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Prosecutors Drop all Charges Against Jussie Smollett

Prosecutors Drop all Charges Against Jussie Smollett
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In a shocking example of the failures of our criminal justice system, actor Jussie Smollett was able to evade 16 felony counts by paying the city of Chicago $10,000.

Here’s the official statement from Cook County Attorney General Kimberly M. Foxx:

After reviewing all of the facts and circumstances of the case, including Mr. Smolett’s volunteer service in the community and agreement to forfeit his bond to the City of Chicago, we believe this outcome is a just disposition and appropriate resolution to this case.

Local police are furious about the outcome of the case.

“We worked closely throughout our three-week investigation to get to [the] point where we arrested the offender,” explains Chicago Police Department commander Ed Wodnicki. “For the state’s attorney at this point to dismiss charges without discussing this with us at all is just shocking.”

Mr. Smollett was hit with 16 felony counts of disorderly conduct for making a false police report after investigators determined he faked a hate crime against himself because he was unhappy with his salary on the show Empire. 

With the help of his agent, Smollett paid $3,500 to two Nigerian-American brothers to attack him in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood in late January. The brothers, dressed as Trump supporters, yelled racist and homophobic slurs at him before beating him, looping a noose around his neck, and covering him in a liquid Smollett claims was bleach.

Critics are furious that Smollett would take advantage of racism and homophobia to advance his career.

“This is without a doubt, a whitewash of justice and sends a clear message that if you are in a position of influence and power you’ll get treated one way, other people will be treated another way,” said Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Despite the evidence, Smollett continues to insist the hate crime was real. “This has been an incredibly difficult time,” he said. “Honestly, one of the worst of my life.”

Author’s Note: I can understand a judge going easy on Smollett given the situation, but the way Foxx handled it Smollett’s records are sealed and the crime is not acknowledged. Foxx should be fired. 

Editor’s Note: Since this story broke, politicians and celebrities have been calling for Federal action. I would think this might be appropriate, especially since Smollett continues to proclaim his innocence in public.

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  1. Nellie

    The cost of the investigation for Smollett has to be a lot of money. Officers who could have been backing up a case that was not fraud.
    Smollett should be charged with jail time and payback cost of investigation. The two guys that he conned into this scam should be charged with fraud.
    That’s what’s wrong with our young people, they are not being made responsible for their actions.
    Kid from FLORIDA who did school shooting. How many times did the Sheriff go to the kids house. What did the schools do to help the kids. Same problem in CA, schools are not making kids responsible. Teachers need help. God Bless Our Country
    Thanks for Trump’s agenda.

  2. William

    This story left out the connection to the Obama whitehouse. After speaking to Michele Obama’s henchmen the Chicago DA dropped the charges. Now we learn that the link to the russians is also through the Obama whitehouse, Hillary Clinton the then Secretary of State. and we will find out that this 2 year $40,000 investigation was started with false evidence provided to the FBI by the Hillary campaign and that this plan was put in place while Obama was still in the whitehouse and Hillary was still the Secretary of State! And hopefully we will expose the corruption that is still fueling impeachment talk!!! Jerry Nadler and Pelosi are trying a “COUP” on our government and they should all be imprisoned at Guatanamo bay as traitors!!!


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