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Prosecute France's Le Pen for Posting Brutal ISIS Images?

Prosecute France's Le Pen for Posting Brutal ISIS Images?

As I wrote last month, Trump’s victory in the US and the rise of terror throughout Europe seem to be contributing to conservative candidate Marine Le Pen’s popularity.

With Le Pen’s leadership, France’s nationalist National Front (FN) political party is closer to gaining power than ever before. Le Pen is in the lead to win the first round of France’s presidential election on April 23rd, but she is now in danger of being prosecuted for graphic images she posted to Twitter in 2015. 

“France: the opposition wants to prosecute Le Pen over tweets of ISIS graphic images. You are witnessing the deadly fusion of Left & Islam,” wrote Bill Warner, PhD on Thursday. 

The images included a photo of American journalist James Foley’s headless body – he was decapitated by ISIS militants in 2014. 

In France, the “dissemination of violent images” is a crime that can carry a prison sentence of up to three years. The lifting of Le Pen’s immunity now permits a Paris court to prosecute her for the images she posted in December 2015.

While Le Pen isn’t predicted to win in a May 7th showdown against rivals François Fillon or Emmanuel Macron, her Trump-like campaign promises have scared the Left into inventing a scandal to push her out of the election. 

This is similar to the Russian hacking scandal invented by the Hillary Clinton campaign to wound Donald Trump. 

If elected, Le Pen plans to pull France out of NATO, hold a referendum on EU membership, and increase taxes on foreign workers. She has spoken of globalization and Islamism as “totalitarianisms” that seek to “subjugate France.” 

Bill Warner, PhD is a human rights activist, author, and public speaker who has put his years of training in mathematics and scientific theory to use in analyzing Islamic doctrine. 

“Islamic doctrine cannot be reconciled with our concepts of human rights and our Constitution,” he writes. 

Warner predicted the war between Islam and America and is currently focused on educating others about “our struggle against political Islam.” 

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