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Protests in Europe Prove the Terrorists are Winning

Protests in Europe Prove the Terrorists are Winning

Back in November, we wrote an article about why the terrorists won in the deadly attacks in Paris that left over 150 innocent people dead. Even though most of the terrorists were caught and killed, their mission stands completed. It will get worse before it gets better.

The strategy our enemies are using is not new. Throughout history, small groups have been able to destabilize nations and governments far bigger than their own through psychological tactics. The first step is fear. This leads to a backlash against the perpetrator – in this case, Muslims. As moderates galvanize against the Muslim population, radical Islam will be able to recruit Muslims who now feel threatened and marginalized. 

This infighting leads to the growth and establishment of terrorist operations, which necessitates military action. As the economy plummets, borders are weakened and terrorists flood into the country (in this case, France). Next comes rebellion and the crumbling of the government as radicals take over the country. 

Just because the attack on Paris was a success does not mean that the rest of the plan will come to fruition. However, the situation in Europe today – which is a direct result of the initial attack in Paris – shows that the terrorists’ plan is working. 

CNS News reported last week that anti-Islam groups are rallying across Europe. Protestors clashed with police in several European cities on Saturday as they spoke out against the influx of Muslim refugees into the continent.

Demonstrators clashed with riot police in Amsterdam as members of the anti-Islam group PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West) staged their first protest. Left-wing protestors responded with shouts of “refugees are welcome, fascists are not!”

Mounted on horseback, the Dutch riot police were forced to detain several individuals in an effort to separate the two groups. 

Meanwhile, the German group Durchgezaehlt reported that 8,000 people showed up to attend a PEGIDA rally in Dresden. They were countered by an opposing group of about 3,500 that was set up on the other side of the Elbe River. 

Militants in the French city of Calais, which has been a focal point for refugees trying to get into Britain through the Channel Tunnel, also staged a PEGIDA protest on Saturday. “We must not let Calais die!” they shouted as police were forced to disperse the crowed with tear gas. 

PEGIDA was founded in Germany about two years ago and has since attracted considerable anti-immigrant and far-right sentiment. The group has sided with Russia and regularly flies Russian flags along with banners that proclaim “stop war against Syria” and “peace with Russia.” 

Smaller, similar protests were staged last weekend in Britain, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Ireland, Estonia, and Finland. 


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