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Residents Say AOC’s Queens District Is Rife with “Migrant Crime!”

Residents Say AOC’s Queens District Is Rife with “Migrant Crime!”

Residents in a Queens neighborhood that sits squally in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district say their area is being overrun by “migrant crime.” They say that their once quiet neighborhood is now an “epicenter of prostitution and crime.”

One particular resident is fighting back.

Ramses Frías has launched a bid for office as migrant crime and prostitution overrun his community.

“We’ve become sort of this epicenter of crime and prostitution and illegal street vending. It’s taken over many streets,” told “Fox & Friends.”

“It goes all the way from Corona, through Elmhurst, and into Jackson Heights. These are three neighboring neighborhoods that are really being hit hard with these problems.”

Video shot by Frías shows how the once-vibrant community in the Democrat’s 14th Congressional District has essentially deteriorated into a large flea market with trash overflowing on street corners, leading to an influx of unsavory characters and unhygienic conditions.

The neighborhood’s main strip along Roosevelt Avenue has become so renowned for its prostitution that locals have nicknamed the area “the market of sweethearts,” and viral online videos advise prospective johns on how to make use of sex workers’ services there.

In photos presented by Fox News, sex workers were seen standing outside storefronts soliciting men. Residents say the prostitutes usually take their clients into makeshift brothels for sex. These alleged sex workers operate during all hours of the day, even as families walk by with their children in strollers, and often hang out in front of area supermarkets. Prostitution is against the law in New York.

In response to the video, Ocasio-Cortez issued a statement to Fox.

“What we are seeing here is the result of anti-immigrant policies that deny immigrants proper work permits and vending licenses, and drive them into the shadows of undignified conditions. This is just one way of many that anti-immigrant policies hurt all of us. Paths to citizenship and work documentation can solve this problem – but Republicans would rather block those so they can film people in their worst moments for views.”

Frías, a former Democrat, is now running for the State Assembly District 39 seat as a Republican. He said he has not seen Ocasio-Cortez in the neighborhood, which began struggling with crime last summer.

“She doesn’t campaign there; she’s never set foot there. I’ve never seen her on Roosevelt Avenue. This is a few blocks off from where I literally live. I live and breathe this every single day,” he said.

“I would gladly give her a tour. I would walk her through everything, let her see exactly how it is and how it’s affecting the quality of life for everybody that lives there.” 

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  1. Frank stetson

    This one is just funny. First, the district comprises of portions of queens and the bronx. Roosevelt bisects the southern half, across the queens portion. There’s a lot more to queens than Roosevelt and a hell of a lot more of the district including the entire Bronx portion.

    That said, this sounds terrible and AOCs comments are off the wall stupid and a lie. She should be primaried…………she is BUSTED.

    • Jim wampler

      New York City is a shit hole.

    • gary vogt

      Maybe the five or six political parties there have enough sense to pick a decent candidate and toss the bum out but doubt it. Nyk’ers usually double down on stupid.

  2. Rose Wilson

    If you want the Rich to be Taxed then vote the way the Senior Citizens want you to for their sake. The politians give themselves raises so they are the rich and entitled. We are only the ones living from Social Security check to the Food Pantry.

  3. CRAIG

    I thought a box of rocks was stupid, but AOC wins the prize

  4. Ron C

    All of New York City needs to stop whining! they continue to vote for the democrats that are hellbent on destroying all of America…. Live with your choices and quit whining about it!

  5. Major Ray Salas

    I’m disappointed that Gov’s. Aboott and DeSatis are not sending more busloads of illegals to Queens!!!
    They are slipping. The kool-aid drinkers in Queens are going to vote for lame-brain AOC anyway and we are never going to win New York in the Presidential election, so why not flood Queens with these undesirables? The electoral count will remain about the same since conservatives are moving to Red States. Yes, they will be counted in the census but so what.

  6. J Brewer

    Voter turn-out in this Congressional district is one of the lowest of all the 435 Congressional districts in the nation. When voters do not care to vote that provides incapable politicians the opening to succeed. Incompetent political leaders leads to chaos. If the voters are unhappy with the current environment, then all the voters should go to the polls and vote out all incumbents from top to bottom. Make the politicians understand that voter needs are more important than some big dollar donor.


      JBrewer: it’s district 15 that has the lowest turnout in 2022. AOC is from the 14th as the article states. The 14th was the sixth lowest, so you are pretty much spot on. Close enough for Republicans :>) And better than most at looking under the rug, you are.

      Nice to see opinion supported by facts, and facts that you really had to think about and research to find. Appreciate the efforts.

      However, while I agree with your conclusion, generally, lower turnout favors Republicans over Democrats, at least in the nationals. Even Trump likes early voting, mail-in voting, now that he sees the forest for the trees. Yet another 360 just like he favors allowing TikTok to do business in America now that they are part of his Truth sucks Social disease sale. (but I’m not bitter :>) And 6th place is as good as 1st to make your point.

      Your last point: “Make the politicians understand that voter needs are more important than some big dollar donor” I tend to summarize as the Italian organ grinder’s lament: “money makes the monky dance.” And unfortunately the game is rigged and the individual voter has so little power over the rich that it’s ridiculous. Until we overturn the SCOTUS Citizen’s United and end the unfair advantage that PACs and SuperPACs have in unfettered donations, the big money will always excercise more political money power than any average Joe, or even a whole lot of Joes. Ask the NRA or Big Pharma, or even Soros Sr. Until we get campaign financing to represent the nation, not the rich, not big business, not big non-profit, not religion, big donors will continue to exist. The sad part is big business, religion, and non-profit are not even human —- they are ideas, concepts, and visions. Campaign financing should be human to start with.


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