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Roger Waters Talks Venezuela With Tiny Brain, Big Mouth

Roger Waters Talks Venezuela With Tiny Brain, Big Mouth

How many times do you think Roger Waters has been to Venezuela? Wanna bet never, except maybe one time in the 1970s, rushing from the band’s private jet landing at Caracas’s Maiquetia Airport to the concert hall and then right back to the plane again? (I don’t think this article really merits a full study of Pink Floyd’s tour history from four decades ago, but I’m pretty sure I’m not far off-base.)

And do you think Waters has recently spoken with the likes of Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Bernie Sanders or Oliver Stone, who all supported the Socialist madness that Hugo Chavez and his subsequent ilk have instituted to bring the country to its knees? (You don’t hear these guys talking much about Venezuela these days, do you?)

More important, has Waters spoken with the average Venezuelan, who on every average day, has to suffer with hunger, poverty, slave wages, fear of crime, political persecution, violence, human rights abuses, lack of medical care and medicines, separated families (due to emigration), empty supermarket shelves, high prices, and no running water, electricity, transportation services and cooking gas?

You see, according to Waters, none of this is happening in Venezuela. It’s all lying, right-wing, U.S. imperialist propaganda to justify “taking over” Venezuela.

To properly explain it to us, he took to the airwaves this week to criticize Virgin Airways founder and brilliant entrepreneur Richard Branson for his planned Friday concert in neighboring Colombia, to raise funds for humanitarian relief for Venezuelans, specifically foodstuffs, medicines, and hygiene products. Waters says that Branson bought the U.S. lie, and that his upcoming concert “has nothing to do with the needs of Venezuelans, nothing to do with democracy, nothing to do with freedom, and nothing to do with aid.”

In other words, he is right, and everyone else is wrong. How does Waters know all this? Because, as he claims, “I have some friends in Caracas.” (His exact words, I swear.) Can you believe this?

Well, I myself have been to Venezuela dozens of times. I have dozens of family members and friends still living there, others who died prematurely, and all have suffered, so I can intelligently assure you that it’s Waters who has it all wrong.

But I can’t figure out how or why. No one can be that stupid, can they? Or does he simply have another agenda, a Socialist one, and he doesn’t care how many people have to die to make his point? (Nazi evil we all understand, but does he cross into stupidity evil territory?) Or is it simply an anti-U.S. thing, as his past support for convicted Wikileaks traitor Chelsea Manning clearly showed?

Waters even went so far as to say that Venezuela’s May 2018 “elections,” which saw current usurper/dictator Nicolas Maduro get the “most votes,” as legitimate. Even though all credible opposition members were either in jail, banned from running, under house arrest, or forced into exile.

The central character in Russian Fyodor Dostoevsky’s 1868 book The Idiot projected a young man whose apparent ignorance, goodness and open-hearted simplicity made others unaware of his true, inner intelligence, so most just considered him an idiot.

In Waters’ case, he is just an idiot.

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  1. Lu

    Sadly is what some people do to get a bit of publicity .The situation in venezuela is serious that donkey has to get out…The recovery will be slow and painful for many but we need to get out of this nightmare….!!
    I am a regular reader of CC….and I have seen you comment on there…Do you know what happen to the comment sections…did quico block it again??
    Hope you can cover this weekend event…

    • Ira

      Yes, Lu!

      They blocked comments again!

    • Lu

      The situation in venezuela is getting so bad that Naky who reports at CC…her husband is also a journalist has desapeared since monday..Not sure what any one can do…wish CC can bring back its comment section….It would be able to help spread the word how this goberment is violating all form of human rights..

  2. David Lost

    He is now on the dark side of the moon

  3. Jesse Tiede

    Sorry, but the name “Roger Waters” has no meaning for me. I don’t believe I’ve had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting him, nor have I ever heard of any Humanitarian efforts he may have been associated with. I have heard of Sean Penn, Danny Glover,, and know that these people are not exactly “Pro American”, so, I can believe the writer’s earnest sounding article. What I don’t get, and, frankly, am just a little apprehensive about, is the proclivity of the American Left, the “Progressive Liberal Socialists”, or, more apt, Democrats, to band together, believing nonsense, berating honesty, fair play, and all of the American Values I was raised with, all the while taking a stand against those values. I guess it’s yet another example of the “Golden Rule”: them what gots the Gold, makes the Rules!” Stupid is as stupid does, and we are the stupid ones, if we don’t stop all this nonsense, and Make America Great Again…

  4. Fran

    Somebody should lock up this jerk Roger Waters for life and throw away the key.
    He’s an ignorant trouble maker. Why should anyone listen to this moron?

  5. Jhn

    Would be wonderful if entertainers would stick to entertaining and let REAL WORLD PEOPLE decide what is truth and what is socialist fiction. Has it occurred to anyone that all the people with socialist values in the United States are wealthy and are not in need of any kind of assistance. The Hollywood elite and rich politicians who are power crazed scream for socialism and the rest of us, with the exception of those who did to many drugs, just want the government to stop their continual hate speech about anyone who disagrees with them. Simply put, it looks to me that the connecting factor that makes socialism acceptable to the Hollywood elite and anti-America political machine is contained in one continuing thread that consumes them. Their need for power! Power over us and control of what we do or believe.

  6. Lynn Hoffman

    He & the idiot bar maid/waitress from N.Y. now a member of congress have that same blank space between their ears. Two prime candidates for abortion, if there was just some way of determining eligibility.

  7. Marilyn Martin

    I AM SURE they need all the help they can get. If Hillary was there during her tour of secretary of the Us They were bilked by her and the money possibly mostly ended up in her pockets.I saw movie of her and Bills trip over seas during her stint. Horrifying.I saw where and BiLL were in hATTI GOT THEM TOO. tHE DUDE AHEAD OF THAT COUNTRY LIVED IN A MANSION AND THE PEOPLE LIVED IN THE OPEN ETC.