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Republican-on-Republican Violence: Chris Christie won't be Lectured by Ted Cruz

Republican-on-Republican Violence: Chris Christie won't be Lectured by Ted Cruz

Pro-theocracy GOP candidate Ted Cruz is off to a great start, having already raised over $50 million since his campaign launch three months ago. This figure comes close only to the $60+ million raised by Hillary Clinton’s supporters and her PACs. 

In just three short months, individuals and outside spending groups have donated $51 million towards the Texas Senator’s campaign. Cruz seeks to up that amount by meeting with wealthy Republican donors like Sheldon Adelson, the casino magnate. 

While his pocketbook grows, Cruz is taking some criticism from fellow candidate Chris Christie, who said Monday on the Fox program “America’s Newsroom” that he “didn’t need to be lectured by Ted Cruz” about “Republican-on-Republican violence.” 

Christie, although long-time friends with Donald Trump, took issue with the billionaire’s recent comments about illegal immigrants and was surprised when Ted Cruz responded to the same comments by stating that he wasn’t going “to engage in the media’s game of throwing rocks and attacking other Republicans.”

Christie takes exception that “the guy who put together a group that was sponsoring primary ads against Senator Lamar Alexander is giving us – the rest of us – lectures on Republican-on-Republican violence. I mean, all due respect, I don’t need to be lectured by Ted Cruz.”

Christie doesn’t appreciate the inconsistency and hypocrisy evident in Cruz’s behavior, adding that he really admires Senator Alexander. 

As to his opinion on Trump’s controversial comments, “I think that’s what he would expect, he tries to evoke reaction, that’s part of who Donald is, I’ve known him for a long time, and I consider him a good friend, but on this one we disagree. I think those comments are inappropriate, and I think when you’re running for president, you have an obligation to answer some of that stuff, and we do.”  

Christie believes that Cruz’s talk on Republican-on-Republican violence is his way of trying to deface the competition. 

Christie went on to talk about the nuclear deal, saying that it was the Obama administration’s “single biggest disaster” and claiming that Obama “cares [more] about his legacy than anything else at this point.” 


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