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Roseanne Barr Schools Piers Morgan on Ukrainian Nazis

Roseanne Barr Schools Piers Morgan on Ukrainian Nazis

Conservative actress and celebrated comedian Roseanne Barr took British commentator and anchor Piers Morgan to task over the presence of Nazis in Ukraine, sharing that her own family was their victim. The exchange between the two became an internet and news sensation.

On Monday (July 10), Morgan had Roseanne Barr on his show “Piers Morgan Uncensored” for an interview. Answering the very first question about comedy and people’s level of tolerance, Barr segued into the role of media in directing people’s thinking, and she used Ukraine as an example.

“I’m from the Ukraine, and they marched my entire family, grandmothers, great-grandparents, ten siblings out into the forest and buried them alive in the Ukraine. So I don’t understand why everybody’s “Ukraine!” Barr said and kept going.

Morgan, appearing uncomfortable with the politically incorrect statement about Ukraine coming from Barr tried to counter her point by jumping to Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s Jewish faith. But Barr instantly deflated his defense with the reminder that all Jews aren’t good just like all white people are not friends of all other white people, using the COVID lockdowns as a reference. She ended her statement with “Wake Up People!” 

Morgan disagreed with Barr but told her that she had the right to her views and she was going to be uncensored on his show. They then talked about an earlier comment of Barr where she had satirically stated, “Nobody died in the Holocaust either. That’s the truth. It should happen. Six-million Jews should die right now because they cause all the problems in the world, but it never happened.”

The leftist media pounced on that comment to accuse Barr of Holocaust denial, which is generally interpreted as anti-semitism. Morgan said that he had defended Barr against those attacks and Barr acknowledged it. 

The full segment of the interview was posted to the YouTube channel of Morgan’s show.

The active presence of neo-Nazis in Ukraine has been an issue the leftist media as well as many pro-Ukraine and anti-Russian conservative news outlets have been trying to suppress or downplay since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war last year. The Azov Battalion of Ukrainian military, which has been at the forefront of Ukraine’s combat against Russia, is widely reported as a unit of neo-Nazis that still wear Nazi insignia.

One of the most controversial figures revered in Ukraine as a hero is named Stephen Bandera, who has been reported variously as a Nazi or Nazi collaborator. The mainstream media prefers to call him a “right-wing Ukrainian nationalist” and a “Nazi collaborator.” Shortly before the Russia-Ukraine war started, Ukrainian ambassador to Israel Hennadii Nadolenko told Israel to stay out of the internal affairs of Ukraine after Israel criticized Ukraine’s honoring of Bandera.

In March this year, deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev snapped back at Zelenskyy for suggesting to change Russia’s name to “Moscoviya.” Medvedev suggested changing Ukraine’s name to “Schweinisch Bandera-Reich” (Bandera’s land of pigs).

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  1. frank stetson

    Oh please, this story is not really PBP quality, it falls below the bar of “news from a conservative perspective.” just trash talk.

  2. K Sny

    There are Neo-Nazis all over the World in every country. The supposed incident in Ukraine was
    from WWII. It wasn’t Ukrainians that led them into the Forest to be killed, it was Nazi’s. Yes. some
    Ukrainians welcomed the Germans at, what Ukrainian wouldn’t after Stalin had starved 8-10
    million Ukrainians in the previous 17 years. The looked at Germans as their liberators. Of course,
    as time went on. the Ukrainian people saw the Germans as being as evil as Stalin and started
    partisan underground fighting against the Germans.

  1. There you go again raking up stories about obscure democrats who are of small consequence in the larger American political…