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President Trump & Iran Nuke Deal

President Trump & Iran Nuke Deal

The Nuke Deal was heralded as one of Obama’s star achievements. Of course, anybody who actually looked at the deal saw it as a huge win for Iran and international instability, but that certainly was not how our Fake News Media spins it. It was the singular moment when Obama brought peace to the Middle East. Only he didn’t, and there is no peace in the Middle East, as we see in our daily newsfeed. But of course, that’s President Trump’s fault; and Russia because it is required as a member of the journalist’s guild that I must mention Russia at least once in every article. But I digress. This past week saw some confusing events take place regarding the Iran Nuke Deal which is known as the Joint Comprehension Plan of Action (JCPOA). 

The purpose of the deal was to stop Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon in exchange for the lifting of economic sessions. What it turned into was a route with the United States basically giving Iran everything they wanted, including a plane full of cash that some of you might remember, in exchange they would slow, not halt, slow their progress towards a nuclear weapon and would allow only IAEA inspectors (you know the UN Boys that are more interested in maintaining the facade of international peace rather than actually reporting on misbehavior as it might lead to war). 

The Iranians have denied access to the IAEA to key nuclear facilities, have test fired several ballistic missiles, have been allied with the North Koreans in an effort to mutually support their nuclear aspirations, and have armed terrorist groups in Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and a few other countries. The problem that President Trump faced was, well, all of that is allowed in the flawed deal put forth by the Obama Administration. 

Therefore, President Trump, even though he has pushed for more sanctions and has said at length he intends to scrap the bill, signed the required 90-day certification of compliance that the State Department must put forth. In other words, we are supposed to maintain a constant vigilance that the Iranians stick to the deal and sign off on it every 90 days. So, let me try to clean this up for you. The job is to make sure the Iranians follow the deal. The deal was supposed to prevent them from getting a nuke. 

But the deal allows them to continue to develop nuclear technology, shoot off missiles, and arm terrorist groups. 

So, Iran is doing just that. If you feel confused, that’s because the deal was made in the surrealistic mind of Obama. Good job.

President Trump and Senate Republicans have been putting pressure on the international community to do more. However, to do this, we have had to break the damn treaty by imposing sanctions on them for their behavior….and we’re the bad guys? Like I said, only in the surrealistic minds of the Liberal Globalists would America be deteriorating international peace by actually trying to stop Iran from getting a nuke in violation of a deal that does nothing of the sort.

It’s enough to scream like a banshee: “I FEEL LIKE I’M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!”

President Trump has stated he wishes to scrap the deal and renegotiate– the Iranians do not want to walk away from such an awesome deal for their purposes and are calling President Trump the enemy to international peace by suggesting they do so. The Senate Republicans, including Sen Rubio (R-FL) and Sen. Cotton (R-AK), have pushed for more sanctions. President Trump was hesitant to sign the 90-day certification, which could in some ways tear up the treaty, because of the problems in Congress and the fact he hasn’t yet come up with a solution. 

I would take this opportunity to point out that he and his colleagues are unable to act because they are under constant attack from the Democrats’ media arm (basically all Fake News Mainstream Media Outlets), the Democrats’ street thugs (who march in the street and attack people while vandalizing just because they can’t stand losing), and the Democrats themselves who push this ridiculous Russia conspiracy and who are playing Impeachment games. It’s sad enough to make former Democrat Congressman Rep. Kucinich call it a bad idea. 

With all this going on at home, it’s hard to get the job done effectively and promptly. This is why the Democrats need to stop as their behavior is more of a national security threat than any 15-minute meeting by a dude who is related to an important official. Iran is a threat to international peace and should they acquire nuclear weapon technology, mark my words World War III would not be far behind.

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