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Rep. Joaquin Castro Lies on the Air, says Hillary Clinton is 'Cleared'

Rep. Joaquin Castro Lies on the Air, says Hillary Clinton is 'Cleared'

Joaquin Castro, a Democratic Representative from Texas, shocked his hosts last week on CNN’s State of the Union when he made the false claim that Hillary Clinton had been cleared. “It’s been settled by Congress. The Congress has looked into it. The Justice Department has looked into it, and they’ve cleared her.”

Obviously flustered, host Dana Bash was quick to point out that Hillary has not, in fact, been cleared. “She’s been cleared? I missed that headline,” chimed in radio host Hugh Hewitt. The show immediately went to a commercial break.

It’s no surprise that Joaquín has high hopes for Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, but that’s no reason to spout such blatant falsehoods on the air. Rumor has it that Julian Castro, Joaquín’s twin brother, is one of Hillary’s top picks for Vice President should she win the nomination.

“I think really highly of him, and I am thrilled to have his endorsement today,” said Hillary of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro. “Both he and his twin brother are just among the best young leaders in America, regardless of category or the fact that they come from San Antonio. I am going to really look hard at him for anything because that’s how good he is, and he deserves the accolades he’s receiving.”

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