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RNC Disqualifies Larry Elder from GOP Debate at the Last Minute

RNC Disqualifies Larry Elder from GOP Debate at the Last Minute

GOP Presidential candidate Larry Elder has suddenly been disqualified by the Republican Party ahead of the first GOP primary debate on Wednesday (August 23). Elder is calling it foul play and will be moving to sue the Republican Party.

Larry Elder, the California conservative who hosts The Larry Elder Show, is one of the several GOP presidential candidates running for President in 2024. Elder is known for his strong support of President Trump, the leading Republican in the 2024 presidential race, despite his decision to run against Trump in the primaries.

However, early in the morning on Tuesday (August 22), Kari Lake posted on Twitter that the Republican National Committee (RNC) is not going to allow Elder on the debate stage.

Lake, herself a die-hard fan and supporter of President Trump and a vocal challenger of election fraud, expressed her support for Elder.

“Larry is an important voice. He speaks eloquently about school choice and education freedom—more so than anybody I know. We need Larry Elder’s voice at the Republican debate.”

Later in the morning, Elder posted a video message to Twitter while he was at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) en-route to Milwaukee, WI, for the debate. Elder told his followers that he had just been informed by the RNC that he was not qualified for the debate. The excuse the RNC used for disqualifying him, according to Elder, is that one of the polls he submitted to them to show he has at least 1% support of the Americans was declared “affiliated with Donald Trump.”

“We are filing an emergency injunction to get me up there,” said Elder. “This is absolutely BS.”

Edler went on to reveal how other candidates in the race have offered various incentives to influence potential donors into donating to their campaigns and questioned how come that was okay with the RNC. He also said that he believes they have the plan to make DeSantis the GOP nominee.

Moments later, Elder tweeted again saying that he intends to sue the RNC to halt Wednesday’s presidential debate. Posting the details of his eligibility as provided by his campaign, Elder underscored that the rules of the game are rigged and that the RNC is afraid of having his voice on the debate stage.

President Trump had already hinted at not participating in the debate as it was not worth his time given his big lead over the others. On Sunday he confirmed via Truth Social that he won’t be attending the debates. Citing polls showing his huge lead, he posted he will “not be doing the debates,” leading media to conclude that he will be skipping all the GOP primary debates for 2024.

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  1. RJ O'Guillory

    …every candidate should abandon the “debates”. They are not debates, they are huckster moments where the political animals get to devour each other like grade school children on the playground. How many times do you need to hear Huckster Haley licking Israeli boot polish and wiping Israelis cum off her lips? How many time do you have to listen to the quisling traitor Pence proclaim that “he did the right thing”? Do like Trump…just say no…and watch big media and these quisling hustler’s power be diminished even more.

  2. Tom

    Just another day in the all inclusive GOP under Trump’s leadership.

  3. JP

    Last I looked we are currently under Joe Biden’s corrupt leadership.

    • Mike f

      JP, The RNC is under joe Biden’s control? Could you please send me one of the shrooms you had before posting that comment? A little buzz on a weekday might be welcome….

  4. the nank

    The BS is starting and it’s just the beginning of campaigns. Trump doesn’t show for the debates, Elder is disqualified at the last minute which may be legitimate but sounds a little fishy to me so the Republicans, who can never do things in concert, are already looking stupid. So one of the candidates is already threatening to sue. Not a good start to a long journey. ALSO, I have nothing against Nikki Haley but she made a rather stupid statement on stage, saying the the Republicans are every bit as responsible as Democrats for rampant spending and running the national debt sky high. For the most part that is true, but if Republicans didn’t go along with a debt ceiling increase they would never win another election as they would be blamed for a government shut down. Can’t win for losing. Also, a lot of that spending under Trump was necessary to give to families and businesses during COVID. Nikki Haley’s comments are going to be used as fodder by whatever Democrat runs in 2024 stating that even a Republican candidate agrees that they are responsible for the runaway spending. What an idiot.


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