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Republican Senator Seeks to End Pelosi-Style Corruption

Republican Senator Seeks to End Pelosi-Style Corruption

While Nancy Pelosi is no more in charge of the House, her name is up there in a new piece of legislation – and it’s not there as a compliment. Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri has introduced the bill citing Pelosi to prevent the kind of legalized corruption mastered by Pelosi and practiced by many others from both sides of the political divide in the House.

Last week, Senator Hawley introduced the Preventing Elected Leaders from Owning Securities and Investments (PELOSI) Act which seeks to ban members of Congress and also their family members from holding or trading stocks.

Hawley stated that politicians have long used their power to write rules that shape the economic market in which they trade stocks, thus taking advantage of the system at the expense of the American people.

Reporting on the legislation, Breitbart wrote:

The legislation gives members and their spouses six months after taking office to divest stocks they hold or put them in a blind trust.

Earlier this month, a Twitter account called “unusual_whales” posted the list of Congress members, both Republicans and Democrats, who beat the market in 2021. The tweet reads: “They traded more than ever before. And they made numerous unusually timed trades, resulting in huge gains.”

Hawley appeared on Sean Hannity’s show to relate Nancy Pelosi to his proposed legislation. In his words: “Nancy Pelosi is the perfect example of what should not be happening in D.C.”

In the House, Democrat congresswoman Abigail Spanberger of VA and Republican congressman Chip Roy of Texas reintroduced the bipartisan Trust in Congress Act earlier this month.

The bill requires members of Congress and their spouses and dependent children to place certain assets into blind trusts, and for other purposes. While the bipartisan nature of the bill makes it a laudable effort to check the abuse of office by elected leaders of the American public, the question of honesty against pretension remains open.

Raw Story reported on Friday (January 27) that Democrat Congressman Gerry Connolly of Virginia violated existing stock trade law despite agreeing with the call for banning congress members from trading stocks.

Connolly is not alone in it; dozens of other congress members have done the same in recent years.

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  1. Frank stetson

    Isn’t Hawley the one that fist pumped the insurrectionists and later ran away from them faster than George Constanza in a clown suit?

    • connie

      Frank you need to wake up and smell the stink in DC, or maybe you are so caught up in the filth you can;t smell.

      • Frank stetson

        Ahem, I said I support the law, just not the man or his cheap, childish, pandering to the mob.

        Hawley is the filth. Freakin East Coast elitest filth. He’s an insurrectionist and a chicken shit.

        I have no issue with the law, I have lots of issues with Hawley, his character and his style.

        Luckily I am not alone and his chances of returning to the Senate have been hurt by his behaviors. He has lost big donors and supporters and they have been vocal too.

        He is his own stink.

  2. frank stetson

    Hawley is a horse’s ass. Pelosi is not Speaker, she will not run for Senate again, and she’s neither the richest nor the one who beat the market. Those are by far: REPUBLICANS.

    So, except for him having a hard-on for Nancy, a love of third-grade parodic humor, and generally just being a wimpy limp dick pussy, this is a good idea given no funny business on other things. Would have been an easy bi-partisan acceptance or denial until this ass-wipe decided to label it: PERSONAL.

    Six out of ten richest folks in Congress are REPUBLICANS. Nancy is last at number ten.
    Seven out of ten of those in the SPY chart who beat the market are REPUBLICANS. Nancy is number six.

    I think on the SPY, I beat them all without any of their “edges,” but who cares — a minimum wage burger flipper could make 20% that year by throwing darts at the DOW. My problem was sheltering profits, not making them.

    It’s a good idea, just can’t understand the slam. BUT if you going to slam, why not slam the one’s who profited most? But hey, Hawley went out of his way to hurt Nancy who is basically a lame duck in Congress. What a stand-up guy. Then again, we’ve got him on tape running away like the baby he is.

  3. Darren

    I have to agree with you Frank that the Republicans are just as bad if not worse than Democrat’s.
    This would be the reason nothing ever becomes of trying to eliminate their power to purchase or control stocks and why most bills just die in the houses.
    I myself am not familiar with some of the members that made more than Pelosi, but she represents the Poster Child
    of corruption for Democrat’s.
    She may not be the worst, just the most well known.
    There is the possibility she new more than everyone on the list, just she might not be the smartest on the list.
    This would also explain why she is near the middle.
    I would go with the latter.

    • Frank stetson

      It will be interesting but if he loses it because of the name, that’s totally on him.

      Dumb ass shits where he eats.

      When will these dunderheads realize it’s about helping Americans and not petty grievances and revenge?

  4. frank stetson

    I think to support their party, Joe needs a CLOWN SHOW thread where we can post things like:

    MTG says: “Illinois “received $5.1 billion at an elementary school there that used it for equity and diversity.”
    One school —- 5 Billion. Sure.


    Tom Cotton says: the President did not want to confront, wanting to save Blinken’s trip, which they cancelled, he says he spoke to a lot of Trump officials, never happened on their watch (US Generals disagree, they transverse the US three times), it probably happened in the Obama administration but they were probably told to stand down (If probably and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a merry Christmas.)


    The lunatics control the asylum.