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Congresswoman Katie Hill, Sexually Involved with Staffer, Resigns

Congresswoman Katie Hill, Sexually Involved with Staffer, Resigns

Freshman Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) is suffering some seriously bad press after a RedState investigation revealed that she and her husband, Kenny Heslep, were involved in a polyamorous relationship with a Congressional staffer.

This morning she has announced her resignation.

RedState also got its hands on a slew of nude photos and several text messages indicating Hill may have a drinking problem.

Hill’s attorneys sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Daily Mail Thursday after the tabloid published a series of intimate photos of Hill and the staffer that did not appear in the RedState report.

“It is this writer’s view that events that occur within a marriage or affairs that lead to its demise should be kept between the parties involved and are not the business of the general public,” writes RedState journalist Jennifer Van Laar, who broke the story.

“When those events or affairs occur within one of the parties’ workplace, though, and that workplace is the United States Congress, the public should know about them as they determine that elected official’s fitness to serve.”

Hill ended the ménage à trois in May to ‘focus on impeachment proceedings,’ after which Heslep claimed she had also been involved with her Legislative Director, Graham Kelly.

Hill denies having a relationship with Kelly and there is no proof to suggest an improper relationship occurred.

Author’s Note: Why are we attacking Katie Hill? Everyone has a personal life, and there are things best left out of the headlines.

Unfortunately, we live in the era of technology when any person in power can be taken down over some little detail (especially since the media likes to take things out of context). Critics are claiming sexual misconduct based on the belief that a person cannot truly consent to sex if the person they are with signs their paycheck – but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

The trio, which considered the relationship long-term and committed, took several vacations together and agreed to continue the relationship when Hill moved to DC in January 2019.

Editor’s Note: Attacks on privacy are a very serious issue. Information is power, absolute information is absolute power. Dragging out a story like this, the ability to delve into the personal lives of people in power is a dangerous and tyrannical thing.

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  1. Patty

    The only thing the congress produces is a bunch of WHORE’S and we know the The Squad are in that group, along with Kamala Harris, who sucked Brown’s d**k for years to get ahead in politics. Is this the women of today, if so I don’t want any part of these women and surely won’t vote for them say nothing about how Hillary Clinton has hidden her sexual appetite all these years. Dump them all out of politics in 20/20. TRUMP 20/20!!!!!!!!!!

    • JMichael270

      Ya Got That Right!

    • Rich

      She’s check all the boxes in preparation to run in the Demented-Dem-Clown-Show for 2024 . . . . but no cigar trick yet . . . . if in doubt, just ask willie.

    • SLC

      How many D**Ks have you secretly sucked? And your lesbian present relationship. Be care of throwing stones.

  2. Betty K Korenek

    Because what’s good for the goose is good for the gander….! So if it was a Republican everyone would play nice and the media wouldn’t be all over it….. you don’t want it out there , DONT DO IT!!!!! You get into that live arena, your life is not your own….
    Hasn’t been since the beginning… quit whining….

  3. Phillip Auxt
    You should just keep your sexual activity quiet, Judy. Since they can get this person, they can surely get you.

  4. Marty

    I believe there’s a time and place for everything, but there’s no place!!, for a man or woman, when married, to share themselves or each other, with someone else, this is sending the wrong message to our Youth, that the vows you take when getting married are worthless. And that it’s ok to Cheat if both agree. That’s Bullshit, I’m old fashion, but not Stupid enough to believe this is Right.

  5. Grizz Mann

    A Democrat résumé enhancement. Clinton had a sexual involvement and was reelected. Why resign. Democrats are a forgiving party.

  6. CHRIS

    What is Pelosi going to do with her people humping each other at the office when they are in charge of impeaching Trump? This just shows what the Dems actually have going in their own offices. Time to ship out the whole party.

  7. Dennis Wall

    What is sooooooo funny about this Impeachment Circus is the Democrats aren’t able to focus on keeping President Trump from doing his job! He just keeps on plugging along Making America Decent Again & they just keep making fools of themselves! It is hilarious! So…. Nancy “Wet Brain” Pelosi flies to Turkey to meet with President Erdogan. Brilliant! I wish I could post the pic taken where Erdogan looked like he would like to kill her. I guess President Trump will have to go on an “Apology Tour” in order to explain to the World that we have a Speaker of the House that is non compos mentis. And here’s why:
    What Complications Can Occur from “Wet Brain”?
    In addition to the potential for death or coma, Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome “Wet Brain” leads to permanent damage to the brain, which affects a person’s memory and thinking skills. A person may have difficulty with social and person interactions. The loss of coordination and issues with gait associated with the disorder can lead to injuries.
    Those who have the condition can develop permanent alcohol neuropathy, which affects the nervous system. People with Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome tend to have decreased lifespans.
    She’s living on borrowed time. That is my honest opinion.

  8. Jeanette Kelley

    What happened to Decent Women in the this Country? No
    wonder Men are bailing out on women these days, whether
    it’s in Marriage or relationships. I’m sick to death of hearing
    this was her private life, stay out of it! It no longer became
    her private like when it involved one of her staffer’s! She
    deserves everything that she’s getting, we are always so
    quick to judge and throw men under the bus! Well, Ladies
    Equality for all, that’s what we have been screaming for
    years about! Here ya go ME TOO MOVEMENT!

    HA! HA!