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Rachel Maddow admits to MSNBC’s biased and unethical standards

Rachel Maddow admits to MSNBC’s biased and unethical standards

By any objective analysis, MSNBC is the most biased and least ethical of the three major cable news networks.  They do not practice journalism. 

That is not a matter of opinion.  Any objective analysis of their coverage would show that every one of their hosts and virtually every contributor, analyst, reporter or panelist share and espouse a common political and philosophic viewpoint.  Essentially the network is the propaganda voice for the radical left of the Democratic Party. 

The constant leftwing spin not only censors statements and opinions that do not comport to the network’s philosophic viewpoint, but it provides disinformation and lies by both guests and hosts.  MSNBC operates outside and in defiance of all standards of balanced and ethical journalism. 

As a subscriber-based cable enterprise, MSNBC is not required to operate under journalistic standards or the rules of fairness and balance imposed on public broadcasters by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  If MSNBC were covered by FCC rules, they would most surely be in danger of losing its license to operate.

Yes, there is notable bias in all the so-called cable news outlets, but none so complete, so consistent and so mendacious as MSNBC.

Even so, I was not prepared to see one of MSNBC’s most outrageous personalities, Rachel Maddow, actually admitted to the station’s political bias under the pretense of operational integrity.  It had to do with the results of the Iowa Republican caucuses.

By all measures, President Trump had a huge victory.  He won the caucuses with a 50 percent result – the highest ever in the history of the caucuses.  That is news.  He won an unprecedented 98 of the state’s 99 counties.  That is news.  Losing only one county to his own former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley by a single vote.  That is news.

Unlike all other news services, MSNBC gave the Iowa results the most minimal coverage – barely mentioning Trump.  When it came to Trump’s acceptance speech — covered in its entirety by FOX News and just short of entirety by CNN – MSNBC not only ignored it but used the time to repeat old news negative analysis of Trump.    

Beyond ignoring Trump, MSNBC openly admitted to their unprofessional and unethical policy.  THAT is news.  Following the projection of Trump’s unprecedented win by the major news services, this was the announcement from MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

“At this point in the evening, the projected winner of the Iowa caucuses has just started to give his victory speech.  We will keep an eye on that as it happens.  We will let you know if there is any news made in that speech.  If there is anything noteworthy … something substantive … something important.  And the reason I am saying that is …   Of course, there is a reason that we and other news organizations have generally stopped giving him unfiltered live platforms to remarks by former President Trump.  It is not out of spite.  It is not a decision that we relish.  It is a decision that we regularly revisit.  And honestly, it is not NBC’s decision, but there is a cost to what these news organizations … knowingly broadcasting untrue (inaudible).  That is a fundamental truth of our business and who we are.  And so, his remarks tonight will not air here live.  We will monitor them and let you know about any news that he makes.”

I was particularly struck by Maddow’s assurance that, “We will let you know if there is any news made in that speech.  If there is anything noteworthy … something substantive … something important.”  That has a chilling authoritarian sound – something that might be said by Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping or Kim Jong un.

It reminded me of a conversation I had with the Soviet ambassador before the breakup of the Soviet Union.  It was during the 1980 presidential election, with the usual heated political banter.  The ambassador scoffed at our system.  He said the Soviet system spares the people from such emotional turmoil.  That is a philosophy the folks at MSNBC can understand.  They are doing the critical thinking for us.

This goes along with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, who once famously – or infamously – proclaimed that is the media’s responsibility – speaking of MSNBC, of course – to tell folks what to think.  That is propaganda by definition.  But to paraphrase MSNBC’s marketing line, “That is who they are.”

The folks who make MSNBC their information of choice are woefully ignorant of the bigger picture.  They are indoctrinated with one dubious political view.  They do not hear from people with other valid perspectives and critical information.  In terms of cable outlets, FOX and CNN have their political lean, but they both provide for the airing of alternative viewpoints and alternative information.  Sadly, those folks locked on MSNBC for their political information do not even know what they do not know.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. John sloan

    That dyke is telling us what we already know.


    Horist has one statement by Maddow and that statement not only stands but can be found from most major news and commentary outlets.

    He has no other facts to prove his other assertions.

    Amazingly, he is against the same free speech he advocates here if MSNBC practices it.

    H Y P O C R I T E.

    • Jim wampler

      Butch Maddow is a notorious hater of the Republican Party. And any opinion from a queer shouldn’t be taken seriously

    • JPC24

      What its (maddow) saying is that the “left” news agencies will let you know what they decide is what you should be listening to and NOT be a free thinker of your own … Because you know they think that ALL Americans should have to be led around by their noses! … How it has a platform for its rhetoric is “a case in point” of what passes for journalism these days …
      Oh, and thank you Larry!

    • Tony L Bell

      Apparently Mr. Stetson you prove Larry Horist’s point that “folks locked on MSNBC for their political information do not even know what they do not know”.

      • Frank stetson

        Except I don’t watch msnbc that much, maddow is rarely there, and for all you fine folks, most news stations have stopped running obvious falsehood’s and lies. That’s all maddow is saying.

        There’s a growing sentiment to bring back Trump, augment with fact checkers, and show this liar for what he is. I say let him lie, fact check in real time, put the lie logo right over his face when he does it a second time to protect your channel, and sue the fuck out of him whenever we can.

        The man can’t stop lying and keeps repeating the same lies so the lie logo plastered over his fat face would be appropriate use of free speech too.

        But Rachel said nothing that many others have not said on air.

    • OJ Summey

      Okay, so, why did Maddow refuse to air Trumps speech?
      Did she not decide that we didn’t need to hear it?


        OJ: I think Maddow was pretty clear why MSNBC as well a plethora of other news outlets regularly don’t run Trump speeches. They are full of lies and these organizations not only have a duty to not run lies, FOX has shown them the cost of knowingly running lies.

        I would wonder why Horist, you, and others rarely note Trump lies, or that he is a habitual liar, a liar who often uses a lie to cover another lie.

        Why do you continue to let this sex abusing, digital rapist, who cheats at busienss, cheats on his taxes, cheats on his wife, rips off his students, steals from his own charity foundation, why do you even let him talk to you.

        • OJ Summey

          {“They are full of lies, and these organizations not only have a duty to not run lies,”}

          Your statement is ludicrous. Do you not realize that if MSNBC believed that, they couldn’t report a word Joe Biden has said?

          News organizations have an obligation to be objective. It is not their place to decide what they should or should not hear for millions of people. Do people have the right and the ability to make up their own minds? You and your TDS don’t seem to understand that whether the new agencies report the truth or lies, people have the right to hear and decide for themselves. That’s how a Republic works. Every word that flows from Maddow’s lips is not the truth either. Did she not lie about Russia Gate? Did she not lie about Trump putting children in cages on the border?

          Donald Trump did not open that border. Trump is not the reason I’m paying $6.00 for a gallon of gas and $5.00 for a dozen eggs. My federal taxes have almost doubled. Crime in my community is out of control because my neighborhood is flooded with people who are in this country illegally.
          I think you get the picture.
          The problems you have with Trump are your own.

          • FRANK STETSON

            OJ: When it comes to lies, Joe Biden does not hold a candle to Donald J. Trump. But, as Horist noted in the story, the station legally does not have to run anything it does not want to. FOX does that same thing in reverse. And that’s for a real president, not an ex-President sex abusing digiital rapist business and tax cheater. Also, as Horist noted in ther story, their have little FCC regulations in that regard; they are not using public airwaves, according to our law which Congress could change if they took some time out from all the impeachments not underway.

            Myself, I would love to see FCC regulations similar to network regulations applied to all internet information dissemenation outlets. But that is not our current law, and it would take Congress to fix so don’t hold your breadth, the House is busy investigating Hunter. Gotta have priorities. But even if they did that, I am pretty sure MSNBC could opt not to run Trump, especially verbatim in real time.

            I am in the camp that wants to see Trump returned to liberal cable stations with real-time fact checking and big LIAR logo’s plastered over each lie as they come. It’s pretty easy to do, he uses the same ones all the time. One issue is that Trump the propagandist realizes that the more he talks, the more he makes, so he has a habit of “blocking the sun” and taking up all the airwaves blocking all sorts of other news.

            But I understand maddow’s point, and it’s beyond maddow, it is an msnbc point, and many other stations do the same thing, feel free not to watch. These stations don’t have to automatically cede time to anyone and are under no obligation whatsoever to publish misinformation no matter who says it.

            FYI: If you are paying those prices, you live in a rare place where inflation prices have not dropped. I pay less than 3 for gas, 2.49 for eggs, and if your federeal taxes doubled, you are a lucky man to make so much MORE money than you did because marginal tax rates have not changesd. ** There has been some inflation adjusting to the brackets, but that could not mean more than a point or two, not the 100% change you falsely said. I can not speak to your crime problem but find it hard to beleive it’s illegal aliens, except in your mind. CATO, a respected libertarian think tank concluded: “The results are similar to our other work on illegal immigration and crime in Texas. In 2018, the illegal immigrant criminal conviction rate was 782 per 100,000 illegal immigrants, 535 per 100,000 legal immigrants, and 1,422 per 100,000 native‐​born Americans. The illegal immigrant criminal conviction rate was 45 percent below that of native‐​born Americans in Texas. The general pattern of native‐​born Americans having the highest criminal conviction rates followed by illegal immigrants and then with legal immigrants having the lowest holds for all of other specific types of crimes such as violent crimes, property crimes, homicide, and sex crimes.” That is confirmed by many studies.

            And FYI: Trump did put kids in cages and worse. Over 1,000 kids ripped from their parents have yet to be reunited. And you think the price of eggs is important? That’s 1,000 prospective terrorist that I would not blame for being really, really pissed at the US. I am not sure which RussiaGate lie you are worried about? Sorry.

            But all of that is a red herring: they can run what they want. It’s as legal as FOX not running Biden or democrat news.

        • larry Horist

          Frank Stetson …. More disinformation. You say a “plethora of other news outlets regularly don’t run Trump speech.” As a person who covers a plethora of news outlets I cannot think of one that has an official cancelation policy of Trump speeches. And you may have missed how fast MSNBC dropped that policy when it came to New Hampshire. Since you say you do not watch MSNBC, you missed a great moment watching Maddow squirm trying to explain the reversal. LOL. Most outlets run some or portions of some — just as they do with Biden speech … White House briefings. I cannot recall any other outlet that announced a censorship policy of a major speech. That is probably why MSNBC’s censorship policy was so widely reported and so overwhelmingly criticized by other outlets. And I have often written about Trump’s personality — his pugnacious and bellicose behavior — and his lack of veracity. Perhaps, you did not know the meaning of veracity. As usual, you just invent your “facts” and call it dialogue. You wallow in imaginary facts with an imaginary Larry Horist. LMAO

  3. Frank stetson

    Wampler showing his false superiority over those of a non-hetero nature as if they are subhuman to his lifestyle. He’s just envious of someone else getting a woman.

    No, Wampy, she is smarter, richer, more accomplished, and better known than you. You are the lesser in this pairing by every measure except your stupidity. And one of the greatest drink makers out there. Spends off hours mixing wild drinks, canoeing, fishing, outdoorsy stuff while you gay it up behind closed doors.

  4. vladimir

    globalist puppet, god worshiping, demonrat madcow just like all other globalist puppet, god worshiping, criminal media would be cleaning toilets and mopping floors if they didn’t preach globalist agendas .

  5. Capn Jack

    Rachel …. Who?

  6. Darren

    This was never proven more than during Trumps J 6th Speech were they left out “Walk Peaceable to the
    Capital and protest ” Most people never new Trump said that.
    Pure censor ship at its best. I expect this from Russia & China, but I guess MSNBC is their parent news agency in the
    United States of AMERICA!
    Never will you here any of what Biden has been accused of on MSNBC.
    They have not reported actual news information in over a decade.

  7. Frank dtetson

    Nor do they have to Darren. Nor does FOX who actually got sued, because they lied that bad.

    As to cutting away from Trump; did they even air it? I don’t think so.

    And when you read the transcript, he says peacefully once after telling them to fight over two dozen times and his warm up speakers called for war.

    The crowd knew. They came with all sorts of arms from chems to spears and more. The arrested knew. The convicted knew. Many have claimed they did it because of what Trump told them. It’s in the court record and the big man has not sued one of them for defamation. No, he just sued for defamation the woman who called him on sticking his fingers up her pussy and he said he loves to do. He lost that one.

    Whattaya do when that guy does that to your wife or daughter? Donate more?

    When do you say no to a sex abusing digital rapist business, tax cheating communist marrying consummate liar is not good enough to be your leader? Convictions do not convince you to give up your convictions for this shell of a man?

    • Harold blankenship

      Pardon is coming to the patriots. There’s plenty more where they came from. So let’s have a moment of silence for the lady who was murdered by the capitol cop.
      I’m all for cops but this proves that some of them are bad people. So come on Frank. Tell us what happened. You were there right? Or did you just read the lying report?


        HB — she was not murdered. the cop was exonerated, it was a good shoot. yes, it was a tragedy, but what the fuck is wrong with you that you have no feelings for the 140 injured cops, one with a mild heart attack after being tazed multiple times, burned, and then skewered by flag pole, he will never police again, his career ended. Concussions everywhere,, 38 got covid, about 200 guardsman caught covid from the melee, about five cops dead after the attack, two by supposed suicide, or was it revenge? Brain injuries, cracked ribs, a couple of spinal disks crushed, one guy stabbed by flag pole,

        Baseball bats, sharpened flag pole spears, metal pipes, knives, tazers, even guns all in the crowd.

        But I think your own guy said it best being taped by one of the cops, Lyndsey Graham said: “You guys should have shot them all in the head.” I understand Graham’s feelings but that is not how we roll in America.

        We also don’t let law breakers get away wiht breaking the law just because Donald Trump told them to fight, fight like hell. Ask yourself, if this were a BLM melee, would you be begging to let them off the hook?

    • fred friedman

      Maddow has nothing on the news people that I grew up with such as Edward R Morrow, Walter Cronkite, or Huntley and Brinkley. They were liberals but knew and cared about the difference the editorial page and factual reporting. Maddow, Lemon, Reid and Chuck Todd do not.

  8. Darren

    They needed a murder to blame on Trump. Only the protesters were not going to Kill any one. It backfired on the Dems so they down played it.
    So they gave the Cop a Medal and not a subpoena.
    Yea, as if his life was in danger!
    When Trump gets into office I hope charges are finally filed!


      Really Darren, you know for a fact that if the rioters got to Pence or Pelosi, they were planning tea and a good talking to?

      Put them all in jail where they belong. We are still arresting more every day. If you were there, if your picture was taken, you might as well get it over with and throw yourself on the mercy of the court. For sure as shit, we have a special set of internet skills. We are still coming for you. We will find you. We will arrest you. And we will convict you. For we ARE a nation of laws. And anyone, of any social status, of any political party, if you break the law, we will use the law to get you your just reward.

  9. Darren

    As far as Maddow goes, Who cares?
    She is trying to identify with 14 year old boys anyway.
    Give her a Catcher Mitt and let her play ball!


      hmmmm, darren got that lesbian thing down pat. think he turned his own wife gay……
      (chillax, just kidding, but really —– lesbian jokes? I think short dick jokes would be more appropriate for you buddy,)

      • Jim wampler

        The only good democrat is a dead one May they all die of natural causes

  10. Darren

    Well Frank, I mentioned nothing about Dicks.
    Its telling to know how you think!

    • Americafirst

      Yeah, Darren Frank is showing just how deranged his mind is. I’m shocked Larry doesn’t kick that nutcase off here. He loves to attack EVERYONE! I believe he thinks he is Mr. Perfect an only he can say anything he wants without a care in the world. Then he makes remarks to people for things that were not even talked about or mentioned in any way just to prove his nastiness! He most likely will not be ascending when the time comes. Satan got his soul, most likely. Just saying.

    • AC

      You all heard about the Spring Break flick. Girls Gone Wild. Fort Lauderdale Florida. Most of you probably watched the film or where there in the middle participating.
      Well, now on PBP’s dime, is an exhibition of Larry’s extreme length to which he is willing to tolerate poor use of language and a bad show of temperament.
      This, here is the sequel to the Girls. Something PBP is proud of called First Amendment Freedom of Speech Act rights Gone Wild.
      Buy, all is well, because hurling reproach is a competitive sport on PBP. In fact, political, personal, and ideological condemnation is what PBP Commentators mistakenly believe constitutes a legitimate counter argument.
      Defaming another person for differences in opinion perspectives does not prove the defamer’s argument. However, the defamer’s words do prove their low quality of character and deficient intellect.
      Truth be told, Americans are granted certain rights and freedoms that allow exercise of those rights. That being said, because the right is there, does not mean weaponizing the right is morally and ethically correct.
      Larry speaks of sacrifice and its necessity now so the future prosperity of America may be possible.
      Sacrifice is exactly what is needed from most Americans. Many sacrifices offered and delivered will be the path to this nation’s survival.
      Epithets posted on PBP in readers’ comments and by staff commentators is mendacious behavior by definition.
      Larry points to MSNBC and charges that network with wrongs that disallow its contributors the title of journalists. And this judgement coming from the most ersatz journalist and grouping of would be journalist who ever took to a keyboard. Mendacity is PBP’s stock and trade. The bag it is punching is it own incredibly one sided and erroneous posts.
      The good thing about opinions is, everybody has the right to their own opinion.. The converse aspect is, no one has the right to bully others who hold an opposing opinion.
      PBP assumes the bully pulpit and behaves with audacious belligerent arrogant grandiosity. The actions which are a transparent cover for personal insecurity, cowardice, market presence weakness, and seeing a forlorn future with diminished prospects.
      Pathetic hypocrisy is prevalent among the right. It’s seen in their attacks filled with accusations that resemble the right’s unowned character.
      It ain’t right, Martha. She says, ain’t that the way ‘tis with them folks, bless their cotton pick in’ hearts.


      mud slinging

      • Harold blankenship

        Frank you said that “we”would arrest us. Are you law enforcement? I’m afraid that some bad shit might happen and you Barney Fife wannabes would get in the way of real law enforcement. And many of us would refuse to be arrested. We mean it. Gotta die sometime.

  11. Harold blankenship

    Frank you said that “we” would arrest people for whatever they did concerning the election. Are you law enforcement and have the right to arrest? Just wondering. Because the resistance would overcome you. I remember killery Cunton talking about being part of the resistance after she got her ass handed to her in 2016. But that was ok. Meaning that the democrats are two faced hypocrites. And we will never be governed by them. And that includes you.


    HB: it’s the same “royal” we that you are using to define your ilk. We are a nation of laws, so by definition, we are a nation of law enforcers, except for criminals like Trump. But really, “many of us would refuse to be arrested” sort of flies in the face of the 1.21.2021 insurrection where over 1265 charged, 460 in jail, with 718 guilty pleas: 213 who pleaded to felonies including assaults on federal officers, obstructing law enforcement and seditious conspiracy. Not ONE of them refused to be arrested, not one of them did anything to preamble an early death. Nope, we just herded the sheep into the pen. So, bring it on tough guy. No one else is. Your “ilks” mouth is louder on the internet than in person apparently.

    The point is that we are a nation of laws and when you make bad choices and break the law, you can face the law and the law will punish you. They chose unwisely and now over 450 are chilling in jail. Bring it on.

    • Harold blankenship

      The next so called insurrection might be more lively. So you bring it on asshole. By the way, when NLM. and antifa committed unlawful acts where was your nation of laws then? Did that shit translate into an insurrection? I guess not.


    Harold: we will “bring it on asshole” just as we have already done: by the book in a nation of laws.

    As far as your diversion into BLM —- plenty were investigated, arrested, tried, and convicted. It was a little harder because unlike Republican rocket scientists, there was not as much self-posting of their deeds on the net. Insurection — perhaps in Portland, not sure of anyway else, and certainly not at the Federal level. Check your definition. FYI: I’m taking it the NLM was a typo and not the N-word in hiding…..

    HB: good discussion, but I suggest you check your facts before you repeat this stuff you get from the blogosphere. It’s a great misconception that no arrests were made during the Summer of Floyd protests which were ginormous in terms of how many in how many cities, most of which were peaceful. But, accoridng to AP, and just at the Federal Level to keep it honest with your 1.6.2021 protest which you called an insurrection — god bless you, here’s the straight skinny: “An Associated Press review of court documents in more than 300 federal cases stemming from the protests sparked by George Floyd’s death last year shows that dozens of people charged have been convicted of serious crimes and sent to prison. The AP found that more than 120 defendants across the United States have pleaded guilty or were convicted at trial of federal crimes including rioting, arson and conspiracy. More than 70 defendants who’ve been sentenced so far have gotten an average of about 27 months behind bars. At least 10 received prison terms of five years or more. The dissonance between the rhetoric of Capitol rioters and their supporters and the record established by courts highlights both the racial tension inherent in their arguments — the pro-Donald Trump rioters were largely white and last summer’s protesters were more diverse — and the flawed assessment at the heart of their claims. “The property damage or accusations of arson and looting from last year, those were serious and they were dealt with seriously, but they weren’t an attack on the very core constitutional processes that we rely on in a democracy, nor were they an attack on the United States Congress,” said Kent Greenfield, a professor at Boston College Law School. To be sure, some defendants have received lenient deals. At least 19 who have been sentenced across the country got no prison time or time served, according to the AP’s review. Many pleaded guilty to lower-level offenses, such as misdemeanor assault, but some were convicted of more serious charges, including civil disorder.” As did the 1.6-ers where not a single middle class white boy was arrested during the melee. Wanna guess why more guns were not found? **

    Additionally,, unlike the 1.6.2021 Republican violent insurrection at the Capitol following lies from Donald J. Trump, where the right has questioned everything from the FBI to Nancy Pelosi as the cause, during the Summer of Floyd, a large number of the arrests were of right-wing agitators stirring up trouble in the crowds. You can look it up, but there is court evidence that it happened, and happened a lot.

    Hope that clarfies things, let me know if that changes your outlook on the subject.

    My bottom line: arrest any lawbreaker, any party, and convict to the full extent of the law. Either we live as a nation of laws, or we do something else.