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Resurgence! It's Trump vs Cruz, Cruz Gets more Delegates in Today's Primaries.

Resurgence! It's Trump vs Cruz, Cruz Gets more Delegates in Today's Primaries.

Today Republican Primaries and Caucuses were held in four states, the race is down to four candidates from the initial 17. Billionaire Donald Trump won Louisiana and Kentucky,  Senator Ted Cruz won Kansas and Maine. 

Even though Senator Cruz won the smaller states, he actually got more delegates with 64 delegates vs. Donald Trump’s 49.  Interestingly, totaled among today’s primaries, Trump’s vote count was slightly higher than Cruz’s 230,443 vs 230,209.

Cruz’s Kansas and Maine wins were unexpected since the polls had Trump ahead with a slight lead on Friday.  Some may speculate that Rubio’s relentless attacks on Trump in Thursday’s debate may have had some affect.

Trump still has a substantial lead in the delegate count, and polls show a substantial lead in 3 of the 4 states holding primaries next Tuesday. The exception appears to be Michigan where an American Research Group (ARG) poll shows Kasich as a surprise leader (other polls show Trump ahead). This could also be the result of Thursday’s debate, where Kasich was described as “the only adult on stage.”

Tonight’s results could signal a change in momentum, going into the March 15 primaries which includes four of the top seven biggest states, Florida (99 delegates), Illinois(69), North Carolina(69) and Ohio(66), all except North Carolina are winner take all states.

Trump appears to have a substantial lead in the polls over number two, Florida Senator Marco Rubio.  Trump has a substantial presence in southern Florida, in the form of real estate holdings, resorts and golf courses.   Trump also appears to have  a substantial lead over Ohio Governor John Kasich in Ohio, and leads in Illinois, and North Carolina.

While some surprises may occur, this appears to be essentially a two-man race.  However if Kasich should win Michigan and Ohio, or if Rubio wins Florida, we could have a momentum change.

Scores as follows

Louisiana, Trump (15), Cruz(14), Rubio(0), Kasich(0)

Kentucky, Trump (16), Cruz(14), Rubio(7), Kasich(6)

Kansas, Cruz(24), Trump (9), Rubio(6), Kasich(1)

Maine, Cruz(12), Trump (9), Rubio(0), Kasich(2)


Total Delegates after today’s primaries:

Trump 378

Cruz 295

Rubio 123

Kasich 34

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