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Rep. Kinzinger's Vow to Protect Sharia Law

Rep. Kinzinger's Vow to Protect Sharia Law

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger has a lot of answering to do after his staff released a letter – with his name attatched – supporting the practice of Sharia law in American courts. While a Democrat wanting the court system to have a bronze age make-over could hardly be called news, Kinzinger’s open letter has caused his constituents to rethink their faith in the representative. 

“As your representative, I swore an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.  I take this oath seriously and will do everything in my power to ensure it is executed faithfully and the rights it guarantees are preserved for all Americans. The fundamental freedom of religion is cornerstone of our American democracy and distinguishes us from nations that do not guarantee this freedom for their citizens,” the letter reads.

Not only is Kinzinger supporting a barbaric code, he is confusing the 1st amendment with court proceedings.  It is true that no one in America should be persecuted for their religious beliefs – an integral part of why America is great – but our law has nothing to do with the spiritual beliefs of the person who stands accused.

If shouting fire in a crowded theatre is not covered under the 1st amendments, much of Sharia law certainly would not be protected.

Unlike the U.S Constitution, Sharia law considers women less than men, calls for the death of anyone leaving Islam, calls for a tax for non-Muslims, legalizes  “honor killings,” allows for slavery both of labor and for sex – and many other atrocities. To put it simply, Sharia law is the polar opposite of the American way of life. 

Regardless of what the political correctness police tell you, there is nothing “racist” about wanting a single set of laws to govern the people of this nation. Adam Kinzinger needs to rethink exactly what his oath to defend the U.S Constitution means.


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