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Rick Scott calls for Republicans to Rally behind Donald Trump

Rick Scott calls for Republicans to Rally behind Donald Trump

Florida Governor Rick Scott has called on the GOP Party to unite around Donald Trump.

“Republicans now need to come together. Donald Trump is going to be our nominee, and he is going to be on the ballot as the Republican candidate for President,” stated Rick Scott, one of few powerful Republicans urging his party to get over their qualms about the billionaire candidate. 

“…Washington did not choose him, but the Republican voters across America did choose him. The voters have spoken,” he continued. 

Meanwhile, Senate and House Republicans finally seem to be warming up to the voters’ favorite candidate. Rather than continue to fight Trump’s unpredictability, lack of discipline, and questionable policies, many Republicans say it’s time to embrace the candidate who will likely become the party’s standard-bearer.  

As Rick Scott explained, continued opposition to Trump will do nothing but lend support to Hillary Clinton should the two face off in the general election this fall. “It’s time for the #StopTrump movement to end. Yesterday’s election results show that the anti-Trump efforts didn’t work,” Scott posted on Facebook in the wake of last week’s primaries. 

“The damage that President Obama has done to our country is serious and substantial. We cannot afford another four years of liberal incompetence, and that is exactly what Hillary Clinton would bring. We’ve had an extensive debate amongst ourselves, it is now time to get serious about winning in November.” 

In the wake of Trump’s successful foreign policy speech in Washington this week, Ted Cruz supporter Mark Sanford (R-SC) says, “Many of us who have expressed concerns are reconciling ourselves to the fact that in all likelihood he will be the eventual nominee.”

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker says that having a president feared by other world leaders could be a good thing. “I did say to my staff that is somewhat of a welcome change,” he said with a laugh. “There is some good that comes with that.” 

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch plans to do everything in his power to help Trump should be become America’s next president. “I think he can be great if he’ll get serious about being president – and I think he will. He’s a clever, smart guy who will want to be remembered for doing great things. I have a feeling he can make that transition.”

Many of the conservatives who aren’t ready to endorse Trump publically have privately admitted they don’t want to criticize him. The fact remains that unless the Republican party can solidify behind one candidate – ideally the one America’s voters have chosen – they have no way to stop Hillary Clinton from taking the White House. 

And even those who dislike Trump would rather see him as president than Hillary.  

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