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Republicans Going State by State with Abortion Legislation

Republicans Going State by State with Abortion Legislation

Conservatives across the country are making massive strides when it comes to abortion legislation.  

The Mississippi House passed a bill last week by a vote of 79-31 banning all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, being the first state in the U.S. to do so.  

“Women deserve real health care, not some fake healthcare that involves the destruction of human life and a woman’s health,” said Andy Gipson, House Judiciary B Committee Chairman.

Missouri is considering a similar bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks.

Ohio’s Senate already passed bills that prohibit a procedure used to end pregnancies after 13 weeks when then the fetal remains would be buried or cremated. A similar bill is being considering in the House.

With state abortion legislation being passed, it’s only a matter of time before the U.S. Supreme Court will step in and make a decision about abortions after a time period or if specific abortion procedures can be banned.

There are so many layers to the abortion issue. Utah has a pending bill that would ban abortions on the basis of a Down syndrome diagnosis.  

“A 20-week abortion ban sounds OK, but if that gets passed, what’s next — 18 weeks, 15 weeks? At what point does it make abortion truly illegal?” said Robin Utz of St. Louis, who had an abortion after discovering fetal abnormality. “It’s terrifying and it’s willfully ignorant.”

A big push is being made for abortions after 20 weeks.  

“The National Right to Life Committee and its allies have been pushing for state laws that ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy and outlaw dilation and evacuation. Supporters of both measures argue that fetuses are capable of feeling pain after 20 weeks and call the procedure “dismemberment abortion,” writes Newsmax. “Several court challenges to both types of laws are underway, with federal appeals courts considering the “dismemberment abortion” bans approved last year in Texas and Arkansas. The Kansas Supreme Court is expected to rule soon on the first-in-the-nation ban passed in that state three years ago.” 

Then in Nebraska, Gov. Pete Ricketts included cutting off Title X funding for clinics that provide abortion services in his latest state budget proposal.  

“The language recommended in the budget does not prohibit any provider from applying and receiving Title X funding as long as they do not provide abortions services or refer or provide directive counseling for abortions,” said Taylor Gage, the governor’s spokesman. “If an organization has been providing abortions or related services, they can take steps to ensure that the entity providing Title X services is totally separate.” 

While conservatives are making progress in several states, pro-choice activists are still making an impact. A bill banning most abortions was tabled in South Carolina and Tennessee removed language in a recent bill that would have outlawed abortions after about 6 weeks.

Author’s note: While the media is too busy covering the gossip and innuendo of the Russia probe, conservatives are doing real work to further the conservative agenda.


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