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Proud Boy Leadership Indicted over Jan 6 Protests – Cruel Political Theater

Proud Boy Leadership Indicted over Jan 6 Protests – Cruel Political Theater

The leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, and four other members, Ethan Nordean, Joseph Biggs, Zachary Rehl and Dominic Pezzola have all been indicted on charges of “seditious conspiracy.”

Prosecutors are saying they were instrumental in planning the “attack” on the Capitol building on January 6th, 2020.

More than 800 people have been arrested so far in connection with the January 6th protests of elections that were stolen.

Note that I call it a “protest”, not a “riot.”  If you look at any of the footage and don’t try to assign the most violent possible interpretations to people milling about, you see basically a protest with a milling crowd.  If you want to see riots, have a look at the BLM riots in Oregon.

Yes, people entered the Capitol building. They didn’t force their way in, there just wasn’t anyone stopping them.  Yes, there were a few bad actors, as you would have in any group of 10,000 – and it turns out that some of them were Democrat operatives.

As we have written before, Nancy Pelosi had the word that a protest might be coming. She refused to allow reinforcements to the Capitol Police to provide crowd control. One might even suspect that she wanted trouble. Hmmmm.

Since the protest, the FBI has been busy violating people’s rights. Tracking people’s phones without the proper warrants and arresting everyone in sight. Rumors are that some of the arrestees have been in jail for 6 months or more, without being convicted of anything.

The Democrats have hated the Proud Boys for some time now, accusing them of being racist white supremacists. One has only to look at their website and their gatherings to know they are a multi-ethnic organization. But the Democrats seem to be blind to this.

The Justice Department has dug out the archaic “seditious conspiracy” to harass the Proud Boys. This is a law that has only been used a few times in history.  The prosecutors used a grand jury in Washington DC, a liberal stronghold.

Bottom line? There was no riot, no insurrection. People entered the Capitol because there was inadequate security, not because they were looking to overthrow the government. The January 6th investigation is cruel political theater by the Democrats to attempt to affect the midterm elections and to attack Donald Trump. They are peddling a fake story to the American people with the cooperation of the liberal mainstream media.

Watch what happens when the Republicans take control of Congress, the investigation will change in focus. Hopefully, they will take a look at Nancy Pelosi’s actions.

But how many innocent people will get hurt in the meantime?

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  1. Ben

    Trump will pardon the patriots when he gets re-elected

    • Ben

      You nailed that one. Good reason to know who to vote for.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Hopefully he won’t need to. They will not get convicted in any case

      • Ben

        Hmmmmm, over 150 have been sentenced so far. He will need to. They did get convicted in this care. Get your head out of your ass.

        Roughly one quarter of the 860 charged are charged with violent acts, over 180 bystanders….patriots….cop attackers. One cop said: “”What we were subjected to that day was like something from a medieval battle. We fought hand to hand, inch by inch, to prevent an invasion of the Capitol by a violent mob intent on subverting our democratic process.” Or as someone with his head planted firmly in a dark, smelly place: “patriots.”

        I just have a hard time believing you are such a zealot that you would turn your back on your country and consider these heathens to be patriots deserved of pardons.

        One of Joe’s patriots said: ” “What patriots do? We fucking disarm them and then we storm the fucking Capitol!” This patriot will serve 3.5 years in prison and away from my home state of New Jersey, tyvm. 75 other patriots rot in jail awaiting trial, crimes vicious enough to call for remand. It’s been over a year for over 25 of them, their crimes were that heinous.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          3.5 years for exercising his right to free speech. And you are OK with that? Russia and China really want to speak to you about defecting. You are their kind of man.

          • frank stetson

            No, I am most certainly not OK with that. The guidelines were 41-51 months; he got 41. I wanted the whole nine yards — 51 months. He pleaded guilty to obstruction and assault on a police officer. He said he did the crime, let him serve the maximum time. OK, some leniency cuz he saved the court dollars: 46 months. FYI: they asked for 44 months.

            Exercising Free Speech: can you define the exercising part? He is videoed climbing the Capitol scaffolding as part of the first wave entering, inciting mayhem, and, in his case, punching a cop in the face just for defending the building. Yeah, his free speech on Facebook tells you who he is: ““What (do) Patriots do? We fucking disarm them and then we storm the fucking Capitol.”

            On 1/6, Joe’s Free Speech patriot worthy of pardon said: ““Made the trip solo, looking to meet my fellow Patriots who share the same beliefs. Put up or shut up.”

            Later in court this Free Speech patriot claimed (WAH) social media made him do it, (WAH) he was duped, this is not who he really is, (WAH) and, he felt great shame over what he did.

            He said: “That is not who I am. That is not who I was raised to be. I truly regret my actions that day. I have nothing but remorse.”

            That’s who Joe’s freakin Free Speech patriot is. Some guy who Donald J. Trump enabled to attempt to breach the Capitol, stop the business of the United States, and basically stop the election from concluding.

            This has never been about Free Speech. Joe is 100% wrong.

          • Perry

            Of course the idiots are ok with punishment for exercising your rights. They are communists.

          • Ben

            He punched the cop in the face and then obstructed justice. Where in Perry’s Bill of Rights can that be exercised without punishment ?

            Why have you forsaken the rule of law in fealty to your false prophet?

            And why are democrats communist and wtf does that have to do with Trumplicants storming the capital injuring over 140 cops?

            Exercising what fucking right? Fascism? Anarchy?

    • Bubba Love

      Yes, and I hope that the treasonous Democrat Jan 6th committee political hacks are indicted and prosecuted too.

    • Bubba Love

      Free the Jan 6th Patriots from the Democrat political prisons

  2. Tom

    Joe, most of the time I do not even bother to read what you write because your opinions are very stupid and biased. I am a Veteran, and an independent voter and please do not think you speak for me or us. You don’t. They are getting what they deserved. They allowed Trump to lead them, now they can pay the price for their transgression.

    • Ben

      Yup, it’s an election year and Trumplicant Joe, TJ, is was over the line on this one.

      No excuses, no surrender, lock em all up and try for their masters.

      If this is your cause celeb for the reincarnation of your King of Lies, best luck. Personally, I think the sooner you cut bait on Trump and move on to Desanctimonious, the better off you might be to actually steal another Presidency like Trump stole his.

    • Ben

      When does it capital police officer get to shoot an unarmed woman? Was that testing the water for doing the same thing to all who don’t go along with crooked democrats? That’s one of the many reasons why we will never disarm. Democrat presidents have pardoned known domestic terrorists. The proud boys are good patriots

      • Ben

        The rule of law applies to police as well as citizens.

        Do the crime do the time.

        You’re argument that 850 crimes are OK because a cop shot a person violently breaking into the house chamber is illogical.


        • Joe Gilbertson

          Except there were no crimes.

          • frank stetson

            850 indicted so far; FBI has pictures of 350 more then are looking to indict. Over 300 have pleaded guilty to crimes, they are convicted criminals. The top billing is seditious conspiracy, 11 Oath Keepers are charged with that for their part in the Capitol Insurrection. Millions of dollars in damages occurred on that fateful day when Donald J. Trump sent his Trumplicant Army to the Capitol to stop Congress from it’s duty to peacefully transition power in our Democracy. The mob destroyed many historical American artifacts in the halls of our government.

            No Joe, your opinion that there was no crime is a bald-faced lie. I can not even fathom why you would risk your reputation for this man and his hoard.

            What disinformation do you plan to spread next Joe? Sure seems that you are overtly lying today.

      • Ben

        Ben says: “The proud boys are good patriots.”

        Five of The Proud Boys, a ne-nazi group advocating and being indicted for political violence as their main agenda, have been indicted for seditious conspiracy, the highest charges stemming from The Proud Boys’ actions at the Capitol on 1/6/2021.

        Lock them all up. the other Ben, the Ben who stole Ben’s name, is a blithering idiot and a disinformation maven.

    • Lewis

      Tom you have no cred. I remember you calling a good patriot a racist several months ago. An independent voter? Just another name for someone who doesn’t know which way the wind blows. No. They deserve no punishment.

  3. Trebor Retsbew

    There are some that actually make everything political when the fact is that everyone who went past the bicycle rack type barrier violated a Federal law, and attacking a law enforcement who was trying to stop them another Federal Law. I suppose those we see in the videos attacking law enforcement, destroying windows and doing other damage were just play acting. Then some want to compare the Capitol INSURRECTION to BLM protests, contrary to those persons beliefs the than AG said it was not BLM protesters it was others like White Supremist and militia persons wanting to start a Civil race war in this USA.\
    All of it caused by the then President who would not admit he lost the election where no amount of fraud has been found that would change anything in the election.
    I was taught at a very early age to be responsible for my actions so I suppose those who are languishing in jails at mine and your dime should have thought it out thoroughly before doing the deed..

    • Joe Gilbertson

      And your interpretation of these events is what you saw in the Washington Post or MSNBC. Did you actually see large crowds of people attacking police? Did you see racist signs or anyone who was armed, or anyone who looked like a militia? Or was it one guy who wouldn’t let go of his beer?

      And I don’t recall any laws stating that bicycle racks are a legal barrier. If there had been more Capitol Police, they could have told people and they would not have passed it. But Nancy ordered that more police not be called in.

      • frank stetson

        I’m your Huckleberry, Mr. Gilbertreason. Remember, the public hearings start tonight at 8 pm, pre-game coverage starts at 7 pm. Rachel will be there, trying to look serious, a smirk appearing at times, get some popcorn, gonna be a tear jerker as we replay these Trumplicant jerks on a tear.

        Joe is lost. He can’t find the truth. He clings to his Trumplicant ideology believing The Big Lie and all sorts of other silliness. He says no crimes on 1/6, he is Trump’s useful idiot.

        Joe says: “Did you actually see large crowds of people attacking police?”

        Apparently he is blind. Or he is weasel-wording using “large crowds” as his defense for missing the scenes of violence on police that left over 140 of them injured. Thus far, out of the 850-plus 1/6 insurrectionists, more than 225 defendants are criminally charged with assaulting, resisting, or impeding police or employees, including over 75 dirt bags who have been charged with using a deadly or dangerous weapon or causing serious bodily injury to an officer. There are still 350 open cases with the FBI as well. Yeah Joe, the world saw a large crowd, using weapons, attack the police. It’s on film Joe.

        Joe adds: “Did you see racist signs?”

        Depends on your definition of “signs” since there were not many signs at all, racist or otherwise. However, there were thousands of signs and symbols of racism. The Kek flag was on display featuring Neo-Nazism. So was the Betsy Ross flag celebrating a time when women and blacks could not vote. The Three Percenters morph this into their banner which they then used the flag poles as weapons to spear police. There were lots of Confederate Flags, we know how many feel about supporting that traitorous cause against the ungodly. And many little symbols of racism on some of the quasi-militia regalia worn by the three percenters, bake Alaska neo nazi’s, the proud boys who disguised themselves in all black with orange “symbols,” while they raised the OK racist symbol whenever in camera shot. The Oath Keepers were there sporting racism in symbols, N-AM was there sporting racism. And amazingly, the Black Hebrew Israelites were there. They had to be racist but figuring those folks out is way above my pay grade. And gosh knows whose pet the man wearing a “Camp Auschwitz” shirt reading “Work brings freedom” the words meeting Jewish prisoners at the Naziconcentration camp. Here, take a look:

        Joe then says: “or anyone who was armed,”

        Well Joe, the FBI found a variety of weapons: stun guns, pepper spray, baseball bats and flagpoles wielded as clubs. One insurrectionist also allegedly planted pipe bombs by the headquarters of the Democratic and Republican parties the night before the riot and remains at large. At least one of the rioters was allegedly found with a stun gun. Richard Barnett is photographed sitting in Pelosi’s office, feet up on a desk. Barnett, who calls himself a “white nationalist,” has a ZAP Hike N Strike 950,000 Volt Stun Gun Walking Stick that delivers 950,000 volts causing muscle control loss, disorientation bringing you to your knees incapacitated.
        There’s evidence that Michael Foy brutally assaulting law enforcement officers with a hockey stick and a sharpened pole.

        Three people arrested are facing gun charges. Other defendants are suspected of possessing guns during the riot but we may never know. Police did not stop and search many of the all-white Trumplicant crowd that day. They got the white-glove treatment that BLM never gets.
        The Oath Keepers had a “Quick Reaction Team” with weapons stashed just across the river in Virginia. Oat Eater Thomas Caldwell texted on 1/3, “we could have our Quick Response Team with the heavy weapons standing by, quickly load them and ferry them across the river to our waiting arms.”

        Guy Wesley Reffitt led a group of rioters up the Capitol steps, faced off with police, then retreated after being pepper-sprayed. He was wearing tactical gear, carrying a pistol, and had plastic flex cuffs.

        Samuel Fisher posted photos with a rifle and handgun, in D.C., on 1/6. He posted on Facebook earlier that he was leaving things in a parking garage, “maybe except pistol,” and added, “if it kicks off I got a Vest and My Rifle.”

        Joe adds: “or anyone who looked like a militia?”

        You are kidding, right, Joe? I guess the all-black outfits threw you without the yellow-streaks they are usually festooned with.

        And then Joe flips us off with: “Or was it one guy who wouldn’t let go of his beer?”

        Joe, this is serious stuff. This is no joking matter. This was our Capitol, the seat of our democracy. It is a symbol of freedom, free speech, and the 2nd amendment. What would the founding fathers do with these people? Do you think the founders would applaud? Just look at what they did to anyone taking up arms against America. You get more upset at BLM attacking a strip mall than white Trumplicants ransacking our Capitol, stopping the election process, screaming “hang Mike Pence, hang Nancy Pelosi,” and injuring over 140 police in their path.

        Joe’s finale is to blame it all on Nancy Pelosi with: “And I don’t recall any laws stating that bicycle racks are a legal barrier. If there had been more Capitol Police, they could have told people and they would not have passed it. But Nancy ordered that more police not be called in.”

        OK, one more time. Nancy has no responsibility, no control over the Capitol Police. Perhaps our Nation’s Commander in Chief, the guy who caused this all by having a rally, the guy who whipped his sheeples up, telling them “It’s gonna be wild,” and then personally sending them to the Capitol to stop the steal, The Big Lie in action. Who has more control over the Capitol Police, the Speaker of the House, or the President of the United States? Who knows more about security of the Capitol, what extremist groups might be up too, the emotions of his own rally audience, the FBI/CIA/NSA/Space Force, who better to summon police and military support —- the Speaker of the House or the President of the United States. He watched this thing unfold for hours and never raised a finger except to change channels via his remote. That button he could push, he could never push the button to summon support for the Capitol Police under violent attack by white Trumplicants like Joe who, to this day, believes it did not happen, in front of his eyes, on tape, with sound……

        • Tim reed

          The patriots were charged as a result of a commie witch hunt. The democrats are a cancer on the country.

          • Ben

            What is a commie witch? Are you just too stupid to say or just a sheeple spewing disinformation to further the conservative cause. All you Trumplicants, why do you call Democrats commies? If we are a cancer, we are a third of your body, the American culture. Have a nice day!

            The treasonous cowards we arrested, charged, indicted, incarcerated, and proven 100% guilty in a court of law. They’re actions are taped on film and yet you still say “witch hunt.” What a stupid son of a bitch.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          That’s incredible Frank, you have just regurgitated the mainstream’s line of BS. Everything you said is either completely fake or wildly exaggerated. The fact is there was considerably less trouble with this protest than there is in an average rock concert.

          And you honestly believe that the Speaker of the House has no control over security in the Capitol Building? Honestly?

          Your lack of perspective is already legendary, but you have outdone yourself this time.

          • Tim reed


          • frank stetson

            Life with JG — the man who watches the tape of people beating other people with weapons and concludes: “completely fake or wildly exaggerated.”

            Joe burbles: “That’s incredible Frank, you have just regurgitated the mainstream’s line of BS. Everything you said is either completely fake or wildly exaggerated.”

            The over 850 indicted, fake or wildly exaggerated?

            The 350 pictures the FBI has on the wall, looking for location to be able to arrest, fake or wildly exaggerated?

            The over 150 guilty plea’s, fake or exaggerated?

            The fake wildly exaggerated sentences of 3.5 years, 5 years and 3 months, 3 years and 10 months, 3 years and 5 months (multiple people) 2 years and 4 months, just to name a few, these are exaggerations? Joe thinks the sacrifice his “patriotic” hero’s made on his behalf is fake? Wow, harsh you throwing your own “patriots” under that bus to be forgotten as nothing burgers while you roam free to spew disinformation just to make a buck. You are no journalist, no commentator, just another political hack using disinformation as a way of life. It’s a living I guess.

            Joe feels: “The fact is there was considerably less trouble with this protest than there is in an average rock concert.”

            I think when we start judging criminal acts based on severity of other acts as rationalization of violence, we lower our standards to the level of pond scum. Broken windows certainly applies when people try to destroy our Capitol and stop our democratic election process by force. These people attacked Congress in our Capitol destroying millions in priceless historical artifacts in the process. They figuratively shit on America by literally shitting in the halls of Congress. Lock em all up and fuck those who think they are patriots, tourists, rally-goers gone bad…

            Delusional Joe in his paranoia says: “And you honestly believe that the Speaker of the House has no control over security in the Capitol Building? Honestly?”

            She has no responsibility or authority over the Capitol Police. Sure, she can make a call, puff her stuff, but she controls it not. Nada. No direct power or authority. Again, who would get more action: the Speaker of the House, or the President of the United States. Why would you make her responsible for the actions the started with Donald J. Trump, Commander in Chief, who told everyone to stand down for hours while he watched on TV and fiddled with the remote. Trump is responsible for defense of the nation, the nation was under attack. Trump has much better information before, during, and after than the Speaker of the House, he is of higher authority, has better information and we know he was watching the freakin disaster occurring on prime time TV.

            And so Joe, in his blind fealty to his false prophet who led his own people right into jail, concludes: “Your lack of perspective is already legendary, but you have outdone yourself this time.”

            Little Joe, you won’t even believe your own eyes if your false prophet tells you elsewise. What’s next, the Earth is flat because Trump said so. He has been known to fake hurricanes, so why not. Did you believe that one? Did you not see rain on his inauguration? Believed it or not? Or did you drink Clorox and shine a bright light up your ass to avoid covid? “Just stay calm. It will go away.” Did you believe that one? Hell, the guy lied about Boy Scout leadership loving his speech there. That’s low. How low will you go Joe?

            I think believing that the attack on Congress, storming the Capitol, stopping our Presidential election process, hunting Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi for punishment, injuring 140 cops, is “less trouble with this protest than there is in an average rock concert.” Joe, I have been to more rock concerts that you have been to Trump rallies, and Joe, the 1/6 insurrection was no “average rock concert.” I once saw a complete retreat by police at the Pink Floyd Dark Side premier, and no cops were hurt, just a few boo’ boo’s in the crowd. Although the acid was kicking in about then…..just kidding…..maybe….

            Really Joe, I think you have gone a bit far on this one and you are in real danger of sacrificing what little integrity you have left. This guy invited them, he whipped them up with his lies, he sent them to the Capitol, and then he went home, watched it all unfold on TV, and did nothing for hours. No Joe, there’s something bigger here than just some tourists getting over-excited.

          • Joe Gilbertson

            I never said the footage was fake. I said that a handful of people out of ten thousand does not make a riot.

            Did you see “storming” I just saw people walking for the most part.

            And yes, we certainly judge criminal acts based on their severity.

            But you are right, there was indeed something much bigger here. These people were angry that an election had been stolen. But you don’t believe that because you have chosen not to see the evidence.

  4. jboo7

    It is time to dissolve this “committee” and take its members to court for “USURPING POWERS NOT GRANTED TO THEM BY CONGRESS AND CARRYING OUT A PARTISAN WITCH-HUNT”. This “committee” lacks Congress authorization, as it lacks the lawful representation of the parties present in Congress.
    Its setting-up was marked by One Party’s Interest in establishing a “Kangaroo Court” with the aim of “blackening” the other and, thus, influencing the next oncoming Mid-Term Elections. Composition of the so-called “committee” and timing of its actions clearly indicate such intents.
    A further matter that puts the so=called “committee” and its “work” in doubt are its fervent ATTEMPTS of using legal terms in its “charges” which have been rejected as “IN NO WAY PRESENT IN THE EVENTS OF 6January 2021”, like “INSURGENCY” or “SEDITION” which are used for the purpose of creating, in the eyes of the public, a scenario of an “ARMED REVOLUTION” or “REBELLIOUS UPRISING” – thus attempting to compare the events of 6 Jan.21 with the ‘Civil War’ of the 1860ies and the Republican Party with the “Confederates” (who were, actually, ‘Democrat’).
    Thus, this so-called “committee” is, actually a Party Interest Group of the Democrat Party with sinister intentions and ‘MIS-USING THE NAME OF A “COMMITTEE OF CONGRESS” ILLEGALLY’ and ‘USURPING POWERS NOT GIVEN TO IT’ – which is both a ‘SERIOUS VIOLATION OF CONGRESS RULES’ and potential reason for Impeachment and Exclusion from Congress for all its members.

    • frank stetson

      The committee has representation from both parties, you just don’t like these members of your team, but they are vetted conservatives. It would have more representation from your side except you rejected the offer after only would placing Trump sycophants hell bent on sabotaging the investigation and being shocked when the speaker said no to that.

      Your side didn’t want an investigation, they didn’t want to participate in the one that was established, and they disavow their own members who did participate.

      • Miles collins

        If you think that I would be grilled before a bitch like nasty pussy and her commie crowd you’re crazy as hell

        • Ben

          I agree that you couldn’t take the grilling, you sound very timid and inarticulate to boot, but why are they commies? Do you still stutter? Yes, I am crazy, buy I have been grilled by many an Federal “investigation,” and so far —- no troubles found.

          Unlike Donald J. Trump, I have no issue being under oath and telling the truth.

          Even had Sherriff Joe’s folks in AZ come at me, saying something about pink suits and work relief tents, and I caved like you, a whiney little baby. I gave him exactly what he demanded making extra margin dollars as I raked him monetarily over the coals while still telling the truth. Dumb son of a bitch coulda got it for free if he wasn’t such a jerk.

          But I understand your fear of exposure when asked to tell the truth, under oath, and penalty of perjury.

          • Art

            Sheriff joe should be the model in every state and county. And no, I won’t talk to people who are trying to put me in jail. My lawyer would do the talking. I’ve been through that with feds before. Am still standing. Innocent, by the way. But politicians trying to use me to feather their nests ain’t gonna happen. Fuck Nancy Pelosi, Adam shit and the rest of the unamerican bastards. If they’re so damned interested in justice maybe they should go after Hunter Biden for lying on a federal form to buy a gun. But I’m adamant that I’m not going to be dragged into a kangaroo court that’s nothing but a shit show The 5th amendment works every time. Until the commies try to ban it too. And the greatest part is that there’s nothing that they can do about it.

        • frank stetson

          Damn it Ben….

          “I says, “hey, you, get off of my cloud
          Hey, you, get off of my cloud
          Hey, you, get off of my cloud
          Don’t hang around ’cause two’s a crowd
          On my cloud, baby” (Richards, Jagger)

          Just be Frank with the fool next time you has-Ben.

          • Joe Gilbertson

            No singing allowed here.

  5. Bubba Love

    Free the Jan 6th Patriots from the Democrat political prisons

  6. frank stetson

    How cruel is your theatre today?

    Are you proud, boy?