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Propaganda trumps news more than ever

Propaganda trumps news more than ever

In what I believe to be political panic and desperation, Democrats and their media allies have concocted a false narrative in the hope of scaring the voters against the Republican Party in time for the 2022 midterm elections.  

The bogus narrative claims that (1) the riot on Capitol Hill was an insurrection, and that leaders of the GOP are guilty of sedition, coup plotting and treason; (2) the fanciful insurrection is still going on; (3) those who do not believe the Democrat/media narrative are either complicit or ignorant cultists; (4) that former President Trump controls the entire Republican Party; and (5) that any Republican elected to office represents an existential threat to democracy and to the very survival of the American Republic.

Whew!  That is a lot of bullstuff to swallow.  But either the left believes that the American people are hopelessly gullible, or they see it as the ONLY arrow in their political quiver — as they seem to be losing on issues, policies, competence and general popularity.  

We know that this propaganda campaign is the core of the Democrats 2022 election strategy because they say so.  It is not a secret.  According to top Democrats, they say that electing Republicans will lead to the end of democracy … period.  They do not point to a few who they may consider bad actors.  No.  No.  No.  They attack the Republican Party and Republican voters with the broadest of the broad-brush malicious accusations.  Media personalities say out loud that the GOP must be defeated at all levels – “crushed,” to quote their word.

How the left-leaning media handles it is evidence of both the left’s desperation and that it IS a propaganda campaign.  If you analyze the news on the epicenter of corrupted and biased reporting, MSNBC, you will see the narrative played out hour-after-hour, day-after-day, week-after-week, month-after-month.  “Republicans are a threat to the Republic” is the bumper-sticker journalism of the day.

The media is using that first rule of propaganda – Joseph Goebbels’ suggestion that a lie will be believed if it is big and repeated … and repeated.  But Goebbels forgot Lincoln’s counterpoint that you cannot fool all the people all the time.

And that is what seems to be happening to the Democrats’ false narrative.  Propaganda is always believed by strident partisans – proving the other part of Lincoln’s triplet, that you CAN fool some of the people all the time.  In a sense, we are seeing the end of Democrats fooling all the people some of the time.  That time is over.

For the Democrats, their narrative-based strategy is a downward spiral.  The more they hammer the issue, the more the public turns away (e.g. Democrats losing elections, left-wing media ratings sliding, Biden poll numbers plunging) – and as a result they hammer the issue more.  The media – as the Democrats’ public voice – is trapped by their own obsession and dedication to the false narrative.

Even as they have branded the GOP as the party of the “big lie,” Democrats and the left have offered up a whopper of their own.  Instead of coming to their senses and the canons of journalism ethics, a major portion of the Fourth Estate continue to play partisan propagandist.

When Democrats content that they, and they alone, are the saviors of democracy (and they actually do say that), their self-proclamation has a familiar ring.  We have heard that from virtually every despot who claims a popular mandate for one-party rule.  We heard it recently when both China and Russia claimed that their system is more democratic in serving the people than America’s.  And now the Democrat position is that giving them absolute power would enhance American democracy.  

The good news is … it ain’t working.  The people are rejecting the propaganda no matter how many times they repeat it.  It is less than a year to the 2022 midterm elections and unless the Democrats suddenly come up with a winning strategy, they will be dragged down by the weight of their own bullstuff. Nothing will disprove the Democrat propaganda lie more than the empowerment of Republicans.  Democracy will not suffer, and the Republic will not fall.  Quite the opposite.  And THAT is what scares the Democrat leaders and their joined-at-the-hip east coast media cabal.  Republicans may just be the people’s choice in 2022.

So, there ‘tis.

About The Author

Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Ben

    Larry, this is an awesome article!
    When your headline I didn’t realize this was going to be a one sided political hack job… just kidding, everyone knew.

    So I’d like to point out some of the propaganda republicans use to scare their base.

    Dems are going to take your guns!!( for the last 30 yrs)

    JFK jr is gunna be trumps running mate in 24

    Q is going to execute the deep state murdering andrenalchrome using Democrats.

    There’s wide spread voter fraud.

    The election was stolen.

    We have to save democracy from the evil socialist/ communist/ leftist/ Marxist ( pick one, or all at the same time)

    Protesting racism is protesting America

    CRT will make little white kids feel bad about themselves

    Private emails are bad ( but evidently not for republicans?)

    War on Christmas

    War on Christians

    War on hamburgers

    Green new deal and socialism are destroying America ( even though neither is a thing in America)

    Biden is cognitively declined ( after the last guy bragged about remembering, woman,man, tv, camera” )

    Soooo… I agree there’s a TON of propaganda, but somehow you missed an entire side. I’m not sure how you managed that?

    • Tom bouldin

      The list is spot on. Someone has to be on guard against communism. We see what’s being said and what’s being tried by Marxist So explain why Biden quoted Stalin and the senator from Connecticut attended a commie meeting. So don’t piss on our heads and tell us that it’s raining

      • Ben

        Tom, thanks for backing up my point about how republican propaganda works on you gullible cultists.

        Communism/ Marxism while similar, are different ideologies. Furthermore, Marxism aims for a classless society… guess who is trying to destroy the social elites? QAnnon.
        So if you are looking for a boogie man, it’s coming from the kooky and radicalized right.

        • Tom bouldin

          All lies coming from a leftist troll. The actions of your crowd shows you to be a liar. You know that party. The idiots who want to allow illegal aliens to vote. And make excuses for the trash trying to burn our towns

          • Ben

            Tom, I think there’s a glitch in your matrix. You keep repeating yourself without any evidence to back it up.
            I ask again, what have I lied about? You’re quick to throw out that I’m lying, but never back up the claims. That’s the problem with the right, you think if you say it enough times that it becomes true.

          • frank stetson

            Musings of the unsupported kind. Used to call these “character assassinations” back when character mattered. Before the internet. Before Trump. TB says: “The actions of your crowd shows you to be a liar.” ah, the ole guilt by association false logic. “The idiots who want to allow illegal aliens to vote.” by a guy who actually listens to Cancun Cruz, a guy devoid of character. The truth, not that you care is: “And make excuses for the trash trying to burn our towns.” who did that and what did they say? I can’t find too many Democrats in favor of illegal acts of any kinds much less burn our town being OK. Now, 1/6 insurrectionists being tourists —- that I have seen.

            Fact is, you have no facts, you believe the lies, even when it takes a second to refute. As you have called us idiots based on your false assumptions, where does that leave you? I really tire of the easy stuff, don’t you have anything but names and lies? Bring it on IF you think you can. So far: BUSTED

          • Ben

            Tom ( or Mojo or Chuckie.. what ever you are posting under today)

            “The actions of your crowd show you to be a liar”

            What does that mean? 1) I don’t have a crowd 2) what someone else does, has no impact to the truth of my words. 3) why you so angry bro? You need some ice cream to settle your constitution down a bit.

          • AC

            When you were preparing this iteration in your saga themed as Democratic Derision were you aware that those who possess critical thinking skills would see through a thinly veiled projection scheme. Probably not because here it is again. The same arguments made by those with clear focus on Republican or GOP shenanigans you co-op as applicable to Democrats,
            So, this is you resorting to rough schoolyard tactics, turnabouts is fair play. Which, was ineffective bullying back then and more so in the adult world, whether it’s politics bullying or just plain old bullying.
            Trump showed the world the limited intelligence of a bully. The bully only has to be feared. Our NATO partners indeed were fearful he would do something outrageously idiotic. Our 2020 election’s validity cut short his time possible for an eventual disaster.
            Pulling the switch is a laughable bit. Although, cheep tricks ring true in the MAGA universe. Are you serious? Daily Republicans embarrass themselves. Taking being inept disrespecting ignorant ugly Americans.
            Truth and accuracy line up perfectly in the original version naming Republican travesty done. When the right’s wrongs are outed an invented distraction is their ploy. Republicans believe they have fooled most of the people. Actually, their ruse fooled just some of the people, all Republicans in that fooled category. That bunch bites on everything politically negative said regarding the other party, Trie facts are foreign objects to Republicans and for them detestable as are immigrants .
            You may think your critics are guilty of far worse sins of commission. However, it’s no sin in describing those self proclaimed conservative politically right wing persons among us as of one mind. Subgroups claiming positions further right are, naturally, included, As a block Republicans basically align.
            On the other hand Democrats, moderate and progressive red present the most diverse population of trueAmericans.
            Foisting your falsehoods on Democrat voting citizens smacks of misplaced ethics on your part.
            Back in your hazy days of youth learning the 3-Rs apparently missed were several basic rules for writing compositions intended to correctly inform its reader. One such rule happens to be regarding a do not incorporate blanket generalization, as in all are and every one or thing is. Writing this way constitutes a primary sin of commission, possibly omission as well,. This sin condemns one’s writing effort to blatant hackery statuses. High school level English Composition taught as much. Essays turned in were marked down for subject generalizations broad stereotypes, overt bias, Teaches’ red pen markings crossed out, circled around, and annotations drove home the message’s meaning. Compounding the novice writer’s error was the grade “F”.
            This composition is an especially glaring example exhibiting this flaw.
            Your message’s content does not meet the truth test either. Facts present prove the Republican Party’s publishing arm is and has been in the Trump era is FOX. Like a fox in the henhouse behaves. So it is with the FOX News and Entertainment Network. It is the bonafide Party propaganda provider. It pushed false narratives so repeatedly that FOX personalities believe their own false concoctions like drinking cult koolaide. Watching any one of FOX’s hosts is an excruciatingly painful experience that tests one’s endurance threshold for credulity. In point of fact, FOX personalities claim they reach a large majority of Americans. If their right about that statistic that’s proof enough to establish how low Americans IQ is at present.
            This is maybe not the absolute worst of times and it certainly is not the best of times either. However, ‘tis true, a downward spiraling politically motivated trend is happening in real time American Culture. Both political parties share responsibility. Albeit, the lion’s share belongs with the Republican side of the ballot. Its member regularly make a show of how ridiculous Republican politics and politicians are. Their antics would shame circus clowns.
            This is the part they play for approval and supposed esteem from their audience of one, Mr. D. Trump. Sane rationally minded fairly intelligent persons, assumedly, grovel for any scraps of attention his approval that may come their way. And, are these stooges doing Trump’s bidding,? Are these sops sure he will come through?
            As is realty for him an alternate state of mind and apart from rationality, his coin of the choice demanded is absolute loyalty to only him. With him or against him, white and black he sees no middle ground, shows no mercy, allows no deviation, and those chosen ones in relationship with him must know it’s a one way street in his favor. Trump’s reputation made through his life precede him. Those who seek his favor better understand they will be surrendering to his will and mind. Ultimately, those who come under his influence enter into his alternate reality. Know, too, entering may be voluntary and momentarily exciting but most often the leaving experience proves devastatingly disastrous to both self worth and career mobility. This reveals Trumps true character within. His manner of treatment of others says it all. In this regard Mr.Trump’s behavior is pure autocrat. His worldview has himself in the center. All things , whether persons or objects, are or better become, beneficial to him and his purposes.
            All that said, a majority in the Republican ranks in elected office are living in fear of his disapproval. Trump’s retribution is legendary.
            So, Larry, can America’s democratic life survive more of Trump’s autocratic temperament? His winning in ‘24 is dubious, but on the off possibility he again is POTUS again. America and Americans will undoubtedly be forced to endure worse irrationality than was barely tolerated his first go around.
            You are wrong thinking Biden has some age related
            Under his watch the downwards trend quickened it pace, Early on decisions Trump made negatively affected National security and international standing strength. Larry, you have proposed that you dislike Trump for his personality, are supportive of his policies. Other Republicans say as much, but are you still onboard with his policies when you objectively consider the results we bear today.. Trump created havoc domestic and international. He accentuated polarity separating our Union into more division creating fierce tribalism, segregating our citizens into a multitude of quarreling fractious warring factions bearing arms in confrontations. Yes, ‘tis the way of today and the root of this evil’s worsening spread is Trump, Republican cowardice, permissiveness, and culminating in the Republican electorate’s failing the test of critical thinking. America despairs the future . For themselves, their children, their grandchildren, and those who follow because we have failed our responsibility in not forming a just and true legacy equal
            to our fore bearers expectations. Building on the foundation crafted and carefully laid leaving an honest true legacy for generations.
            Continuing divisions by railing on others’ actions perceived as onerous mistakes and damming decisions making is futility. No positive results come out of shouting to an audience of none. Only your readership of few and those the choir, plus the usual others’ with attempts at getting the honest truth out.
            Posters on blogs customarily do so with an intent in mind. Assumption is your postings have an intent, what that is may seem apparent from the titles given. Subjects chosen for opinion commentary seldom vary as all are about Democrat policy pulling the country down road to ruin, insolvency, increase national debt exponentially, and setting up the next generations for impoverishment .The right denounces climate change urgency as a hoax. Republicans in congress vote against investment in coming good improvements, quality of life advancement for all they is burdensome for the most wealthy and paying their fair share is bad economics,
            In this country during the last two years the wealthiest elite 10% saw their net worth.expand by double digits. Those of us in the median and below income brackets nearly stayed even at water level
            economically. While, millions found themselves under water, evicted , and foreclosed on..
            Have Republicans introduced legislation embracing means to lift fellow Americans above the poverty line, at minimum? The answer is no or rarely so, because government programs increase government size and its cost. Expansion in the government is anathema in their miserly estimation. So too is spending on projects authorized by the former administration, but left office without funding. Republicans complain against the present administration spending like drunken sailor on shore leave.
            Larry, failure is not considering the entire picture in its proper context, factual and true. This is your short coming repeatedly. Muck rakers are out there spinning implausible stories allegedly portraying accurate facts in the day’s news events, Hack writers desperate for an audience reshuffle the fact deck in their opinion’s favor then produce copy they think is Commentary worthy. Oh, really, Larry, Even the choir director knows when it’s turn off the lights and close the door after you, time.
            Not being a card carrying traditional Democrat, my perspective is not loaded down by any emotional weight produced from decades upon decades of loyal membership in either political lodge organization.
            Although, I was taught critical thinking essentials by stalwart Republican Party loyalists. My on the ground running experiential learning came from my paternal grandfather during the heat of the Vietnam Conflict. He a long time Democrat. Hawks and Doves abounded on my father’s side. Our family saw the eldest son, my brother be drafted straight from graduation robe into US Army jungle greens. Father a Hawk, uncle a Dove, and grandfather held his peace. It was atwo years of forced service in an unwanted conflict far from the States. No heroes’ greeting for my brother. Only his safe return was reward enough. My draft lottery number came in under 100. A month after graduation, fortune smiled on me. Army draft officially ended and voluntary enlistments commenced.
            Life experienced during the time of an active war puts urgency in one’s critical thinking formation. The better portion of life later those lessons remain valued in present time’s over politicization climate.
            Warring side against side is shameful in this country’s abundance, freedoms, rights, affluence to name a few.
            Thankful is how we should live with others. In stead we stand opposed ready for a fight at the least provocation.
            Neither your opinion nor the one you uselessly flail against are not worth spit weighed on history’s scale. Self interest is the downfall of writers’ efforts at squarely hit the mark on their own merits.
            Ain’t going to happen your way, man.

        • James murphy

          In 2024 Trump will be re-elected and pardon the patriots that are being wrongfully prosecuted for the so called January 6 riots.

          • Ben

            I am so excited to have trump announce JFK jr as his running mate in 24! This will fulfill Q’s prophecy.! Then trump can take down the global cabal, get American Jews to love Israel again and hopefully reveal his plans for big beautiful healthcare and infrastructure week!

          • frank stetson

            Now they are getting 70 month in jail and pulling a Kyle saying Trump mislead them with his insurrectionist lies. It was a perfect Kyle, but didn’t work, he got the book. Many more like this to come. Tourism is getting tougher.

            I wonder if he can vote from jail? Better put that one on the list for your voting reforms. Least we can be sure of his ID :>)

          • frank stetson

            Last guy got 70 months and bad-mouthed Trump so bad that I really doubt the vengeful fat man will pardon him. Many more to come. A whole pile that fit this lockup precedent. Can you vote from jail? I keep saying you gotta put that on your Christmas list of voting reforms. After all, you can be pretty sure of his ID…..

        • Sammy knows americaNs

          If we could “outsource” our democrats we could find better individuals don’t you think?

          • Ben

            There’s a lot of talk on the republican side about succession. That may be your key to the Religious/ ethno state the right so desires.
            Conservatives tried to do this once already. Maybe you’ll have better luck this time. Conservatives fantasize about saving America from the evil democrats, all while trying to overthrow duly elected officials and actively preparing for civil war and succession from the Union.

            When you’re done licking the boys in blue’s boots. Let me know how you plan on accomplishing this.

          • frank stetson

            You do know that we are all in this together so the “we” you speak of is us. All of us. The US.

      • frank stetson

        I think you already know it’s raining…..

        Biden quotes Stalin, from 2016 USA Today: Vice President Joe Biden on Monday ripped into Donald Trump for his overtures to Russian President Vladimir Putin, declaring that the Republican nominee “would have loved Stalin.” He loves Putin, Kim Bad Haircut, the Turkey, and other dictators and authoritarians —- like himself. Is Stalin that much of a stretch? Here’s nine of them:

        Here’s a whole page on Trump/Stalin comparisons, plus Trump using Stalin’s words, and a few pushbacks as well:

        The Senator — Blumenthal —- did not only attend, he spoke on behalf of. This was three days ago so I think we need to understand from him WTF was that? Your question on this one is a very good one, but, of course, is a total red herring to this discussion given that the press is all over this. I will say more leaning left press needs to come on board, but 3 days since the news broke is a bit early if you want a statement from Blumenthal. The meeting was 12/13 I think.

    • Steverino

      Your analysis is a crock. The Dems just weaken us at every opportunity..nitwits like you enable them. Wear a mask forever to hide your shame! Dem policies are the most dangerous out there..barrier none.

  2. frank stetson

    I do not know why Larry continues with his unsubstantiated unsupported political hack jobs that just offend one side and are only accepted by sheep on the other. At times, he is ever so much better. Even if Larry is 100% correct in his OPINION here, the emperor has no clothes. He has presented zero in the way of support. A very similar OPINION is easily generated from the other side of the aisle, who cares. The question is: can you prove it? At least attempt.

    I quote the prophet: “Whew! That is a lot of bullstuff to swallow.” So, I rewrote the crap out of it to make it more acceptable starting with: The true narrative claims that (1) the riot on Capitol Hill was an insurrection and a number of GOP leaders may be complicit or enabling agents; some can call it treason/sedition but probably can never prove it (2) the insurrection is still going on, the ex-President has not conceded and continues to lead the insurrection along with his minions and enablers, even Larry is complicit; (3) those who do not believe the true narrative are either complicit or ignorant cultists; over 50 dismal failures of court cases, a baker’s dozen failed recounts signal that fact (4) that former President Trump controls the entire Republican Party; just check the Infrastructure, Censure, and Impeachment votes, and (5) that given Trump’s control, his mindset, virtually any Republican in support or silence represents an existential threat to democracy and to the future of the American experiment.

    Next, I will vigorously refute, with facts, each and every support factoid of the absolute truth that Larry has presented in this.

    • Theodore Sueck

      Just gotta love you lefties. No matter the point that’s trying to be made, you always have your OWN set of facts. The last I heard, there is only one set of facts, so what it looks like is that you confuse your own opinion with facts. This does not make your opinions out to be facts. I know, now you are going to go on your little kindergarten tirade about my name, or schooling, or some other lamebrain response, but I don’t care. I’m already more of a man than you will ever be so your opinion of me and my opinions are a moot point. You really should lighten up on your hate though, eventually it will kill you.

      • Ben

        May I remind you that it was the trump administration that coined the term , “ alternative facts”.

      • Frank stetson

        Fell free to contest any fact you like, but better to actually provide rebuttal facts versus justca load of hot air. At least we know how you feel. Perhaps next you will tell us what you know…..factually……with facts.

        I actually, beyond the targeting, like your idea. Facts are our friends.

  3. bernard chope


    • Ben


      Maybe the republicans are right, maybe an IQ test should be required prior to voting.
      I mean, it would def rule you out, but also have of the conservative voters that post here.

      • Chuck hicks

        The democrats would go down in frames if given iq tests. The party is made up of deplorable commie morons

        • frank stetson

          UhChuck? Didn’t you get your IQ test like most American kids?

  4. frank stetson

    Wow, that’s some poor English. Almost “cheeseburger cheeseburger, no coke, pepsi” bad. And yet, he used the word millstone so just another American that should have tried harder in school.

    You know, they make computer software to fix your problem starting with the ALL CAPS key,.

  5. Ben

    Larry, this propaganda is from the Ultra Liberal retired General Club

    Three retired U.S. generals warned in a chilling column Friday that another coup attempt in America in 2024 could divide the military and plunge an unprepared nation into civil war.
    “With the country still as divided as ever, we must take steps to prepare for the worst,” wrote former Army Major Gen. Paul Eaton, former Brigadier Gen. Steven Anderson and former Army Major Gen. Antonio Taguba.

    As the nation nears the first anniversary of the Capitol riot, the generals are “increasingly concerned about the aftermath of the 2024 presidential election and the potential for lethal chaos inside our military, which would put all Americans at severe risk,” they wrote.
    “In short: We are chilled to our bones at the thought of a coup succeeding next time,” they added.

  6. Ben

    Larry, speaking of propaganda, I couldn’t help but notice that Fox “News” lost their court bid to have the Dominion suit thrown out. Fox claimed it they engaged in hyperbole. The judge ruled that Dominion has grounds to carry on with the suit.

    This is where most legal strategists would try to settle. Word is Dominion has no interest in any settlement.

    Popcorn time-Q

    • Frank stetson

      Probably won’t win although I bet harm is easy to prove for them. But even Maddow has slipped this one, tis the precedent that makes it tough to win. IMO, the law favors Dominion, but previous cases did not and Maddow’s looked bleak until the precedent was applied. Hopefully the harm will overwhelm.