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Re-Written U.S. History in Schools Makes us the Bad Guy

Re-Written U.S. History in Schools Makes us the Bad Guy

Heaven forbid Advanced Placement U.S. History portray America as a strong, good, world leader or allow wrongdoings by any foreign nation, particularly predominantly non-white ones, to come to light. No; according to the new APUSH curriculum “history is written by the victor,” and have brought in foreigners to write the curriculum. The story of how our country was born, developed, and changed through the years will be told from the perspectives of non-Americans, including those whose home countries still harbor resentments against ours over long-ago wars. An American, they say, is biased and unable to tell the truth about our history as a country. Instead, they will likely introduce a new kind of bias that will teach teenagers to be ashamed to be Americans. 

APUSH teachers nation wide will be forced to adhere to this new, anti-U.S. curriculum and one single company is responsible. If you or your child graduated high school in the last ten years or so, or is currently in high school, you likely know all about The College Board. This company has an outlandish monopoly on testing. 
All AP tests are written by them. If a student wants to earn college credit in high school, AP classes are their only choice unless they are near enough to a university, have transportation, and dual enroll, which is simply not feasible for some students. Because The College Board controls the test, they control the curriculum. Teachers are forced to teach in a way that ensures the highest possible number of their students will pass the AP test. Their careers depend on it. This means that teachers must comply with the curriculum as laid out by The College Board, no matter how offensively unpatriotic. Many fear that it is sending the wrong message and training our youth to feel guilty about being American. 
The curriculum has also become much more abstract and unclear. A group of scholars who analyzed the new curriculum claimed that factual lessons about the founding of our country, its constitution, and the ideals on which our political system is based as stated by the Founding Fathers, and the historical changes we have seen are being done away with. Instead, the lessons taught are “such abstractions as ‘identity,’ ‘peopling,'” (whatever the heck that means), and “‘human geography.'” 
Meanwhile, the new curriculum is “downplaying essential subjects, such as the sources, meaning, and development of Americas ideals and political institutions.” 
If you think a high school student can escape this awful, forcibly centralized and dishonest curriculum by simply not taking APUSH, think again. The College Board President David Coleman also supervised the federally ordered process of writing and distributing the federal Common Core Standards. He profits from both. In most states, there’s no escape from this mans un-American, wishy-washy way of presenting “history,” if you can even call it that any more. 
Parents, teachers, conservative leaders, and adults all over the country are praying that Coleman is stopped before the current high school generation comes of age not knowing what the second amendment is, but ready and willing to argue that we’ve done nothing but commit atrocities. 

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