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REPORT: Facebook CEO Funneled $400M to Democrats in 2020, Influenced Election Results 

REPORT: Facebook CEO Funneled $400M to Democrats in 2020, Influenced Election Results 

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg donated as much as $419.5 million to Democratic candidates and causes in 2020, reports The New York Post. 

“The 2020 election wasn’t stolen – it was likely bought by one of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful men pouring his money through legal loopholes.”

As detailed in a report conducted by researchers at the Caesar Rodney Election Research Institute in Irving, Texas, Zuckerberg utilized nonprofit organizations to fund a “targeted, private takeover of government election operations” that “significantly increased Joe Biden’s vote margin in key swing states.”

Zuckerberg’s money was handed out as grants to Democratic-majority jurisdictions, where it was used to fund “get out the vote” campaigns, hire additional staff, and purchase processing equipment for mail-in ballots. The grants were distributed by two research organizations that claim to be nonpartisan: the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) and the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR). 

“Funded by hundreds of millions of dollars from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and other high-tech interests, activist organizations created a two-tiered election system that treated voters differently depending on whether they lived in Democrat or Republican strongholds,” argues Phill Kline, head of a research team at the Thomas More Society.

Take for example CTCL’s funding to Green Bay, Wisconsin, which boosted the areas’s resources to $47 per voter. This gave the city a significant advantage over neighboring Republican jurisdictions operating on just $4 per voter.

With additional funding, cities like Green Bay were able to hire liberal activists to infiltrate election offices and influence voters, notes the Irving report. Of the 26 cities and counties to receive grant money from CTCL, 25 voted for Biden. CTCL is also known to have advocated for universal mail-in voting as well as the use of unmonitored private drop boxes (a change that allowed several ballots to be submitted after the election was over).

“This unprecedented merger of public election offices with private resources and personnel is an acute threat to our republic and should be the focus on electoral reform efforts moving forward,” says William Doyle, Ph.D., lead researcher at the Caesar Rodney Election Research Institute. “We call this the injection of structural bias into the 2020 election, and our analysis shows it likely generated enough additional votes for Biden to secure an Electoral College victory in 2020.” 

“This report paints a clear picture of a cabal of billionaires and activists using their wealth to subvert, control, and fundamentally alter the electoral system itself,” adds Kline. “We must act now to prevent such privatized elections in the future. The American public deserves transparent and fair elections, not lawless elections directed by powerful private interests.”

Author’s Note: No individual should be allowed to donate this much money towards elections. This is not how Democracy works.


Researchers: Zuckerberg Spent $419.5M to Push Democrat Votes in 2020

Report: Mark Zuckerberg’s $419 Million Non-Profit Contributions ‘Improperly Influenced 2020 Presidential Election’ 

“We donated $419.5 million to nonprofits to increase the potential of democratic voters,” said Mark Zuckerberg 

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  1. frank stetson

    Alice, one again, I think you could have done a bit better here as to the real issue, the root cause, the crux of the biscuit.

    “No individual should be allowed to donate this much money towards elections. This is not how Democracy works.” No duh. But how about a root cause rather than calling out one person. How about “no individual from any party should be….”. And, reverse Supreme Court “Citizens United” ruling allowing unlimited donations by corporations, including nonprofits, labor unions, other associations, etc. Fix the whole problem, not just Mark’s. Because until you do that, the rich have a legal political laundry machine at their beck and call.

    I mean, come on: Koch Bro’s been putting in $200M a year forever: They single handily can take credit for Republican wins at the State and Local level using a strategy that has very successful although with the unintended outcome of helping to create the Trump rural base. Unintended given they hate Trump, as any real Republican would, those few, those proud, those brave.

    Here’s another seven that add up to another $3540M.

    This works against the American people from either side of the aisle; it is not