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Rand Paul Introduces ‘Free Speech Protection Act’

Rand Paul Introduces ‘Free Speech Protection Act’

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul has taken a decisive step in defending Americans’ First Amendment rights by introducing the Free Speech Protection Act. In an interview with Fox News Digital, Senator Paul expressed his determination to ensure that the government can no longer undermine the constitutional rights of Americans. He stated, “Under my Free Speech Protection Act, the government will no longer be able to cloak itself in secrecy to undermine the First Amendment rights of Americans.”

The Free Speech Protection Act, expected to be unveiled on Tuesday, aims to hold federal employees and contractors accountable for any attempts to suppress speech protected under the First Amendment. Paul’s office outlined key provisions of the bill, which empower American citizens to sue the government and executive branch officials who violate their First Amendment rights.

Senator Paul highlighted the need for transparency and accountability in government actions that may infringe on free speech. The bill mandates the frequent publication of and public access to reports on communications between executive branch agencies and content providers, ensuring that such communications are not concealed from the public eye. It also prohibits agencies from using Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) exemptions to withhold illegal communications.

Furthermore, the Free Speech Protection Act safeguards against the misuse of federal grant money by entities seeking to label media outlets as sources of disinformation or misinformation. It also addresses concerns surrounding authorities and programs that pose potential threats to Americans’ constitutional rights.

Senator Paul’s bill comes at a time when the issue of free speech has gained significant attention, particularly regarding social media censorship. Recent lawsuits from the attorneys general of Louisiana and Missouri have alleged that the White House exerted pressure on tech companies to suppress free speech during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The injunction issued by a U.S. District Court judge in Louisiana, in response to these lawsuits, temporarily prevents White House officials from engaging with social media companies to suppress speech. The judge’s ruling acknowledged the likelihood of First Amendment violations and emphasized the importance of protecting free speech without discrimination based on ideological perspectives.

Senator Paul’s Free Speech Protection Act is a significant step toward upholding the principles enshrined in the First Amendment and ensuring that government actions do not encroach upon Americans’ fundamental rights. The bill’s introduction marks an important milestone in the ongoing efforts to protect and preserve free expression in the digital age.

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  1. Joseph S. Bruder

    … yet another dumb-fuck politician from Kentucky. Republican states have dumb-fucks aplenty.

    • Dan tyree

      What???? You don’t like free speech? A true communist. Move to Canada asshole

  2. frank stetson

    Have to wait for the bill but as Republicans are want to do, it seems to protect free speech by making free speech illegal.

    Also very narrowly constructed to just the executive branch meaning all Joe Biden needs to do is tell a friend to tell a friend to call Zuckerberg…..

    The bill also disallows Federal money to go to any “entities that seek to label media outlets as sources of disinformation or misinformation,” a quagmire of possible issues from identification to monitoring to policing… Might need Rand’s Free Speech Police, the FSP.

    And then there’s the “ends several authorities and programs that the senator’s office says threaten Americans’ constitutional rights,” which sounds like a grab bag of Paul petty peeves.

    Since Rand is just doing a FOX prelim road show right now, the bill will be published this week and we can see who Rand wants to sue exactly.

    I thought we have laws protecting free speech, oh wait, isn’t that in the Constitution? Well, you know how Republicans just love to write new laws. Laws after laws….. Now that the guy’s too afraid to mow his lawn, I guess he has time on his hands.

  3. Darren

    Should have named the Bill ” The Anti Schumer – Pelosi Bill “.
    You know, FREE SPEECH.

  4. frank stetson

    OMgoodness —- do we have moderation?

    score one for the good guys!!!!!


  5. frank stetson

    It was pointed out, and then moderated, that I crossed the line with my Rand Paul mowing comment, along with some hate speak seemingly duly moderated tyvm Joe G. and PBP.

    But I apologize, I did step over the line. My only rationale is that I find a few things hysterical that I perhaps should not. One is in one of those stupid stoner movies, Dude My Car or whatever, where at the end, grandma blindside smashes unwitting stoner with her car at 40mph, exclaiming: “F-ing stoner boy,” cracks me up. As does anyone suddenly blindside smashed by a bus — there’s a few of those in recent flicks. Jim Carey has an excellent rendition. I know it’s wrong, yet, I just can’t stop laughing. Dick Van Dyke once commented how pain was a central part of physical comedy and then did a sketch with really funny slapstick.

    Rand was the same for me, but after being called out, I re-looked the argument. Yes, Rand was blindsided by a cad and he was seriously hurt. As to how hurt, it looks bad, but also a bit of a mystery. It was terribly wrong no matter what and I was wrong to make a joke.

    The police report notes “minor injuries” but later notes, cuts n bruises, trouble breathing, potential rib damage.
    His staff said, the doctors said three cracked ribs and some lung bruising
    Then Paul said 5 broken ribs.
    Paul later said six broken ribs and a pleural effusion, fluid around the lungs.
    He went back to work in a few weeks.
    Rand later reported “a living hell” for weeks. “Couldn’t get out of bed without assistance,” he said. “Six broken ribs, damage to my lungs, two bouts of pneumonia. It was really a tough go of it.”

    Wow, back to work in a few weeks? Tough guy or he kept sliding back which is probably the case. Points for perseverance.

    The final take, reported in WIKI was “five broken ribs, of which three were displaced fractures. In August 2019, part of Paul’s lung required removal as a result of the injuries he suffered during the attack. Lung removal sucks and is very serious for the rest of your life.

    OK, that’s really, really bad and life affecting.

    What caused this was a yard dispute over grass clippings and brush placed at the neighbor’s boundary line where the neighbor complained to Rand, the HMO, and anyone else he could. These guys actually worked together at one time as doctors. The guy hauled the brush away one or more times, the day before he burned the pile, and Rand kept dumping on. They both had to know this issue. Plus the guy has a putting green for a lawn, Rand has an unkept POS of a lawn. A neighbor summarized it as “they both are shits.” No excuse, but the guy mentally cracked and blindside tackled the unsuspecting Rand from behind. A cad for sure, and had to be a real shock to Rand. Rand played Defensive End in High School so we can be sure he’s taken some hits and knows how to handle them. In college he did something with the swim team, so he knows sports.

    The case went to State Court, got bumped to Federal Court due to Rand’s special status, got “30 days in prison, one year of probation, 100 hours of community service, and a $10,000 fine. The federal prosecutors had sought a 21-month term and appealed the lenient sentence.” The State charges dropped since the Federal superseded. And the Federal Appeal ended up with the guy getting 8 months hard time in Federal Prison and a $580,000 judgement in the State civil case Rand filed. The man lost his home.
    Boucher has shown remorse, apologized, and said he regretted the actions. No joke.

    Bottom line: Rand was hurt bad, it’s life affecting and altering. Not sure it’s quite as bad as he claims in the court of public discourse, but it’s bad. The guy goes away for 8 months and loses his home. Pretty sure the difference between the original punishment and the final solution is mostly due to Rand’s special position and his ability to apply pressure in the world of politics.

    These folks do seem to receive different legal outcomes under our laws.

    But, as funny as the hit was to me, I apologize and should not have made my public comments either. And would not if had realized the magnitude of the injuries. Must have been some hit. I should have looked again to see the outcome before I opened my yap on PBP.

    And now you know the rest of the story. With my apologies for making fun without looking to see the damages.

  6. Miles collins

    Why was my post “moderated?” You people at PBP are acting like liberals. Have you no shame? Cancel culture? Seriously????? WTF??? I’m only saying that if the left doesn’t start any shit there won’t be any