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Reactions to the State of the Union Address

Reactions to the State of the Union Address

Thought I would share some reactions to the State of the Union address last night. Some were quite surprising.

“Best SOTU Ever” – Don’t know if it was the best ever but some people are saying it. It did show that Trump knows what he is doing when it comes to reaching a crowd.

“Haven’t seen this many Democrats dressed in white since the KKK” Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) led party dressed in white inspired a great many KKK comparisons. They are funny if you are a conservative. Probably not, if you are a Democrat.

Pelosi seething – Lots of memes of Pelosi with odd facial expressions as Trump tells the truth about the economy, jobs, factory production, etc. Any bad will she was hoping to generate kind of evaporates at that point.  But we have all seen ugly pictures of Pelosi (the opposite may not be true..), so not as shocking as they could be.

America will never be a socialist country – Conservatives picked up on this, and echoed it across social media.  AOC, a professed socialist, did too, and seemed a bit nervous about it in post-speech interviews Note that Trump mentioned God several times (Socialists don’t like God…).

76% approved  of the speech, according to an ABC poll. This was a Newsmax headline (Owner Ruddy is a friend of Trump).

Wall debate – Probably the clearest argument for the wall made yet. Wall Street Journal picked this up. I believe this segment will have a marked effect on the American people.

The Huffington Post headline was not Trump, it was Stacy Adams, whose speech was so forgettable I don’t remember any of it (I SWEAR that I watched it…).

The Washington Post headline was “In dissonant speech, Trump seeks unity while depicting ruin.” Holy crap!

My own impression – This was a great speech, shows that Trump really knows how to reach an audience. He even had some of the ominous ladies in white standing and cheering (appeared to be by design, so good for Trump’s speech writing team!). He made his own considerable accomplishments very clear, he made the case for the wall, he denounced late term abortion, he interspersed personal stories and “motherhood and apple pie” issues that made people comfortable. His “greatness” meme resonated without being a campaign slogan.

This was a masterful speech, and maybe one of the most important for the upcoming 2020 elections.

For us older folks maybe not the best in history, but certainly one of the best in a long time.

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  1. Bob Marincic

    Great speech, a real eye opener to watch the pompous looks and additudes of both Chuckie and brainless Pelosi during the entire speech ! Plus priceless to watch Bernie steaming during comments made regarding socialists.

    • Mary

      45 does best reading S Miller’s words. If not, he’s all gibberish and garbage.

    • Andrea

      You have absolutely no brain in the empty shell that sits upon your shoulders. You don’t have tinnitus, that noise you hear is just rubbish rattling inside your skull.

    • Brenda

      Loved it!

  2. John Goold

    God Bless our GREAT President Trump! Our Nation has faced grave dangers in the past, primarily as a result of democrat presidents and legislators. President Reagan rescued us from a horrible Jimmy Carter, and President Trump from an even worse and more dedicated evil Obama. My vote is to have both of these GREAT men, Presidents Reagan and Trump enshrined on Mt. Rushmore! President Trumps speech was a Grand Slam Home Run!!


    Yes it was GREAT Bernie and AOC and any other socialist should pack their bags and leave this country as we the people won’t accept this type of behavior from anyone who thinks they will destroy this country. So my words too the both of them you don’t like it here in America leave because we don’t want you here anyways. Sincerely Deplorable

  4. Kenneth Bowden

    Realty, common sense, retake America., values, character, faith.

  5. Feliciano Sunga

    I just prayed that God may sealed our President Trump with the Holy Spirit that he may deliver the truth to the American people who had been mis-lead, divided,and liied upon by this communist democrats in connivance with the fake news media. That the Holy Spirit May un-masked and expose the head of the serpent devil in every democrat and communist in the congress and senate who are being paid by the hard-honest working tax payers of this country and reveal their hidden agenda in turning this country to a socialist-communist govt. I also prayed for the end of every form of abortion forever in this country. Finally I truly prayed everyday for the deeper conversion of America starting from the families, the schools and places of work, and the govt. God bless America !!!! God bless our President Trump !!!!!!

  6. Julius Pfalzgraf

    For the first time in at least a decade, it seemed like we had an actual American President. Not a clandestine New World Order advocate or a Trojan Horse from a political/religious cult bent on world domination in league with the U.N.

  7. Ron Black

    This was a masterful speech. Trump laid out a very long list of accomplishments his Presidency has accomplished…and artfully compared them to the failures of prior administrations…both Republican and Democrat. He artfully destroyed any negatives the Democrats may have conjured up, while humbly asking for unity, for Congress to be Americans first, not party hacks. He left nothing uncovered and masterfully slipped in his pledge for the Wall. He pleaded for unity and pledged to work with the Democrats…if only they would come to the table. Blame for a failure to negotiate was clearly laid in the Democrats corner. A great speech!

  8. Robert Larson

    Great speech from a great man. I was hoping to hear some talk about wiping out the Deep state. We need term limits passed.

  9. Lorene

    It was amusing to watch Pelosi have to stand and clap for some of the comments. She has no choice or would have looked like what she is.. an obstructionist. She has pandered to the radicals in order to get to be speaker again and it burns her to have to do things that might jeopardize her position.

  10. Alexander Gonero

    Best speech in several decades! Go Trump..

  11. Daniel Stowe Sr.

    If this SOTU speech was given by any one on the far left, they would have been treated as a god. As a young teenager I remember listening to JFK’s speech. I will never forget when he said, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Once Johnson took over the democratic party went completely bass actwards. They always profesed to being for the working class. Not any more. Satan leads this party now. If your a level headed Democrat and haven’t been sucked in by the insanity then I’d be gettin out now while the gettin is good.

  12. Vince

    The new faces of the Democratic Party made complete fools of themselves dancing around and celebrating. This really shows the American preople how immature and unprofessional they truly are. They looked like they were at a high school football game instead of the hall of Congress.. I guess Pelosi does not have any control over these idiots. Good job by the President for not engaging them. It was very obvious they wrere trying to provoke him into saying something but he did not take the bait.

  13. Terry Hooper

    Well he’s right and he deserves to be credited for his achievements thus far. He also has a bright and powerful outlook for the future.

  14. Jack Schiht

    Pelosi shouldn’t have been chewing her cud on national TV.

  15. Dean Brewer

    I felt President Trump did an excellent job articulating our Country’s needs. The dumocrats just don’t get it. The ladies in white fail to represent the folks that they represent. They should resign or reconsider their purpose. Nuncy P and Chucky S fall into the same category as the ladies(?) in white!!

  16. CharlesWilliamMorganJr

    The best SOTU speech since Reagan! Let’s hope Trump stays healthy, runs again in 2020 and wins! But we do need term limits for congress, plus a national comprehensive high-speed rail system to provide the same benefits they have in China, Japan, Europe, South Korea, Taiwan and other locations.

  17. MeLoDy Calkins

    Excellent job Mr. President

  18. BJ Mitchell

    This speech was very powerful, and it looked like the Dems were unprepared for it…as even they were clapping, showing excitability, as well as a very active show of standing up and down, over & over again. Our president gave many valid points, and showed his knowledge on all of them
    I did have to leave in the middle, so I didn’t see any of the others as they gave responses to his speech. I enjoyed watching

  19. Rose Daley

    President Trump’s SOTU speech was absolutely GREAT! It was so positive and uplifting, and gave us hope for a truly prosperous, peaceful and “safe” America we remember. The democrats made fools of themselves, especially Nancy Pelosi with her face covered smirks. Plus the women in all white….were they representing the disgusting KKK?? I say to President Trump: You’re speech was wonderful! I am so proud to call you my President of our beautiful country!
    God Bless America, and God Bless President Trump (we are all behind you)!

  20. Sue Johnson

    The best State of the Union speech I have heart in my 76 years. Hopefully some Trump haters will have their eyes opened.

  21. Harold Mathes

    Thank God for our president. He is an answer to prayer!

  22. Carolyn Latta

    It is heart warming that many people see the truth and see through the deception of the left and main stream media!!! The SOTU speech was indeed one of the BEST ever if not the BEST!!! It was, as a previous writer pointed out, a masterful speech which covered all the important issues. From the long list of accomplishments which the fake news peddlers refuse to acknowledge, to failures of past administrations, to the importance of the Wall, to pointing out where the blame for not negotiating clearly belongs, to destroying any negatives the Dems could conjure up, to humbly asking for unity and for the Dems to put America first instead of party, our brilliant president delivered a grand slam. It is a blessing to once again have a president who has the courage to stand up for the unborn and against the evils of abortion. I was thankful to know that like me others are praying for President Trump. I hope the Evangelicals that he consults have pointed out to him that he and his family are not wrestling “against flesh and blood, but against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” See Ephesians 6:10-17 for the entire passage which includes how to protect against this evil. I also thank God for raising up a leader who has the courage to tell it like is and expose the evils of the socialist/communists!!! Many of our young people are NOT being taught history so they buy the rhetoric that makes socialism sound so appealing. I thank God for President Trump!!! He IS an answer to prayer, but we MUST keep praying for him and this great country of ours. President Trump has truly kept his promise to MAGA!!!