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Florida Governor Scott: We Need to Focus on Radical Islam, not the 2nd Amendment

Florida Governor Scott: We Need to Focus on Radical Islam, not the 2nd Amendment

When confronted about Florida’s lax gun laws in the wake of the Orlando shooting, Florida Governor Rick Scott stressed the need to focus on radical Islam and said, “The Second Amendment didn’t kill anybody.”

“This is ISIS. This is evil. This is radical Islam,” he told CNN on Friday morning. “I’m tired of what’s going on in our country. We’re not focused enough on ISIS.” 

“When are we going to say to ourselves as a country, ‘enough is enough?’” asked Scott, reminding his audience of Steven Sotloff – a journalist from Miami who was kidnapped and beheaded by ISIS in 2014. “I don’t want anything like this to happen in my state ever again – to any citizen.”

CNN host Pamela Brown asked Scott if Florida’s gun policies are to blame for the Orlando shooting: “Can you accept any responsibility for the gun laws here in Florida?” she asked. “The fact that it is easier to walk out of a gun store in half an hour with an AR-15 that can kill more people faster than a pistol…yet it’s harder to get a pistol than an AR-15.”

“Just remember, the Second Amendment has been around for over 200 years,” replied Scott, dodging the question. “That’s not what killed innocent people. Evil killed innocent people. There will be a time for a conversation about what will make our country safer again. Let’s have a conversation about how we destroy ISIS.”

The Republican Governor expressed frustration with Obama’s immigration policies. He described a recent scenario when he was on the phone with the White House: “If you allow a Syrian refugee into my state…will you share that information with me in your background checks?” he asked. The feds refused. “Give me a break,” says Scott. “I’m responsible for the public safety of the 20 million people in my state, of 100 million tourists, and you have information about somebody you are allowing to come to my state…and you won’t share it with me? That’s wrong.”

Scott also said that nobody on the Terrorist Watch List should be allowed to purchase firearms. Omar Mateen, the man responsible for the tragedy in Orlando, had been removed from the list after numerous interviews. 

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  1. john Brown

    He is correct on the muslim problem..they come in and try and take over and we sit on our ass and let them do it.they want to ruin us like they have done elsewhere in the world.Look at European countries. look at Minn. they have taken over large sections and towns there and have shiet of NY city the police don’t go to because of them..time to deport them all back to their home country.time to stop them from holding public office.put the law back on the books that forbidded them from doing this..the dems took it off,put it back..obams is the cause of a lot of this crap and still is stirring the pot…

    • Christel Lea

      I totally agree!!! Being a legal immigrant from .Germany…at the age of 7…I HAD to have my own Visa for entry! My father HAD to have a job! We HAD to have a place to live ! We HAD to come when the USA said we could come! We HAD to have a sponsor! I became a Naturalized citizen at the age of 16. Such a proud day for me❣️❣️❣️
      AND that IS exactly why I get soooo pissed that we allow EVEN one illegal in this country….AND then our tax dollars feed, medicate, etc them I especially resent ALL coming from Mexico! You could NOT go live in Mexico without PROOF of a steady monthly income…like SS…NOT your savings! A friend wanted to retire in LaPaz…not on SS yet. He had to walk everyday for food. They told him IF he ever got stopped while driving…directly to JAIL he would go!

  2. carol

    Finally, someone with guts to say it! He’s right.