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Refugee Afghan Adult Males With “Child Brides” Allowed In US By Biden, Ted Cruz Fired Up

Refugee Afghan Adult Males With  “Child Brides”  Allowed In US By Biden, Ted Cruz Fired Up

Ted Cruise has lambasted President Joe Biden for allowing pedophile Afghan refugees into the country with their “child brides!” 

Leading Republican Senator Ted Cruz blasted President Biden after he heard of recent reports that a number of adult male Afghan refugees had arrived in the United States with child brides.

“There have been multiple cases of child brides and polygamous families from Afghanistan arriving at military bases here in America as part of their botched evacuation,” the Texas Republican said in a statement released to the press.

“These reports are credible and horrifying. President Biden had no plan for a secure, orderly, and responsible withdrawal from Afghanistan. Instead, the President and Biden-Harris officials imposed arbitrary deadlines for political purposes.”

Cruz said he had argued for refugees to face additional vetting in third countries and accused the president of importing “an acute human rights crisis into the United States.”

The issue came to the public spotlight after an internal State Department document “reported multiple cases of minor females who presented as ‘married’ to adult Afghan men, as well as polygamous families,” arriving at Fort McCoy, about 100 miles northwest of Madison, Wisconsin.

The document went on to ask with official guidance about how best to proceed, the Associated Press reported.

The Senator makes an excellent point. The AP reports that as part of Biden’s botched Afghanistan evacuation, which was the result of Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal, no one noticed that the female wives of the Afghanistan man were a considerable amount younger than their “husbands.” Not until they landed in Wisconsin. It was only then that US officials started looking into reports that “in the frantic evacuation of desperate Afghans from Kabul, older men were admitted together with young girls they claimed as ‘brides’ or otherwise sexually abused.”

The AP’s reporting has been confirmed by CBS News. Several Afghan women and girls — when they were at the Emirates Humanitarian City evacuation center — reported that their families forced them into marriage in order to be eligible for evacuation. Rest assured, though. 

According to reports, our State Department is taking things “very seriously.” As they should be!

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  1. dd

    They should let the “child brides” STAY and send their worthless SPOUSES “home” where they belong!

    • Mary Geiger

      Maybe they should try to find the child’s parents and ask if they want their child back. If not then I guess the US is responsible for the child being here and should accept responsibility for their care. The parents will never be able to come here.
      The “spouses” need to be deported or put in jail.
      All Afghan refugees should be informed their culture is not American culture and having child brides is unlawful in our country and will be treated as a crime.
      And to heck with what ol’ joe might say about diversity.

      • Anonymous

        I agree, the males should be send back. This is not normal to accept an adult married with a child.. it’s just sick.

      • Albany

        Any person having Child Brides must return the chide to its parents, or to a female family member. This is illegal in America and we will not allow this EVIL in America.

        • Joseph S. Bruder

          If the men married child brides in Afghanistan, that may be their custom and is (presumably) legal there. Many societies have typically considered menstruation as a sign of adulthood, and that could be as early as age 12. While we think of that as a child here, there are still no minimum age standards for marriage in many US states, and it’s often left up to judges to decide. However, we don’t have to allow that once they’re here. They should be separated, the child put into a stable situation, and the man evaluated on his own merits.

          It is reported that many men took child brides just so they could get them out of Afghanistan. Does that mean the man is a monster, or he was trying to help get the child of friends (or maybe relatives) to safety? The man may have worked for the US government, and had a legitimate ticket out, and the child’s family may have put pressure on him to take the child out. Don’t be so quick to judge, just deal with it once they’re here.

  2. Lillian Reheusser

    Not to worry. We have laws in this country which I am sure will be upheld. All these “child brides” will be removed from their pedophile “husbands”.

    • Dan Tyree

      Good luck getting our laws upheld Portland Oregon is still a war zone and liberal cities are still lawless shitholes.

    • Ben

      Unfortunately , 12 ( mostly Republican voting ) states DON’T have laws that restrict child marriages. Maybe Republicans can rectify this situation instead of vetoing the bills that make this practice illegal

      • Anonymous

        That’s bullshit, you have no clue what you are talking about.

    • Navycorpsman42

      This sounds like an issue that Biden can really go ‘hands on’.

  3. John J

    Allowing Biden to impose such immoral things on America is sickening, Muslim Law will be next

  4. Ben

    Cancun Cruz strikes again!
    I guess there are some questions that need to be answered. How young are the “female” wives? ( I have to admit I found your words in this case intriguing. ) are they legit married? Did they have parents permission?

    I’m not saying it’s right, but… “Idaho legislators rejected a bill that would have blocked marriage for youth under age 16 in the state, The Idaho Statesman reported.”

    “A high profile Republican governor has declined to sign into law, a measure that would have made his state the first to ban child marriage without exception.”

    Mississippi, Pennsylvanian, Oklahoma, West Virginia and 8 other States have NO age limit on child brides.
    So I guess if these guys go to one of those 12 states, it’s all good.

    • Carlos adkins

      So Ben doesn’t believe in protecting children from perverts. That’s why that he supported joe Biden. And now he wants us to believe that kids 10 years old can get get married. Not so. But he did mention West Virginia where the definition of a virgin is a 12year old can outrun her brother

      • Larry kuhn

        Where girls are 8 before they are 7

      • Ben

        I never said any of the things you said I said. I simply pointed out the hypocrisy of the author’s commentary.
        But congratulations , you won the argument you created in your head.

      • Alan Scher

        Ben never said anything like that. Why try to stir shit up like that?

        • Ben

          Carlos adkins on September 7, 2021 at 8:31 pm
          So Ben doesn’t believe in protecting children from perverts. That’s why that he supported joe Biden. And now he wants us to believe that kids 10 years old can get get married. Not so. But he did mention West Virginia where the definition of a virgin is a 12year old can outrun her brother.
          Again, I simply pointed out the hypocrisy of the author and the Republican Party. I simply copy/pasted news articles of Republican politicians supporting underage marriages.
          Period. I did so, because this article, like so many, is a radical right wing propaganda piece aimed to stir up hatred of Muslims and Biden., while ignoring our own short comings. It lacks the nuance and fails to address important questions that I posed. That’s why

          • Carlos adkins

            Speak for yourself The republicans doesn’t have short comings. We are God’s people

  5. Edie

    What do you people expect from a pervert in the White House. He would probably like to share one or two of the girls.

  6. James A Gougeon

    Why would Biden care he’s a pervert

  7. Dan Tyree

    Retard joe likes the young girls too. He probably can’t get it up anymore but perverts stick together.

  8. Donald Cook

    The Democrats, need these young Girls, for the Democrat Sex trading. Just look at the Rich Democrats that have made their wealth from Sex Trafficking.

  9. Donald King

    And you think that adult males having underaged sex toys is bad? Betcha sleepy Joe doesn’t see anything wrong with that idea. He’s looking for a legal way to manage to jump on to that wagon. Guess he’ll have to make some changes to our laws to manage to do it, but he’ll certainly try. I foresee some very unusual executive orders in the making.

  10. Ruby Rowell

    This makes me sick. Why would our government allow this to happen. We should send these people back to Afghanistan now. Keep the children send the others back.

  11. frank stetson

    Yeah, good think we hath no issue with funny brides from the last administration.

    Nor kids that leverage their father’s Presidency into $$$$$ for themselves.

    Nor meeting under wraps with other foreigners to strike up some business deals.

    Donald J Trump born 1946, Ivana Trump 1949
    Marla Maples, born 1963
    Melania, born 1970.

    So, when Melania was 6, Don was 30. “He would probably like to share one or two of the girls.” Who, Joe or Don?

    • Citizen

      What’s your point? And shouldn’t you be over your TDS by now?

  12. charles jacobson

    Slo jo wants a couple to help him rub one off every mourning

  13. Good Luck luck

    Child brides is right up Bidens alley, He is after one for himself.

  14. Sandhy

    This is outrageous and Biden should stop this immediately. Biden has shown he has no morals and definitely no courage. These immigration policies should be stopped immediately and our border closed. Can’t trust this administration.

  15. Joseph S. Bruder

    First you complained about not getting enough Afghans out, and when it became clear that Biden was going to get over 120,000 out, you changed your tune. Maybe if Trump/Miller hadn’t closed down the Afghan visa program to the US, there might have been time to vet them a little more.

    But then again, you’re quoting Ted Cruz, who has no empathy for anyone… who took a vacation to Mexico while people were dying in Texas due to a freak snowstorm and cold wave, that they were totally unprepared for, because Texas is separate from the national grid… who hasn’t said a word about Gym Jordan and his blind-eye to the rape and abuse of students where he taught… nor has Cruz said anything about Matt Gaetz raping underaged women and rating his staffers by the chances he can screw them… And don’t forget a real actual underaged (=rape) sex ring run by a Republican operative and supplied by the head of a Republican student group… No, I don’t believe Cruz has commented on any of these things, but he’s fine calling out Biden for a problem partly created by Trump/Miller.

    I have no doubt that immigration officials will investigate underaged brides coming from Afghanistan. They are slow, but very thorough, often separating the couples and quizzing them on details. I doubt seriously that they will send minors back to Afghanistan. More likely, they will find homes where the young women will continue their education and be part of a family.

    Otherwise, this is just a red-meat piece for conservatives meant to accuse Biden of “something” and give Cruz another opportunity to show how stupid he really is. I think this is the 6th Biden/Afghanistan hit-piece to try to drum up outrage againt the current President. It’s already becoming old news, but you’re not going to let go of it, even though a large majority of the population wanted us out of Afghanistan.

    • Bob

      Joe YOU MORON most everything you wrote is so contradictive. What a DUMBASS. You claim that an old news cycle is being used to try and discredit Biden, and YOU use an even older and much less believable one to discredit them. Many more controversial claims in your statement. Just continue to do us all a favor, because if your looks are in anyway remotely attached to your looks, just keep your head up your ass.

  16. Katie

    Not that I believe in this practice, I feel it is lecherous. But all through our history there are records of men marrying very young children 10 yes and older. So how are we so self righteously telling other people they are wrong. Bit hippocratic I think

  17. Lllian Reheusser

    Didn’t realize there would be a response. I was being facetious. Truth is, Joe has f_ _ _ _d up this whole operation just as he has f_ _ _ _d up this whole country. It won’t be easy but we will find a way out of this mess he has caused.

  18. NavyCorpsman42

    So, you feel Biden is a success? Speaking of ‘not letting go’, shouldn’t your TDS be in remission by now?