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Pro-Palestine Leftists Raid Federal Capitol in Protest: Insurrection?

Pro-Palestine Leftists Raid Federal Capitol in Protest: Insurrection?

On Wednesday, October 18, hundreds of angry protesters stormed the federal capitol to express their opposition to US support for Israel amidst the new escalation in Israel-Hamas war in the Gaza region. The scene reminded of January 6 when Americans walked inside the capitol to protest the election fraud in 2020 – a protest termed “insurrection” by the left and its allies in media.

Videos of the protesters getting arrested inside the capitol building started appearing on social media as the protest was underway. According to Independent Journal Review (IJR), nearly 300 people inside the Cannon House Office Building were arrested by the U.S. Capitol Police. Conservative journalist and commentator Elijah Schaffer commented that the protesters should face domestic terrorism charges and be locked up for 17 years to life in prison.

Breitbart and conservative voices on social media have termed it an insurrection and called out the double standards of the left for sugarcoating the incident. Breitbart reported on the incident with the headline “Pro-Palestinian Insurrectionists Occupy Federal House Office Building in Washington DC” and pointed out that Michigan Democrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, who is a Muslim from a Palestinian family, was leading the protest.

One conservative MAGA Twitter account posted images of Rashida Tlaib’s speech and the capitol building filled with protesters calling it an insurrection according to the standards set by Nancy Pelosi after January 6.

MAGA conservative Laura Loomer, a Jewish journalist from Florida, posted the picture of Republican Congressman Randy Weber of Texas holding his sign showing support for Israel vandalized by the pro-Palestine protesters and asked whether these “rabid jihadists” would be prosecuted for “vandalism & seditious conspiracy.”

However, leftist media quickly came to the defense of the pro-Palestinian protesters and argued that it doesn’t pass for an insurrection because it was at the Cannon House Office Building – not really at the capitol – and it was peaceful unlike the January 6 protest. Conservatives were quick to answer this defense of the October 18 protesters and reminded that the building in question is part of the federal capitol.

“For the Community Notes wiseass: the Cannon Building is still part of the Capital Building Complex. The same rules that apply to the J6 defendants should apply here.”

The leftist voices arguing that the building was open to the public at the time did not explain why the police arrested hundreds of them if they were not in violation of the law.

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  1. Dan tyree

    No. It’s all about who you are. And I’ll bet that the capital police were told to not shoot them like that cop murdered the lady on jan 6. He should thank his god saten that she wasn’t my family.

  2. frank stetson

    Dempsey is not his name and his picture looks like Peter Parker. My gaydar is going off……

    I am sorry, but what a terrible journalist and a great political HACK.

    1. They were not leftists, but extreme left. Like saying MTG is a moderate.
    2, They followed the rules and were let in the building, according to the rules, peacefully
    3, They whipped out some signs and banners, made a ruckus, singing and chanting “Ceasefire now!” Some were clad in black T-shirts bearing the message, “Jews Say Ceasefire Now.”
    4. 300 arrested, 3 for assault which was probably at the pushing, shoving, level
    5. Chances are they will get a slap which will inflame the Dumpster, our Packistani Patriot who is too chickenshit to respond. Horist and Joe are men amongst PBP sheep like the Dumpster.

    Does that look like the 1.6.2021 Republican Violent Insurrection at the Capitol where they — oh shit, you know what they did and it did include shit. Dempsey says: “The scene reminded of January 6 when Americans walked inside the capitol to protest the election fraud in 2020.” I am sorry, but Dempsey must be one dumb fuck to try to get away with that.

    Elijah Schaffer, who the hell is that guy? He has a podcast and does not even rate WIKI where you can basically write your own bio. Good enough for E.D. and yeah, I may mean erectile dysfunction. IJR is extremely biased right wing rag, although noted as mostly factual. Breitbart got in mostly right, some spin, but Tlaib spoke, never entered the building, and remember, everyone entered according to rules, regulations, and law. Who cares what some random twitter person thinks. How low can the Dumpster go for trash…. And Looney Laura Loomer, who would care what she says. She is banned from numerous social media platforms, payment processors, and even dining mobile aps ads for violating policies on hate speech and spreading misinformation. Also, events for harassing and disturbing the peace. She has to run for Congress, her press credentials were revoked. Even Florida voted this loon down and as Dempsey trumpets: SHE’S JEWISH. What a guy.

    And his closing, priceless: “The leftist voices arguing that the building was open to the public at the time did not explain why the police arrested hundreds of them if they were not in violation of the law.” L e t m e e x p l a i n t o you, Ernie, real s l o w. They entered the building legally. Then they caused a disturbance and were arrested. Probably, and I am guessing here, during the arrests there was some scuffle, of the pushing shoving variety and three were arrested for assault. That’ s Mr. Douchebag —— where did you go to journalism school? My goodness you are in the bottom tier of PBP writers. Larry, please give this guy some advice……

  3. LMB

    Now this is what is called an INSURRECTION!!!!!

  4. Darren

    Will Rashida Tlaib’s speech be viewed dangerous as Donald Trumps speech was viewed?
    Will there be a Oct 18th panel?
    Will anyone be sent to Prison?
    Will Tlaib be called out for treason charges?

    Listen DUMB FxxK Democrat’s, this is what a double standard means in case you need it spelled out for you!
    Democrat’s should be locked up, not for you difference of opinion, but just for being CROOKED & STUPID!

    • Feank stetson

      What did she say?

  5. Robin W Boyd

    If J6 was an insurrection, then O18 was also an insurrection. Any other conclusion can only be politically biased.

  6. Frank stetson

    How much damage was O8?

    Did they attempt to halt government or overturn a vote on O8?

    Will anyone be convicted of seditious conspiracy on O8?

    Was there violence on O8?

    There’s no bias in those differences?

    On 1.6.2021, a violent mob broke into the Capitol with the intent to either overturn or stop the election. They did succeed in stopping government, specifically the entire Congress, for a few hours. A number of folks convicted of seditious conspiracy. O8 was a disturbance of the peace, some chanting and yelling, I am not sure the building was shut down or evacuated and Congress did not miss a beat.

    These were very different things no matter how much you want them to be the same. One will be forgotten soon, the other will be forever in our history.

  7. Mike f

    You can hardly expect conservatives to be objective in any discussion. They are very eager to distract from the deplorables who broke into the capitol on Jan 6 and will spin any protest in an attempt at making equivalency. And then there are fools like Dan, who spout bullshit about one of the idiots breaking into the Capitol who was unfortunately shot by an officer in the line of duty when she was unable to follow directions- recall he is one of the idiots who thinks Kyle Rittenhouse is a patriot who as an underage possessor of an assault weapon decided to become a vigilante and shot three protesters in Minneapolis? The logic of people on the right totally baffles me…

    • paul

      we absolutely saw things very differently. You are the baffker.

  8. paul

    Foreign Nationals march on Federal Capitol Building , Where is the outrage from the media and the left? Just another inequity from the Feds.