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Radical Islamist Charter Schools Spreading to U.S. Military Bases

Radical Islamist Charter Schools Spreading to U.S. Military Bases

The Gulen Movement, led by Fethullah Gulen, has ties to radical Islam and currently controls over 150 charter schools in the United States. Now, there is a possibility that these schools could begin popping up on military bases around the country.

Robert R. Amsterdam, an international lawyer at Amsterdam and Partners LLP describes Gulen’s control over American charter schools as a growing “Islamic cult”.

Amsterdam is certainly knowledgeable about the charter schools as he fully admits that his firm was “engaged by the Republic of Turkey – a key NATO ally in a hotbed region – to conduct a wide-ranging investigation into the operations and geopolitical influence of the Gülen organization, which is behind the Coral Academy of Science and over 140 other public charter schools scattered across 26 American states.”

Located in Las Vegas, the Coral Academy of Science is in talks with the United States Air Force to open a charter school at Nellis Air Force Base later this year. During Amsterdam’s investigation, the firm found that Gulen “uses charter schools and affiliated businesses in the U.S. to misappropriate and launder state and federal education dollars, which the organization then uses for its own benefit to develop political power in this country and globally.”

Amsterdam also revealed that Gulen’s organization illegally brings Turkish teachers into the United States under the claim that there are no qualified American teachers for his schools.

Inside the schools, students are subjected to nontraditional, alarming teaching methods according to Amsterdam, who claims the curriculum attempts to “instill Turkish culture and Gülenist ideology in our American students.”

As the world turns to fight terrorism, it is a mystery why America is letting a man with ties to radical Islam to not only control charter schools in this country, but to also get closer and closer to our military. Amsterdam agrees, writing “In light of Gülen’s modus operandi elsewhere, the Department of Homeland Security should be asking itself why such a non-transparent, religion-based organization would seek to establish itself on our military bases, teaching the children of our service men and women.”

Editor’s note:  I’m not sure why we continue to let Gulen operate inside the United States. His ties to radical Islam are well known. If you want a taste of what radical Islam thinks of children see the video below.


video of radical islam children


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