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Radio Hosts Banned From Talking About Election Fraud

Radio Hosts Banned From Talking About Election Fraud

One of the nation’s largest media companies is warning its employees not to talk about election fraud.

“We need to help induce national calm NOW,” wrote Brian Philips, Vice President of content for Atlanta-based Cumulus Media. “[This company] will not tolerate any suggestion that the election has not ended…If you transgress this policy, you can expect to separate from the company immediately.”

What is Cumulus media?

Cumulus media owns more than 400 radio stations nationwide. They also employ popular conservative radio hosts including Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, and Dan Bongino. The threat was issued on Wednesday following the chaos that occurred at the US Capitol. 

Talk show host Mark Levin spoke about election fraud as recently as Tuesday, when he said: “You think the framers of the Constitution…sat there and said, ‘Congress has no choice [but to accept the votes], even if there’s fraud, even if there’s some court order, even if some legislature has violated the Constitution?'” 

On Thursday, Levin responded to the threat against his career by saying: “It appears nothing has changed in 24 hours…Not a damn thing. The never-Trumpers, the RINOs, the media – same damn thing.” Levin added that everything he says on the air is “based on liberty, family, faith, [and] the Constitution.”

What’s happening here is that Democrats are afraid to even talk about election fraud after Republicans made a stand at the Capitol last week. But the threat doesn’t make sense from a business perspective.

As noted by Washington Post journalist Paul Farhi, “The new policy is a stunning corporate clampdown on the kind of provocative and even inflammatory talk that has long driven the business model for Cumulus and other talk show broadcasters.”

The threat is also a poignant reminder that even talk show hosts are controlled by corporations.

Author’s Note:

The liberal media is getting more blatant with its censorship of conservative speech. So don’t expect anybody else to cover this story. 


Talk-Radio Owner Threatens to Fire Hosts Who Dispute Election Results

Talk-radio owner orders conservative hosts to temper election fraud rhetoric 

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  1. warren

    the liberals have gone to far. If there is blood in the streets of America it is because of the Liberals. Even when the Democrats speak of healing they are the one’s that are fighting against it by stopping people from speaking about it. THEY MUST REALLY HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE. REMEMBER YOU CAN’T HIDE IT FROM GOD

    • KK

      These liberal “loonees” don’t realize, that it’s ONLY a matter of time, when all their co-horsts, who did ALL THE FRAUD, WILL SPILL THE BEANS… Why?…….because, their conscience will MAKE THEM LOSE THEIR SLEEP, and some of them, will even commit suicide………JUST WAIT AND SEE…..

    • Roger Fenton

      I tried to get the idiot’s email address, but it is very well hidden. I wanted to tell him just where he could put his censorship.

  2. DD

    Levine “IS” right next to RUSH on the BEST IN RADIO COMMENTARY, DO NOT TELL HIM TO STOP “SPEAKING THE TRUTH”. We need more like LEVINE in this country, whats left of it !!!

  3. LMB

    It is past time for Conservatives to create their own Platform, Network for Conservative ideas, views, and answers!

  4. Ben

    Sounds like Management rights and Right to Work policies that Republicans have pushed for years.

    Welcome to the realities of the world you have advocated for!

    • Richard Hennessy

      Cumulus has the right, but I also have the right to quit listening to its stations for my news sources.

  5. Florida Phil

    Oh, Ben Dover. You never quit in your false-fact based advocacy, do you.

  6. Mariano loo sr

    USA need to call news General Election Day to stop inciting Trump voters by stolen election 2020. So audit the Ballot filled outside poll for vote were drop in box mail USPS federal interference 2020 do not validate the stolen election 2020 was denounced early by Trump-Pence. Impeachment Pelosi’s bipartisan coup to inciting the protests of the Trump’s voters, said thanks for National Guard to defend the impostors 117th Congress by counts & certified votes 548 electors to the Stolen election 2020 to inciting Trump’s voters to protest against insurrection of those importers 435 Reps & 33 Sens from 100. The Case Stolen election 2020 was well won by Trump-Pence who denounced early will stolen election 2020, So Trump’s voters by ballot filled inside ask on ticket to the inauguration in the White House to Trump-Pence to its oath of fact to Second Terms Final Period. So they as incumbent has powers to defend constitutional security to protect our freedom & justice, so they have powers as head of the state in exercise to cancel unconstitutional inauguration oath of thief Biden’s Obama sham’s U.K. for immunity stolen a third term period. It’s a acting legal & duty to protecting presidential institution to invoke the exercise of beauty amendment second being necessary to the security of a free state, by uses US military & Militias to expel those impostors 435 Reps & 33 Sens were elect by those invalid ballot filled outside poll for vote were drop in box mail USPS federal manipulate by virus aero bat Fauci’s allowed by Vp Pence betrayed his own oath to count & certified those vote invalid of 538 electors to reinstall bipartisan sham UK Biden’s Obama to violently stolen third terms used Kamala & Sanders enabler insurrection BLM rioters. USA founded for freedom & justice. We need to call news general Election Day by voters fill out ballot only Inside poll for vote to elect all official & appointed each 50 state its electors 538 to elect he man to US president & his Vp terms period. It necessary to being to prevent stolen of election. It’s the laws to save USA republic. Or USA is already to dissolved.

  7. Fred Underwood

    It is becoming more evident each day now that our nation is in the throws of being turned into a full on communist country, when our politicians and corporations tell we citizens what we can and cannot do or say !!

    • Dude

      Fred, Do not worry, Comrade Biden is here for us now! On Jan. 20th Biden swears in with hand on Rules For Radicals book and the raising of the China flag over the White House will take place. Joe will receive a few more million in his pocket for it.
      It’s all good. Just ask any democrat. Were saved. That book is dedicated to Satin ! As the democrats rejoice !
      Remember, we can’t say anything bad, so see how I wrote it now ? !!!!

  8. Richard Hennessy

    Cumulus has a website that will allow you to find a list of its local radio station. I have retained the list for my area and informed Cumulus via its comments feature that I intend to avoid listening to its stations. Too bad as it lists the stations I listed to most frequently in my area. Of course, I told Cumulus that I am quitting its stations due to its censorship of my news sources.

  9. Max Newnan


  10. Lee dike

    Don’t watch cnn, cmbc, fox news, nbc, cbs, abc, etc,etc,etc,
    Don’t listen to fox radio, etc,etc,etc,
    “Good Luck” !

  11. An

    After listening to the state hearings conducted in Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Georgia where hundreds of local citizens have sworn affidavits about election fraud and aggressively removing Republican witnesses, I can’t forget what the specific facts that have come to light. People had been fired, doxed, harassed, threatened as a result of speaking the truth.
    Just because a company wants to silence the FRAUD
    implies that there is real guilt to cover up.
    The fact the Democrats have come down so hard regarding this election, impeachment, and now censorship is a certain admission of their guilt. The American people are not stupid and this ongoing censorship will not stand.
    The fact that they have to bring in excessive security for the inauguration sounds more like a democratic coup. It’s all a fraud and the truth will come out! To suppress free speech will only intensify the hatred and division.
    Those employees need to strike or sue.

    • Eli

      We agree. They’ve fought hard to cover their crooked tracks, but we have so much evidence. We need to find peaceful means to fight back.

  12. Kenm

    “We need to help induce national calm NOW,” wrote Brian Philips.

    Mr. Philips is standing atop a volcano and throwing dirt in in the hopes of preventing the volcano from erupting. Not a smart thing to do.

    • SamFox

      Fellow conservatives—All the talk, hopes, wishes & dreams of a future conservative comeback are just wishful thinking IF the fraud in the last 2 elections is allowed to stand. If the fraud is not addressed NOW, how do we suppose it possible that we can ever hope to have any political pull in the mid-terms?

      The dims used millions of UN-verified hidden mail in ballots to stuff the crooked machines with. They would not let their fraud be observed during vote counting by blocking observers from observing. State legislatures were bypassed when rules were changed. They ‘raised the dead’ to obtain votes, had double voters, ballots counted multiple times, out of state non- resident votes & illegal alien’s votes were counted. And the fraud machines…
      My fellow Americans, do we really think that the dims, IF left in power & not taken on NOW, WON”T use the fake election as precedent WE allow to stand, institutionalize & make legal all the fraudulent tricks they used? How can we beat that?

      If we cannot persuade Mr. Trump to use the Insurrection Act &/or declare a National Emergency to have a clean re-vote in the states that had the fraudulent activity, the fraud will be institutionalized & certified. IF We The People let the most fraudulent election in US & possibly world history stand, freedom & conservatism will be dead. ALL our alternatives will be blocked by the mind-terms if we don’t rise up.

      Either we step up NOW or over the next course of years watch our children’s & grandchildren’s futures be stolen.


  13. SAM FOX

    Here is a reply I sent to Seeing Red AZ. I copied it from a reply I sent the AZ Republican Committee regarding their request for donations.

    I identify as Independent. Since the R ‘party’n isn’t standing up to the election fraud & letting it pass unchallenged, don’t look for me to re-join the party. I left when Bush signed the ‘Patriot’ Act & you let it stand.

    The survey is a nice gesture, but that is all it is. Since the R ‘party’ is not asking Prez Trump to use the Insurrection Act &/or declare a national emergency to cancel the fraud in the last elections, Senate & POTUS, how will the Repubs ever be able to get anything done?

    I sent the following message to Ronna McDaniel in response to her call for non violence.

    “I agree, no violence.

    People talk like there is a chance for the GOP going forward after the last two ‘elections’, POTUS & Senate. Seems to me that the GOP is now dead in the water. Since everyone is just fine & dandy with all the fraud in those two elections and tacitly endorse & certify the fraud by not standing up to demand new elections in the corrupted states, there will be nothing the GOP can do to ever win again. You have surrendered to the devil.

    Because everyone but a few of us have certified the huge amount of fraud by letting it go unchecked & unchallenged, the dimms will open the borders to welcome in MILLIONS of new dimm voters. That alone will be enough to bury the GOP and any other party that may arise. They will also make all the fraud tricks they perpetrated legal.

    So, please tell me how the GOP or any others who oppose the dimm coup can survive? If Prez Trump doesn’t declare a national emergency or use the Insurrection Act to redo the last two elections, we can forget about ever having a free country again. The dimms will turn the USA into New York, California, Venezuela…and there will be NOTHING that can stop them.

    So I implore you Ronna to ask Pre Trump to save the USA. He at this point is the only one who can. Yes, it would be messy at first. But how ‘messy’ was our founding revolution or the Civil War? I don’t like ‘messy’ at all! But I like fascism even less!!

    PLEASE at least forward this to Mr. Trump.

    Thank you.”