They are not “citadels of learning.” Instead, learning and expression have been replaced by “indoctrination.”


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